Friday Classics: Happy Independence Day! Rang De Basanti

Oh boy, I really do not want to write this post!  But it was a special request, and it really feels like something I HAVE to do the Friday before Independence Day.  But I refuse to watch this movie one more time (ha!) because it makes me way way too sad.  So be aware, this will all be based on memories from like 4 years ago, the last time I felt masochistic enough to watch it. (I’ve written on this film before, and promised then that it wouldn’t be the last post. You can read it here)

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Friday Classics: Sujata, What is in Our Blood?

This took an interesting turn!  I wanted to talk about Sujata and caste in India, and I ended up spending a lot of time talking about race in America.  Because, in the end, they are both about social illusions we have been trained to accept, which can be broken by something as simple as hearing a baby’s cry.

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