FanVid Post! Because It’s Been a While

No reason, and not that many videos this time, but there is a new Lioness13xx which is worth celebrating, and I found a Pranushka one for you Prabhas obsessives.

Speaking of obsessives, here is a nice “Varia” video, Varun-Alia.  Set to my favorite song from Jab Harry Met Sejal!


Okay, NOW Pranushka!  A very very new one, with a song from a movie that just came out.  It’s really just the most romantic moments from Bahubali 2 strung together, but I figure you will be okay with that.


This is a fun one!  Assuming you like the “Gulabi Aankhen” remix, and Deepika.  If you don’t like both those things, don’t bother.


Fun one!  Catchy song that was used in a not very good movie, and is now repurposed to be used as backing for clips from many many good movies.


Now, this is super fun for that subset of us that have fond memories of 90s songs and also like some of the modern songs and actors.


Okay, finally, the new SRKajol song.  Which is one of those that posits a real life relationship, but I still appreciate it for clever little things like intercutting the exact same dance moment from their first movie and their most recent movie.

2 thoughts on “FanVid Post! Because It’s Been a While

  1. `
    Nice group, but the production values seem to be a little less than your usual posted collections. Is the FanVid selection less than before? Is it a dying art?


    • Tragically, I think it might be a dying art. Or at least of the kind we like here, there are more and more soap opera Fanvids instead of film ones. The rise of satellite TV in India has a terrible human cost!

      On Sun, May 13, 2018 at 9:48 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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