Trailers! Karwaan, Fanney Khan, Soorma, and a Gold Song!

Trailer fiesta!!!!!  Fanney Khan just came out, the others are older but I haven’t written about them yet, and I want to know what you all think of them.

Fanney Khan first.  Looks like yet another of Anil’s career resurgence mature man roles.  I really like him in these, and I am thrilled that he has chosen to sort of sit back and stop playing the hero, or play a different kind of hero.  The plot is essentially what we already knew.  Anil is a father desperate to help his daughter become a star, Aish is the star he kidnaps.  But there are some twists to it that are exciting.

For one thing, it looks like the daughter is being set up as legitimately talented, and also legitimately tortured about her appearance.  Anil wants to help her not in a “father obsessed with living out his dreams through his daughter” way, but in a “father who understands what she is going through because he went through something similar himself” way.  Plus, he gets to co-star with Divya Dutta, which is wonderful, a mature age appropriate woman who is also an extremely talented and experienced actress.

Rajkummar Rao is the wild card character.  Looks like he is just a friend of Anil who helps out.  Not in love with the daughter, not with his own performing dreams, just a guy pulled into this plot.  So the writers can do anything with him, he and Aish can fall in love, he can turn out to be talented as well, he can turn evil, who knows?  The rest of the characters have predictable endings (Anil’s talented daughter will finally be discovered, he will be happy, her mother will be happy, Aish will be released and go back to being famous), but Rajkummar could end up anywhere.

There are two cast members who (unless I missed them) don’t show up in the trailer at all, male model Karan Singh Chabbra and Anaitha Nair from Chak De India.  I suspect that Anaitha will be Rajkummar’s age and class appropriate love interest and Aish will help him build up his courage to go after her, and that Karan Singh Chabbra will be Aish’s love interest who Rajkummar will (possibly) help her build up the courage to break up with.  Just because that would be a reasonable place for those two actors to slot into the plot, and be a tidy resolution to the Aish-Rajkummar flirtation the trailer hints at.


Now, Soorma!  Which I saw old school style, in a theater on the big screen, and then forgot to find on youtube so I could use it in a post.  Until now.  Anyway, Soorma!

The problem with Soorma is that the true story is great, but only half of a movie.  He gets shot, he learns how to walk and then play again, he has a triumphal return.  But what happens before that?  That’s the bit they have to invent. And it’s not terribly imaginative, yet another sport movie in which he digs deep and tries hard in order to prove himself to the girl.

What is imaginative is the way this movie is put together.  Actors who have a long history but most of it outside of the Hindi industry, a true story, and an experienced Hindi film director with all the gloss he can bring with him.  This is a complete departure for Shaad, the man who made Saathiya and Bunty Aur Babli, doing a film in a village.  Not a movie village, but a village that looks like a village.  I’m fascinated!  It could so easily be yet another Yash Raj looking film, with a romance and a comeback and so on, and that’s the kind of movie Shaad usually makes, but they consciously veered away from that, in the casting and the costumes and the lighting and everything else.  Heck, even the songs!  The big wedding song looks like a wedding song you would actually see a at a village wedding.  I’m excited!




Karwaan!  Which I missed in my last post.  Looks like a nice little movie, but one where Irrfan Khan is definitely carrying the other two.  You could slot any handsome young actor into the Dulquer role and I wouldn’t necessarily notice a difference. Well, that’s not true, some of them would bring a lot more to it.  Rajkummar Rao, Ayushmann Khurrana, I feel like they would make these lines their own a bit more, make me interested in how they were going to say them instead of just saying them the obvious way.  Mithila Palkar, same feeling.  She’s not irritating me in the trailer or anything, but I don’t feel like she is elevating her lines or her character.  And the thing is, with this kind of roadtrip 3 character comedy, it’s all about the characters.  We’re not going to get cool slow motion fight scene, or a big song number, or any of those other things that help make a movie interesting, it’s just the characters.  I have to compare it with Piku, the last 3 character road trip movie Irrfan was in, and in that one all 3 actors were equally unexpected, equally interesting and unusual in how they chose to play their roles.  But Irrfan is going to be the only reason for watching this movie, the way he delivers his lines, the way the other two react to him, that’s going to be the fun part.

Oh, and it’s also a smart first Hindi film for Dulquer.  Similar to Ishaan doing City of Heaven before Dhadak.  Dulquer is going to introduce himself to the taste maker type of audience, let them make their judgement already and ease his way before he gets to be known to everyone in The Zoya Factor.  And he can’t fail in this movie, because all he has to do is react to Irrfan, so it looks like a risk but really isn’t.



And finally, Gold song!  I continue to be super excited about this movie.  Once again, Akshay is playing a married romance with a lot of teasing and fun in it.  It’s my favorite kind of Akshay romance, I think in his recent years the married heroes are the best ones.  Also looks like some strength in it, I’m getting a happy early year, then going to the Olympics and feeling lost, coming home and getting drunk, and then sex in a monastery?  Okay, that last bit I don’t get.  Maybe they are there for rehab?  What do you think?

17 thoughts on “Trailers! Karwaan, Fanney Khan, Soorma, and a Gold Song!

    • I didn’t even think about that! Field Hockey is just a popular sport I guess. Also, Soorma is super delayed, it was supposed to come out months back, like in March I think, while Gold was always supposed to come out in August. So they weren’t supposed to be back to back.


        • Oh right! That was really weird. And one of them sank without a trace, and one of them almost sank without a trace and is now on Netflix.

          On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 1:49 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • `
            And don’t forget the asteroid movie summer and the attack on the White House two-fer.


  1. Fanney Khan looks really fun, but I was getting serious “lighter Secret Superstar” from this one. Aishwarya looks to be playing Saba 2.0 from ADHM. I’m really starting to like Anil Kapoor lately and Divya Dutta is always great.

    Soorma and Gold barely interest me. I love a good sports film and I will definitely watch both (just for the Diljit and Tapsee romance alone honestly), but I’ve found most Indian sports films a bit disappointing. These both look like more the Dhoni style than the Chak De India style (which interestingly enough was really a remake of Hollywood’s Miracle). Brothers also worked better for me as a sports film than say Sultan (again also based on a Hollywood film).

    Karwaan does look like a pleasant road trip dramedy but I think you’re right DQ is not doing anything exciting here, but I know he will be great in the Zoya Factor.


    • I still have hope for Gold being something really original, for one thing it has those biggish names as players which makes me think it can’t be entirely Akshay focused. Anyway, I’m seeing it opening night, so I can report back to you on how it is and then you can make up your mind.

      On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 9:45 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Really liked the Fanney Khan trailer. And boy Anil Kapoor is such a good actor. I think now that he has stopped doing the regular mainstream lead roles he gets far more interesting characters. The nuances he brings in are so amazing, you can see his character journey even in a trailer. Rajkumar Rao looks great as well. Aishwarya has her stock expressions – its like we’ve seen ALL of her expressions already and she can’t do any more. Am hoping she doesn’t bring down this movie singularly.
    Karwaan – Yes looks like this is the “Get DQ familiarized with Hindi audience” movie. As opposed to popular opinion, I’m nervous about him in Zoya Factor unless they change the character to be from the south. I just don’t get a Delhi boy vibe from him (say what Ranveer/Virat have). He also shies from romance and that could get in the way of that movie. I’d love to be proven wrong.


    • I hadn’t even noticed it until you pointed it out, but you are right! I feel like I know everything Anil’s character is feeling, even with almost no dialogue. While the other characters are just not quite there yet, still enigmas.

      It would be smart to change The Zoya Factor so he is from the south not just for his personality/persona, but to help sell the movie. If they want to try to cross markets a little bit, bringing in a familiar southern actor and pushing a southern character would be a good step. Maybe come up with an excuse to do part of the film back in his hometown or something.

      On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 1:22 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I may have to watch Taal before watching this, because it could so easily be a continuation of her character, especially since she hasn’t noticeably changed in acting style in the past 20 years


  3. I am super duper excited for Fanney Khan. Everyone looks great and Aish will be fine since she’s essentially playing herself. Question: is it subversive for Anil to have an overweight daughter? I’ve never seen a Bolly plot revolving around the difficulty of being a talented but unattractive person.


    • The weight thing is very difficult. There are a slowly increasing number of films dealing with weight issues, which I frankly find kind of depressing. They are accepting the premise not only that heavier means less attractive, but that society as a whole will accept this rule. But, it’s not true! It’s only true for a very small proportion of Indian society! Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Shaandar, and now this movie all just assume that no one would be attracted to an overweight person, and society would go “yuck” at them. Part of what I liked about Veere Di Wedding, was it knew it was strictly within a very high level of society where those standards hold, and even in that level, accepted that the heavier woman was still desirable to her husband and attractive in general. Society wasn’t recoiling from her in horror. Heck, the grooms parents were cheerfully overweight and didn’t seem to have any issues about it.

      Anyway, the idea of the less attractive but talented person struggling, I don’t think is that common. There’ve been the make over movies, the village-girl-turned star, where it is more a class thing than anything else. And there was the reverse in Shamitabh, Amitabh providing Dhanush’s voice, Dhanush being talented but not having the voice.

      I could be wrong, but to me it feels less like “this story was never told before” and more like “this story wasn’t relevant until recently”. The idea of some appearance ideal being an insuperable barrier just doesn’t make sense when Neetu and Zeenat Aman and Shabana Azmi, 3 extremely different looking women, were all heroines simultaneously.

      The only famous film that did deal with this exact issue is Satyam Shivam Sundurram. In that one, gorgeous Zeenat Aman plays a woman with a burn scar across half her face. Shashi falls in love with her beautiful voice and body, but is disgusted by her scar. After much angst, he gets over himself. But a big burn scar feels at a different level to me than something like weight or height or skin tone.


      • Nobody minded if you put on weight post marriage or post childbirth in the good old days.In fact it was the opposite.I remember being nagged repeatedly to gain weight in my teenage “twiggy” days.Sure overweight girls were told to slim down.But the ones I knew had oodles of confidence and plain ignored it.But yes “weight” never got so much attention as in the past few years.I’ve been noticing this trend ever since Aishwarya’s weight gain where she got so much hate for putting on a few pounds.All these self-esteem issues about being over weight and the societal condescension started after that.


  4. I’m always happy to see Rajkummar Rao especially in a comedy.But really, was there any need for him in Fanney Khan? From the trailer it looks like the sort of role almost anybody else could do.Like what you said about Dulquer in Karwaan.Maybe he’s doing a favor since he’s with Anil in Ek Ladki.But I’m intrigued by his look in that Mental movie with Kangana.That looks way more interesting.


    • Didn’t the teaser end with Rajkummar? And I think the poster image was him too. Very odd, since based on the trailer it looks like he has a fairly small role. Maybe they are trying to build him up a little before Ek Ladki?

      On Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 12:26 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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