Saturday Night Report, Laundry and Dog Hazel

Well, I just spent the past 4 hours working flat out to finish laundry.  And Dog Hazel supervised.  She was NOT helpful.

I am in the middle of a slow clean of the whole apartment.  This morning I did the kitchen and stripped the slipcovers off the sofa.  And then ordered more laundry bags on Amazon because I realized I didn’t have enough for both clothes and slipcovers.  Oh, and also a cool new purple kindle case.


(So cool!)

I had to run to church for a rehearsal for tomorrow’s service, and buy groceries while I was out, and I was a little worried that Dog Hazel would be confused since her usual hang out spot (the sofa) was now in pieces on the floor.  Not to worry, she adapted.


I eventually managed to evict her, loaded the slipcovers in one laundry bag, all the dirty clothes in the other, slung laundry bag A over my back and embraced laundry bag B in both hands and then wrestled them down 3 flights of stairs and across the street and up the block to the car.  Took a moment, then drove to the laundromat, wrestled them out of the car, loaded up 2 mega washers and one just slightly large washer, and sat down and read my book and watched the adorable cheerful small children who always populate urban laundromats.

(Seriously, laundromats are exactly like this.  Except way more multicultural.  Pretty sure I saw an Ethiopian and Hispanic little boy running around together while a Kashmiri toddler watched them)

That’s the fun part, waiting for the machines to finish.  And then I had to wrestle everything back into bags, now wet and much heavier, and ended up with one bag for the slipcovers, one for the delicate airdry stuff, and a third one for the regular dryer stuff.  And then I realized I only had two hands and ended up parking illegally with the blinkers on so I could run everything up to the back door of the apartment in two trips, and then go park.  While the cat next door watched and judged me.

(Not this kind of cat, the other kind)

And then, finally, I was ready to do the final step, hanging up to dry and folding and putting away.  Dog Hazel, meanwhile, thought it was probably time we should go to bed, and went to set me a good example.


But I illogically insisted on staying up even longer, so Dog Hazel reluctantly moved to the living room to rest on the temporary sofa slipcover and watch while I lugged bags around and filled up the drying rack.


But after a while supervising got too exhausting, so she stretched out and went to sleep for a while.


But I guess all my moving around and doing work was distracting, so she had to move around again to hide her little head.


By now I had finished filling the drying rack, putting the slipcovers over chairs, and hanging the remaining clothes in the closet.  All I had to do was fold the remaining dry clothes and put them away.  Dog Hazel by now was just done with me.  All of this effort, and why?  It makes no sense!


And now, finally, I get to do my last walk through of the apartment and see the slipcovers in the dining room.


The stuffed drying rack in the living room.


The left over clothes hanging in the shower.


And my dress that I am hoping to wear to church tomorrow hanging up on the back of my door.  Although, the top is like really really low cut, isn’t it?



And now I finally get to go to bed.  I am very excited about this.  Dog Hazel is not excited, Dog Hazel is already asleep.  I think I might need to start giving her some household responsibilities (besides chasing away the ghost from my closet, which she seems to have accomplished), because it is not fair that I am doing all the work!



4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Report, Laundry and Dog Hazel

  1. no possibility to have a washing machine at your apartment??? (it may save a lot of time,,,the public laundry just for the big covers).
    Still it’s a nice read…and having the apartment full with drying laundry is very familiar to me 🙂


    • It’s my own fault, I need to remember that if I am washing the slip covers I shouldn’t try to do anything else. But I always forget and take way too much stuff to the laundromat.

      No possibility of a washer in the apartment, but there are washers in the basement, they just can’t do big loads. If I were smart, I would do small loads at home once a week instead of doing a massive wash every two weeks at the laundromat. Oh well, at least I got some cute Hazel photos out of it.

      On Sun, Aug 5, 2018 at 4:55 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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