Silly Sunday: Mother’s Day!!!! Let’s Flip Some Scripts

Happy Mother’s Day!  I already put up a song post, and I was going to do a post on stories that haven’t been done before, but then I started thinking about it and instead did a post on unexpected mothers.  Which means I was still looking for a theme for this week and I have chosen…..GENDER FLIP!!!!  What famous father roles could/should be played by mothers instead?


I love the original movie, and there’s nothing really “wrong” with it, but I would also really love to see it with the genders turned around.  Our hero is a teenage boy, raised by doting grandparents.  He begins getting strange phone calls, a woman’s voice saying “I love you” and then hanging up.  He starts to notice a shabby looking woman following him around, and when he gets into a fight with his girlfriend, the shabby looking woman suddenly comes forward and starts hitting the girlfriend.  Our hero is confused by this whole thing and finally asks his grandparents what is happening.  And they reveal that the shabby looking older woman is, in fact, his mother!!!!!

And now we get a flashback.  Our hero’s father was bright and happy and charming.  He went to a concert while he was in college and heard a beautiful famous singer.  He went to get her autograph after the concert, and they fell in love.  Only, his parents (our hero’s grandparents) were furious when they found out because the famous singer was already married.  The father left his home and went to live with his true love, and soon they had a baby together.  But it was a difficult emotional time, they kept fighting, and finally the mother came back one night to find the father had killed himself and the baby was crying.  She was overwhelmed, turned to drink, knew she couldn’t care for the baby herself and therefore gave her son to his grandparents to raise.  The grandparents lied that she had died, because they blamed her for the death of their beloved son, not realizing that their son had emotional problems.

Our hero, after internal debates, decides to turn down his chance to study overseas, and instead turn his mother into his project.  He gets them an apartment and locks her in, away from alcohol.  She relapses once, going to a bar and drinking after hearing one of her old songs, but then feels so bad when seeing her son’s expression after she returns home that she swears never to drink again and sticks with it.  Finally, she enters a singing competition, and sings a beautiful song, dedicated to her son, and as she comes off stage for the first time he calls her “Ma”.

(Such a great movie!  And also makes me really sad that Pooja is an alcholic.  Genetics!  They’re powerful!)

So, cast!

Mother: Kajol.  I think she could totally kill this role.  Or, Amrita Singh.  Or Pooja Bhatt

Son: Ibrahim?  Saif’s son?  somehow that feels right

Dead father: Ranveer.  Playing young and emotional and mentally unstable seems right.

Grandparents: Deepti Naval and Anupam Kher



Our heroine is a starving little girl desperately trying to get food for her father.  A scary female mob boss offers her bread if she can steal it from her dogs.  The little girl fights them off and gets the bread, runs home to her father to find him already dead of starvation.  With nothing left, she ends up going back to work for the scary mob boss.

20 years later, she is a professional thug, high up in the gang.  One day while going on a job in the slums, she sees a street performing troupe including a handsome carefree young man.  She silently gives a large amount of money to the troupe and the young man notices her and tries to follow her but loses her in the crowd.  Shortly after, she gets into a shoot out with a rival gang and drags herself, bleeding, into hiding in a small stream near the slums.  Where she is found by the young street performer.  Who picks her up and carries her back to his room.  He cleans her up and takes care of her, and when she wakes up and sees him hovering over her bed, naturally she is in love.  They start planning a life together, they will get married and she will quit her crime career.  Only, on the way to meet at the temple, she is spotted by her enemies who start chasing her.  While he waits and waits all night, she is on the run again, ending up hiding under a bridge where, against all odds, she finds a small baby girl.  At first, she tries to ignore the baby, and then takes it and leaves it at a temple, but can’t stop thinking about it.  And in the end, she goes back, takes the baby, and starts life afresh. INTERVAL

Post-interval, She has started life anew as a blacksmith and devoted mother to her little girl.  When the girl cries for a new doll they can’t afford, she can’t stand to see her tears, and gets a job as an item dancer in a dangerous dance number (dancing on top of a train) in a film.  Her daughter sees it and cries and makes her stop.  At the same time, other plot points are closing in.  Her daughter’s biological parents are still looking for her, she was lost in a train accident and presumed dead, but her father has never gotten over it and just spends all his time sitting alone in her nursery.  Until he goes to a school their family sponsors and meets Little Girl and immediately feels a bond.  Also, our heroine’s old enemy was just released from jail and is looking for him.  He tracks down her old one true love who is now performing at a sleazy bar and asks his help in finding our heroine again.  He agrees, because he now hates our heroine for jilting him.  It all leads to the Little Girl being kidnapped by the same evil mob boss who hired our heroine.  Our heroine rescues the child and along the way the old true love learns the truth, and the biological parents realize they will never be able to make their daughter happy while she is missing the only mother she can remember.  The happy ending is the biological parents asking for both our heroine and her true love (now reunited with her) to move in with them.


Our Heroine: Rani Mukherjee.  Or Anushka.  Or Taapsee Pannu.  Or Swara Bhaskar. Or Kriti Sonam?

Our hero: Varun Dhawan.  Or Rajkummar Rao (surprisingly good dancer).  Or Harshwardhan Rane.

Evil Mob Boss: Supriya Pathak

Heartbroken Father: Siddharth Malhotra

Less Heartbroken Mother: Jacqueline Fernandez.  Don’t know why, just feels right.


Munna Bhai MBBS=Munni Didi MBBS

Our heroine is a middle-aged kindly mob boss.  She ran away from her village when she was a teenager, landed in the city, and now has a thriving small crime business with the help of her faithful best friend and assistant.  A few years back, she called up her parents in the village and invited them to the city, lying that she was a doctor who ran a small clinic, which was always their dream.  Her father was delighted to see her, but her mother continued to withhold approval and affection, because she thought it was beneath her dignity.

And then it all goes wrong, her parents decide to finally arrange her engagement to the nice young doctor who is the son of a new friend her mother made in the park.  And it all comes out, that she isn’t really a doctor, and her father is sad and her mother humiliated.  She blames all this on the young man and his mother and determines to show them up, and bring pride back to her mother, by joining their med school and actually becoming a doctor.

She moves in and quickly takes control of the school.  And also strikes up a friendship with a handsome young doctor, not realizing he is actually the young man her parents were trying to arrange a marriage with.  She also befriends a young cancer patient, a woman who never did anything wrong and now is dying, and tries to cheer her up, including hiring a team of male strippers to break into the hospital and put on a show for her.

Slowly the whole hospital and med school warm up to our heroine.  The only hold out is the principal, her nemesis, the mother of the man she has come to love.  Finally she is ready to pass an oral exam and prove her right to stay in the college.  But that morning, her cancer patient friend dies, and she decides she doesn’t want to be a doctor after all, since they can’t cure everything.  She storms out of the school, miserable, feeling like a failure.

But none of that matters, because she gets her most important reward in the end.  While drunk and sad that night, she is surprised by seeing her mother suddenly appearing in front of her!  Her mother heard what happened, and is proud of her for trying and caring and doing all of that.  They finally hug.

And, in a happy epilogue, we see the motherhood cycle continuing, our heroine has married the nice doctor and now they have two little girls, which makes all the grandparents very happy.



Munni Didi: Rani.  I can’t think of another actress who could pull off gangster and make it look sincere.

Mother: Tanuja.  Or Sharmila.  Someone with dignity for days.

Hero Love Interest: Shahid Kapoor maybe?

Mother/Med School Chair: Amrita Singh.  Scariest mother actress I could think of.

Dying Cancer Patient: Kalki Koechlin.



What do you think?  Which do you like best?  What about casting?  And what other movies could we remake this way?


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