Happy Friendship Day!!!!

Happy Friendship Day!!!!!  And Kajol’s birthday, it’s a busy day.  Anyway, here is a nice little video post with some friendship videos, and you can leap in with your suggestions for more in the comments.

First, this year’s big ode to friendship!!!!  I could have chosen any of the songs, but I am going with the title song.

And here’s another title song!  A little bit old-fashioned and corny, but I still like it, Mujhse Dosti Karoge:

Speaking of love triangles and friendship, this is of course the classic friendship film/song!

Not the closest possible roommate/friends trio on film.  After all, it’s not like they are raising a baby together!

And a gender reversed version of the same song!  From the incomparably entertaining, Dil Aashna Hai.

Veere is the new female friendship song, this is the old one.


That last song reminds me, there is a tricky line between “friendship” song and “lovers” song. For instance, this Bobby-Akshay classic of bad pants and friends who are just a bit too handsy.  Or, a lot too handsy. Really, it has to be watched to be believed.  “Yeh Dosti Tere Dum Se”.


And finally of course I have to end with the friendship classic, “Yeh Dosti”


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