Sunday Night Report: I’m Too Tired to Do A Real Post

This was a looooooooooong weekend.  I managed to find the energy to do my usual Sunday post, and I am quite proud of this week’s story (read it here!), but now I am too tired to think of anything new and thought provoking to write.  So I am watching a fun Telugu movie and watching Dog Hazel sleep, because she is tired too.

It did NOT rain on Saturday, thank goodness, which means we were able to successfully host all my little Sunday School children and their parents.

(No need to teach them a rain song after all)

So, they arrived, immediately jumped in the lake with barely a pause to change into suits, and then spent the rest of the day swimming, boating, playing lawn games, and otherwise running their energy off.

(You know how scarily energetic Ranveer Singh is?  Turns out, 10 year olds set free outside on a sunny day have twice as much energy)


And also taking energy from my poor father, who seems to have lost the ability (if he ever had it) to say “no” when a little girl asks him “Sir, please please please can we_______?”  Which lead to him hand cranking ice cream, taking the boat in and out 7 times, playing shuffle board, and carrying about 17 enormous flotation devices up and down the stairs from the attic where we store them.

(If my father were a music executive, he would have given in and signed them almost immediately)

Not that my Mom was slacking, she was making 40 sandwiches, washing 14 sets of lunch dishes, and getting in the water towards the end of the day to help guide the boat in and out and guide children on and off of it.

(Very Salman in Bajrani Bhaijaan like, keeping everyone fed and smiling, whatever they wanted, donuts to sandwiches to ice cream at the end of the day, and also carrying them around as needed)

All I had to do was run around after the kids a little, eat lunch, hang out with the adults, and pet Dog Hazel.  Although, I also cleaned the house and set everything up before and put it all away after.  But not the dishes, I really hate those.

(I only like dishes when they have an “oom” on the end of them)

Dog Hazel had the hardest job, she had to be locked up in Dog Jail in the bedroom at the end of the hall all day going “wa wa wa wa wa wa wa” until we finally couldn’t take it any more and granted her parole for a few minutes while everyone was in swimming, just to drag her back and lock her up again when the kids were back in the house.


(Dog jail.  This is after the gate fell over on top of her and she was cowering on the floor until I picked her up and forced her back in.  Poor doggy!)


Apparently all our hosting worked, because one of the little girls wrote in the guest book that it was one of the best days of her LIFE!!!!  Only, her life is so very short (so far), I am not sure if that is really a high bar to cross.  We should wait for one of our septuagenarian guests to say the same thing before we get too proud of ourselves.

(she was a little girl about this size.  So that’s, what, like 3,000 days we are competing with?  Maybe 1,500 she can actually remember?)


Last night after everyone left, Hazel crawled into her little bed in the living room, finally allowed to be with her people, and curled up and slept for about 10 hours straight, and all the humans did the same thing.



And then I woke her up today and made her get back in the car and drive all the way home again, which so completely exhausted her that we walked into the apartment and she immediately curled up tight and went to sleep on the couch while I am writing this.



So, an exhausting weekend!  And now I am waiting for my delivery Indian food and watching pretty pretty Allu Arjun and thinking about bed.  And not really able to think about smart things to say about the meaning of movies or anything like that.  So you will have to make do with this post instead.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Report: I’m Too Tired to Do A Real Post

    • I feel bad, I even made the delivery guy climb up all 3 flights of stairs instead of running down. But I’m tired! I want the food to come all the way to my door.

      On Sun, Jul 22, 2018 at 11:19 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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