Box Office Report: Soorma? Just Meh

Does that headline work?  I don’t really care, I just love the wordplay even if no one else gets it.  The point is, Soorma is not doing great.  Not excitingly awful either.  Just “meh”.

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Soorma Review (SPOILERS): A Little Brother Grows Up

I already put up my No Spoilers review, and this really is a good movie, so I would recommend skipping this review until after you watch it, if you are able to watch it.  The trailer gives away the general outlines of the plot, but there is a lot more to it which deserves to be seen with fresh eyes, not spoiled by me.

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News Round-Up: Emraan and Ajay and Mouni Have New Movies, Censor Board Still Has Issues, Everyone’s Got Scheduling Issues

More news!!!!  Yaaaaaay!  Lots of little things that are interesting to keep an eye on and see how they pan out.  And of course Padmavat, the story that will never die.

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