Dog Hazel Was a BAD DOG This Weekend

Just wanted to do a fun post to cheer me up after being so mean and angry about the Dabangg show.  And also, Dog Hazel was BAD and I will punish her through public shame.  Like those mothers who put their kids’ shame photos on Facebook, except considerably less horrible.

Have you ever made homemade playdough?  My Mom does it all the time, it’s just water and flour and a lot of salt.  It’s better than store bought because you can make a ton of it, like a basketball sized lump.  And it’s edible. It doesn’t taste great (I may have ingested quite a bit between ages 3 and 8), but it won’t make you sick, and parents don’t have to be on constant “don’t lick your fingers” patrol.

Image result for homemade playdough

My Mom made up a batch as a gift for the two year old son of the little boy who gave me chicken pox when we were 5 (how does he have a son?????).  And she had it out to be packed and wrapped sitting on a table.  And Dog Hazel was alone in their house this weekend while I was off with Salman and they were off at a graduation party.  So they came home to two big bites out of the playdough, an empty water dish (because salt), and a few little spots on the carpet.  BAD DOG!!!!!

They kept this from me and instead just sent me an adorable bed time photo so I wouldn’t worry.


(I should have figured out something was wrong, she is clearly overcome with guilt)

They dropped her off at my place tonight and described her shame, while she perkily wagged her tail at me.  But I feel, once she was inside, she was clearly looking at me and seeing the disappointment in my eyes.  Right?


And then she settled down for a long reflective consideration of her sins and how best to atone.


And then, after a solid 5 minutes of hard thought, was so exhausted by guilt that she fell asleep.  Where, I am sure, she will be tortured by dreams expressing her deep shame and need to do better.



I am sure I will awake tomorrow to find a lovely homemade apology letter on my pillow and a dog who has sworn to never sin again.  Puppies: all about personal responsibility and growth.


10 thoughts on “Dog Hazel Was a BAD DOG This Weekend

  1. At least she didn’t eat the whole lot!

    One bad dog broke into our pantry cupboard and ate a bag of rice. Which could have been dangerous for her… but she only felt uncomfortable for a day or so…


    • Oh dear! Poor dog.

      Since there were two big bites, I imagine that she had one bit, went “yuch! It’s all salty!” and then thought “but maybe the second bit will be better, I’ll test again just in case”. Like a scientist, always taking two samples in case the first is corrupted.

      On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 12:23 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Oh my, so cute! Now I’m imagining a side blog, or series of posts here, which are letters to you from Hazel. Or to your parents when they’re babysitting her. How did your mom get that home made Playdoh so yellow? It’s a great color!


    • That isn’t a photo of her playdough, but it is the same color she gets! I think she just uses standard food coloring and yellow shows up the best. You have to boil it, and then knead it, so you knead in the color as you go. And then you hand it to your kids and (if you made multiple colors), they immediately knead them all together and turn it into brown. I don’t know why kids do that, but it is an irresistible urge.

      Hazel did NOT write me an apology letter, but she did sleep super late. I think partly because all the excitement of the past few days made her miss out on her required 20 hours of sleep a day. Anyway, I would rather have the ability to sleep until 7 instead of having a dog nose in my face at 5 over getting a perfect apology letter.

      On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 11:07 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. There is an old bubblegum song by Tommy Roe called “Hooray for hazel.” It’s not exactly complimentary about Hazel but it’s a catchy tune and the actual words can be ignored. When your Hazel is a good girl, you may want to sing it to her. When she’s been naughty – sing it to her anyway. She is so cute, she needs a theme song!


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