Happy Birthday Sunidhi Chauhan!!!! 25 Reasons I Love You!

And the August singer birthdays just keep coming!  After 3 men, it is time for one woman.  But a really impressive one with a wonderful body of work.

1.I love you because you started working and performing as a child, at age 4, thanks to the encouragement of your father, a performer in New Delhi.

2. I love you because you taught yourself to sing by listening to tapes and popular music and participating in singing contests for prizes.

3. I love you because you had your first playback song at age 13, and then stopped and did only back-up vocals for 3 years while you took serious classical training for the first time as you realized your limitations.

4. I love you because at age 16, you came back to work with Sonu Nigam and hold your own on this complex duet. “Suna Tha” from Mast


5. Another song, that took advantage of your still somewhat raw and young sound. “Bumbro” from Mission Kashmir


6.  After starting with the young broken sounding songs, you finally found your place with the strong confident powerful item songs. “Dhoom Machale” from Dhoom


7. Which made your voice perfect for Rekha. “Kaise Paheli” from Parineeta


8. And for this, the first big hip-hop item song experiment end credits promo song. “Right Here Right Now” from Bluffmaster


9. And while we are on Abhishek, another one of my favorite Abhishek songs! “Cham Se” from Dus


10.  And then you proved your true mastery of the item song style with “Beedi”, in which Bipasha claimed your voice drove her on higher and higher in the song.


11.  This isn’t a terribly popular or famous song, I just really really like it.  “24/7” from China Town


12.  This one IS a terribly popular and famous song. “Crazy Kiya Re” from Dhoom 2.


13. A very unpopular movie with a very popular song. “Sajanaji Vari Vari” from Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.


14. And you were the voice of “Desi Girl”


15.  One of the few female hero songs!  Not sexy, not romantic, just triumphal attitude. “Chhaliya” from Tashan.


16.  I guess this is technically a love duet, but it’s a really different feeling one! “Chor Bazari” from Love Aaj Kal.


17.  Now, this is a classic love duet!  Of the sad variety. “Bin Tere” from I Hate Luv Storys


18.  And of course, the classic Sunidhi Chauhan song! “Sheila Ki Jawani” from Tees Maar Khan.


19.  One of my favorite Pritam songs!  Did not realize this was you. “Te Amo” from Dum Maaro Dum


20.  That one had a little bit of Spanish in it, this one has a little bit of Marathi. “Navrai Maajhi” from English/Vinglish


21.  Another one where your strong voice gets to sing out and take over the song and the dance. “Gun Gun Guna” from Agneepath.


22.  This is a song where your voice has to be loud to shut out the voices in the character’s head. “Just Go To Hell Dil” from Dear Zindagi


23.  That song and movie got a lot of notice, this one did not, but I think it is better.  The song at least, if not the whole movie. “Je T’aime” from Befikre


24. And just to rewind back to the beginning, the big hit title song that really got you noticed. “Main Mast” from Mast


25.  And finally, the big amazing song that you were part of last year.  Even if most people didn’t notice it, I know we here love it! “Radha” from Jab Harry Met Sejal


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sunidhi Chauhan!!!! 25 Reasons I Love You!

  1. First time I heard of her was in Sur – Aaa bhi jaa with Lucky Ali. Have you watched this movie? Interesting one.

    And, I like this Telugu song as it was composed by Ilaiyaraja, my favorite. Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu starring Nani-Samanta – have you watched this?


  2. Chaliya and the female version of Bin Tere are my favorites. Shows her range too!
    And In the south, I love this item song from Vijay’s Jilla.

    And in contrast, a romantic Telugu song from Siddharth’s Oy.

    And in Kannada, this song from the blockbuster movie Mungaru Male.


    • I didn’t realize she worked so much outside of Hindi!

      Question, how is her pronounciation? It looks like she gets a lot of criticism for it even in Hindi songs, which is supposed to be her language. I would imagine it was even worse trying to articulate words while singing outside of her home language.


      • She hasn’t worked in the south as much as Shreya Ghoshal, but she’s been singing from around 10 years.
        Her pronounciation is not so good, you can literally hear her trying hard to pronounce the lyrics.
        On the other hand, Shreya’s pronounciation is bang on.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Reading her wiki entry to find songs, there were so many quotes from reviewers bashing her for being too raw and too strong and too this and too that. Just made me love her more!


  3. I find the comparisons with 2 night angles and legends lata and ashha too pronounced.

    Shreya gets all the live ballads, slow emotional songs like lata ji and Sindhi does the raw high pitch sexy songs like ashha ji.

    I m no where comparing these 2 with the legends but found it too hard to resist


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