Silly Saturday Small Talk: I’m Seeing Salman Today!

Happy Day I See Salman! I have a new outfit plan (because of the goshawful cold and drizzly weather), and a new schedule for the day (based on checking the time on the tickets and the estimated travel time). I’m ready!

So, first, last night since there was no new movie, I drove up to my family’s vacation house right after work. Well, not RIGHT after, I did remember to go home and pick up Dog Hazel first.

(Otherwise she would have been like Aishwarya in Guru, sadly sitting waiting for me with her little doggie suitcase packed)

And then this morning I woke up all happy and rested at the vacation house, walked in to town to buy donuts and use the bakery wi-fi and write this post.

(Speaking of bakeries, why the heck does she say “cream biscuit” in the middle of this song?)

And then I go back to the house, hang out with my parents and Dog Hazel and let my father continue to try to show me how he has “trained” Dog Hazel (I have no faith in this being anything but a delusion).

(See how Rani and Shahrukh keep imagining an alternate version of reality? Now picture, that, but with a middle-aged man imagining that a puppy is intelligently and promptly responding to his commands like the dogs on youtube instead of just sort of starring off into space and watching squirrels. Or maybe i have the delusion that she is just a puppy instead of a capable intelligent dog?)

And then my parents leave to go to a graduation party, I stay home with Dog Hazel and take a nap and read a book and laze a bit.

(This, but with a lake instead of a pool. And also it is supposed to be cold and rainy all day)

And then hit the road again! Back to the city, second hour and a half drive of 24 hours. Leaving Dog Hazel at the house for my parents to play with.

(She’ll keep them young, like Amitabh and his cafe friends)

And then rush rush, a couple of hours to put on my new Salman outfit plan (long black and white cotton skirt from Grandma, orange knit top with flower on it) and dig up make-up from somewhere (how old is too old for mascara?) and put up my hair (tempting to leave it down and make people oo and ah, but then I would be catching on things all night), before jumping in the car again.

(My friend keeps telling me to buy new mascara or I will go BLIND! But I bought a perfectly good tube for a whole $7 three years ago, I am not going to waste money on more just so I have something to wear when Salman comes to town)

Pick up Friend Dina at her place 5 minutes away, then hit the road for the 3rd hour and a half drive of the weekend out to the arena venue in the suburbs.

(It looks exactly like this on the inside)

Get there, meet up with moviemavengal, find our seats, watch everyone else come in late because they knew it would be a late start unlike us clueless white people, and then finally SHOW.

Show show show show show.

2am, stumble out to the parking lot. Get lost on the way home (as is traditional every time we go to one of these concerts). Drop off Dina at her house, then go back to my place feeling very grateful to my parents for dogsitting so I don’t have to walk Dog Hazel, decompress with cereal and a sitcom, and go to sleep.


Sunday, wake up sloooooooowly. If I am feeling up to it, drive back to the family house, pick up Dog Hazel, tell my parents about the concert, and then turn around and drive back again. Bringing the total hours of driving in the course of 48 hours to 9. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a lot for me!

(And I probably won’t even have a wise sage to keep me company!)

If I am not feeling up to it, inform my parents that they have won a dog for the rest of the weekend, roll over and go back to sleep.


So, what’s up with you? Are you driving more or less than 9 hours this weekend? Are you also seeing Salman, this week or at any other time? How are your dogs? What else is happening in your life?


19 thoughts on “Silly Saturday Small Talk: I’m Seeing Salman Today!

  1. Have fun! I decided to skip this but I want to hear all the details! I presume you’ll be putting up a big post.

    Did you see this news?


    • Additional interesting news about Race 3 box office:


      • Yep, not surprising. And we were wondering why Salman seems so desperate for money. Maybe its because he has to keep making up distributor losses out of pocket!

        Meanwhile, i am still getting emails trying to sell me discounted tickets for the chicago show. So apparently, those ticket sales are not doing well either, at least for the $200-$300 range.

        Liked by 1 person

          • And have you seen videos of people waiting for Salman at Atlanta airport? There were like 10 people but Salman fans started writing about huge crowd and compare it with old articles about SRK being “arrested” at airports and being a disgrace for India. :/


      • Oh, and also, this is why i like analyzing the international figures from renttrack. The indian figures just have way too much going on, from producers withholding or lying about them to trade analysts being prejudiced one way or the other.


    • Fascinating news! But i won’t believe it until someone else confirms. At s minimum, it means Netflix has enough viewer reach to make this kind of fake news worth spreading.


  2. In the Fidaa Song, she says that the guy threw “a cream biscuit”. Biscuit is used as a metaphor for saying that he laid a bait or trap for her. And oh, Biscuit means a cookie here, in case you didn’t get that.


  3. I’m very eager to know if Salman will actually really dance in this show – because the #1 complaint about Race was that he was barely moving in it. Dancing live on stage is far more challenging. Or is he just going to make a few appearances and get others to dance for him?


    • Bringing Prabhudeva and Jacqueline and Daisy Shah aling points to the second for me.

      And yes, this is what i am curious about too! How sick is he when seen live versus in a film?


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  5. Saw this on Twitter and thought you’d find it interesting


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