Happy Birthday Again Kajol! Helicopter Eela Trailer!!!!!

Oh wow, this movie looks so good!  I thought it was going to be some sort of kitschy come back thing just riding on Kajol’s popularity, but no, it looks really really good!  All on its own. The script idea is great, and Kajol is the perfect person to carry it off.

From the title and the poster, we could already know it was going to be about an over-protective mother of a college student.  But, thank goodness, the focus isn’t on her as a mother but on who she is in addition to being a mother.  And, also thank goodness, she is still our same old wacky Kajol, not magically dignified and brilliant and perfect just because she is a little older and playing a mother role.

If I am following the trailer right, and if it is the plot I hope, then I think she is a former singer/performer who gave it all up to raise her son (possibly after her husband died).  And now her son is going to college and encouraging her to take an interest in life and leave him alone, which leads to her going back to school with him.

Predictably, they have a big fight.  But unpredictably, it looks like the fight is because the son cares about her, right?  He feels smothered, but he also wants her to move on and rediscover herself?  And then Neha Gupta appears, like the angel of housewife career changes flitting in from Tumhari Sulu to this movie, and encourages Kajol to restart her music career.


I love that it doesn’t take the simple route of mother-son fighting because he is wrong and selfish.  And I love that it lets Kajol be Kajol, loud and laughing and silly.  And I also love that it is a Kajol movie!  There is faith that, even at 44 and her last film a qualified flop from 3 years ago, she can carry this whole thing herself.

And it’s not like the people around her are no good, they just aren’t that famous.  The director, Pradeep Sarkar, he specializes in heroine lead dramas with strong actresses.  First film was Parineeta, then Laaga Chunari Main Daag, then Lafangay Parinda that we will pretend didn’t happen, and then Mardaani was his last film before this one.

The son, Riddhi Sen, is only 20 but is from a Bengali acting family and has been acting his whole life.  Just won a National Award for his last film and, more importantly for the Hindi audience, he was the little boy chaiwalla Poltu in Kahaani!!!!


Most of all, and I may be terribly petty for bringing this up, but doesn’t Kajol pull off the older pop star so so so so so much better than Aishwarya in her movie?  Kajol feels like she is playing her age in the glimpse we get of her performing on stage, feels like she is playing a real person and a character we can relate too, while still also being believable as a charismatic entertainer.  While Aish somehow felt like she was faking it, like she was imitating what she thought a pop star should be instead of just embodying it.  But again, maybe I am being petty.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Again Kajol! Helicopter Eela Trailer!!!!!

    • There is a potential love interest in the cast list, but not in the trailer. So I don’t know what that means.

      On Sun, Aug 5, 2018 at 8:27 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I’m so excited about this one, too. It looks like the perfect kind of pretty and polished (production value wise) dramedy escapism. Kajol looks absolutely amazing…how is she so naturally beautiful all the time! And, I am also loving seeing Neha Dhupia keep popping up as the fabulous friend (and notably the film passes the Bechdel test right in the trailer!).

    I still get a little annoyed when all these actresses in their forties start doing the mom roles, but of course it’s actually pretty realistic. At 44, Kajol is definitely old enough to play a mom to a college kid…it’s just a little jarring, when I still want to see her in the glamourous leading lady romantic roles, too (which this one may actually turn out to be, but in a different way). I’m still pissed off about that Ajay and Tabu movie where his lead is actually 22 years younger than him. And he and Tabu have great chemistry…one of the few good things about Golmaal Again.

    I’m also hoping Tota Roy Chowdhury is a love interest (or maybe the ex-husband?). We’ll see…


    • It’s one of those tricky things of how unrealistic you can be and still base it in Indian society. A 40 year old woman with no children or marriage ever is maybe too far to go. But this seems pretty good, she is playing her age and a mother and single so a romance is possible. For me, I would rather her play a mother and 40-something, then never married and no children and 30-something.

      I’m hoping for Tota Roy Chowdhury too! He isn’t in the trailer that I could see, but he is on the poster which implies a larger role. And I would love for Kajol to get a love interest. Maybe a somewhat scandalous/unexpected one which is why they are keeping it out of the trailer and saving it for the film itself?


  2. There’s a particular shot in the trailer of this movie where dad’s pic is shown as empty & I think the conflict is about the son wanting to know who the dad is. They also show Kajol as someone who seems a little too young to be the mom of a 20 year old(I mean look at her!)These two things makes me think the story is inspired from the Malayalam movie Achuvinte Amma-only instead of son, it is a daughter in the Malayalam version. Ridhi Sen’s casting makes sense cos if it’s the same story, then the son would have a substantial role along with mom. I could be wrong about the whole thing but it really doesn’t seem like a 40+ pop star story-those singing on stage scenes seem very much part of a dream sequence.


    • The movies been talked about for a while as Kajol playing a pop star, but of course we know how unreliable those kinds of reports are.

      I’d love the kind of reveal you talk about, I think I wrote a fanfic with a similar story ages back (in that one I had Madhuri as heroine with a late in life romance that feel apart because his children didn’t approve of an unmarried mother). I’d be even more excited if either Kajol gets a romance of her own, or the father reappears. Sort of closing the circle, saying she spent her whole life thinking about her son and now that he is grown up, it is time for her to think of herself again.

      I would also really love an unconventional story for how she became a mother, illegitimate or eloped and husband died, something to explain a fairly young woman with a grown son. Another reason I am leaning towards “former pop star” is money, there is nothing in the trailer to indicate they are super rich, or that Kajol works. A former life as a successful singer could explain why they still have enough money to live comfortably without an obvious supporter in the household.


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