Friday Classics: Badal! For Amrish Puri’s Birthday and Bobby in Race 3

Happy Friday!  I’m feeling lazy after my very very very very long post on PC and SRK yesterday, so I am going to throw up a short post on a bad movie.  My favorite kind of lazy post to write!  And if you want to be a lazy reader, I highly recommend watching all the song videos instead of reading, because this movie has really GREAT songs.  And a stupid plot.

I have to confess, I watched this movie over 10 years ago and I had to refresh my memory a bit using wikipedia for the details of the plot.  But, surprisingly, not that much!  The things I liked, the things that stood out, were so unusual that I can still remember them.  That isn’t to say this is a great movie.  It really really isn’t. It’s your pretty standard “bad boy learns to be good with the love of a family” kind of action plot.

Image result for badal bobby deol amrish puri

But there are parts of it that are really really nice.  Mostly revolving around this lovely cast of 90s stalwarts.  Amrish Puri plays the noble head of the family, which is nice, I like it when he gets to play authoritarian father instead of the psychotically angry villain.  Bobby gets to play the troubled bad boy with the great hair who punches first and never smiles. Also a good look for him.  Partly because his smile looks really dopey.  And Rani gets to be super cheerful and sex positive and awesome.  And also have a song that my bi friends really like because it’s got a tiny bit of woman-woman at the beginning.  And I like because it is AWESOME!

Also, the plot is nice!  In that it does not care for logic or depth or “realism” or, most of all, playing well overseas.  It is a good old super silly masala film and that is all there is to it.  And, okay, I don’t remember the plot THAT well, but I remember it enough to know that it was silly.  Really, the SPOILERS bar is just for show, I don’t reveal a lot because I don’t remember that much.









Plot!  Bobby is a troubled young man who hates authority and kills in response to orders from his evil boss.  Naturally, this is all because of childhood trauma.  But that’s not what matters.  What matters is what happens when he starts to travel on a bus to a small town to carry out his latest mission.

I still remember this because it was so cool.  Rani gets on the bus and tries to get Bobby to give up his seat, and he just kind of rolls his eyes and pretends not to see her until she insists.  The talky teasy guys behind them start hitting obnoxiously on Rani, and again Bobby just sits their in his cool shades without reacting.  And then a pregnant woman gets on the bus.  Rani offers her seat which means Bobby has to stand up to let her out, and one of the obnoxious guys grabs Bobby’s seat, blocking her in.  They keep teasing her, and making fun of the pregnant woman, until one of them makes a grab for the pregnant woman.  And suddenly he goes flying through the window!  And then the other two do too!  And we are back inside to see Bobby already relaxed again with the sunglasses on.

So he is a cool guy, too cool to notice Rani.  And he is a calm guy who isn’t going to get angry for no reason.  But he is ultimately moral, he won’t defend the pretty girl just to impress her, but he will help the struggling pregnant woman.  And once he does what needs doing, he sits right back down instead of enjoying the applause.  Is it any wonder that Rani falls in love with him right then and there?

Now, in the modern action films, she might be shy, or conflicted, or overly aggressive and blunt.  But this was the 90s!  She just had fun with it.  So, “Lal Guriya”!  The gypsies at the next bus stop do a sexy song, and Rani joins in, all about her “red skirt”.

It gets more complicated when Bobby arrives in the small town and is introduced to the family of Rani’s best friend, police captain Amrish Puri and his daughters and wife.  They are loving, they are happy, and Bobby’s mission is to destroy them.  Oh, the ANGST!!!!!

Of course, Bobby learns to feel family love for the first time since childhood, and is torn TORN.  And meanwhile Rani is just there, cheerfully bopping around flirting with him.  Now, I don’t remember all the details, but I remember Bobby has to secretly protect not just Amrish, but his daughters, and when his intentions are mistaken, he accepts the blame silently because he is that kind of guy.  And I remember that Rani stands by him through thick and thin.  And I remember that, in the end, Amrish understands all and forgives all.

(I forgot what terrible dancers the two of them were)

It’s kind of amazing!  Here is Bobby, a straight up killer, and Amrish is like “oh whatevs, you seem nice enough now.”  Not to mention that gently brought up Rani has no issues having a relationship with him.  Oh, and one of the biggest parts of Bobby’s transformation is not his father figure Amrish, or his love story with Rani, or Amrish’s wife as his mother figure, but his relationship with his newly found “sister”!  A young woman he cares about not romantically, or because she takes care of him, but because he takes care of her.

Image result for badal bobby deol amrish puri

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, and the songs are great.  Not groundbreaking or perfect or anything like that, but just good solid songs.  And sometimes that’s all you need.  Good songs, cool hero, nice family plot, and young Rani being perky and baby fat everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Friday Classics: Badal! For Amrish Puri’s Birthday and Bobby in Race 3

  1. When I saw it’s Bobby and Rani movie and Bobby plays a killer I was sure you are writing about hindi version of Léon: The Professional, but now I see it’s different film. The Leon one is called Bichoo. So Rani and Bobby have made only two movies together and both have the same plot: cool killer with a heart of gold falls in love with young and happy Rani.


    • I wonder which came first? I think they were both modest hits which could have inspired an imitation.

      Ha! Same year!!!! So there was just something in the air that year, Rani and Bobby ended up in almost the exact same movie twice.

      On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 3:54 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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