News Round-Up: Kamal flops, Amitabh Kajols, Dhruv Drives, Akshay Hera Pheris

Quick news report for you all.  Not much for me to analyze, but hopefully lots for you to chew over as I spend the day with family/nursing my poor car along.

Kamal Flops

I didn’t see Vishwaroopam 2, but I was impressed by Vishwaroopam 1.  And now I am seeing reports that V2 was kind of a mess and a flop?  Does that match what you all are seeing and how you felt about it? (story here)

What I find interesting about how this is reported is that it focuses on the loss for Reliance, the back-up producers.  They stepped in to help fund it when Kamal ran out of money, and now they are taking a loss.  I don’t think I am necessarily that worried about Reliance running out of money, but it is an interesting angle.  To focus on the people who were stuck footing the bill for Kamal’s vanity project instead of on Kamal’s own loss of status following a failure.  Maybe because I am reading this in the Hindi film press where they tend to care more about Reliance than Kamal Haasan?

Oh, and the other interesting point about the report is that the Hollywood action film The Meg is beating Vishwaroopam 2 at most theaters.  Released in the same number of languages too.  So, Hollywood has finally cracked the Indian market.  It’s not about making “Indian” films, it’s just about dubbing the films you already have and hoping there won’t be anything strong enough from the Indian industries to really compete.

(Should have known if might be in trouble when they didn’t bring back Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy from Vishwaroopam 1)


Amitabh and Kajol Unite

This is cool, Amitabh is supposed to do a cameo in Helicopter Eela.  The usual “small but significant” thing that he does.  I am guessing something like in Padman or English/Vinglish.  But I forgot the same director also made Eklavya.  Which had an amazing Amitabh role and performance.  So this should be really good! (story here)

That’s it, that’s the whole story.  Just thought you all should know.


Vikram’s Son Dhruv in a Car Accident

This is southern, so I can’t really analyze it besides just putting it out there.  And then you all get to tell me how I should be feeling about it.  Vikram’s son Dhruv, who is about to be launched in a remake of Arjun Reddy, was driving at 3am and ran into three parked rickshaw and one driver.  The police were called and are investigating, the injured man was treated and is doing well. (story here)

Really, the only comment I can make on this is that I didn’t realize he was launching in an Arjun Reddy remake and I think that is a terrible idea.  Way too intense of a role and a film to be a good debut.  If he does well, it will typecast him.  And if he does poorly, it will be really really obvious that he is doing poorly.

Beyond that, rickshaws and 3am accidents and all of that, no idea if this is shocking and horrible or just life in Chennai.

Image result for vikram and dhruv


Akshay Hera Pheris

Woo-hoo!  Akshay confirmed Hera Pheri 3 at a press conference for Gold!  Now let’s see if it can FINALLY get off the ground, and who will be directing. (story here)

A little history here.  Hera Pheri 1 was a massive hit and a brilliant comedy, one of the top comedies ever in Hindi film (and a remake of Ramji Rao Speaking, one of the top comedies ever in Malayalam film).  And also the most successful Hindi film for director Priyadarshan.  Starred Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, and Sunil Shetty as hapless roommates who get mixed up in a kidnapping plot.

Phir Hera Pheri is the sequel that released 6 years later, same three heroes, but different director and writer, Neeraj Vora.  And a rare sequel that kind of picked up the plot of the original, the original 3 heroes are now rich thanks to the adventures of the first film, and doing ridiculous things with their money.  It was also very successful, and ended with a cliffhanger, making people sure there would be a third film.

But casting and scheduling is very difficult, Akshay is a big powerful star, Sunil moved into character roles and semi-retirement in his amazing house, and Paresh Rawal became the required comic character in every other movie, and also Sunil Dutt in Sanju.  Neeraj Vora wrote the script and had a plan, but he kept losing and replacing cast members and it just wasn’t coming together.  And then he had a stroke and fell into a coma.  Which put the film in limbo, and was also very sad.  He was taken in by producer Firoz Nadiawala who cared for him in his house for 3 years until he died (“film fraternity” indeed!).  Which was also sad, but also took the film out of limbo.

It is now planned to be directed by Indra Kumar who did the Masti films and the Dhamaal films.  But it wasn’t clear if the original cast would be back or not.  Until now!  Akshay, finally, CONFIRMED!!!!  And surely if Akshay is there, he will be able to bring along Sunil and Paresh.  Or at least Sunil, I don’t actually care as much about Paresh.

(Especially Sunil Shetty in glasses)


10 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Kamal flops, Amitabh Kajols, Dhruv Drives, Akshay Hera Pheris

    • Yeah! Really makes me want to know if there is a bigger backstory to it.

      On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 10:36 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Driving accidents seem to be as common in India as the nunber of gun related incidents in US. And in both cases nothing changes after the fact.


    • What I am wondering if there is a class issue with it. With gun crimes in America, there is certainly a class and race component. With these driving accidents, is there something about rich kids in cars versus working class people on the street?

      On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 11:20 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Almost certainly. There was cellphone footage after the accident that was circulating and Dhruv’s friend was basically pulling the ‘do you know who we are?’ card to the cops. I guess its something that at least, Dhruv did get charged. The pictures of the vehicles post-accident were pretty bad so it clearly wasn’t just a fender bender. I’m just glad that no one was seriously injured.


        • one thing which is part of class that often seems forgotten is the money part. so i am mad that some rich kid damaged his car and will pay for the repairs without a second thought, but damage to a rickshaw is their livelihoods, you know? both vehicles damaged in an accident, but the meaning is so different to the respective owners.


  2. Paresh rawal as babu Bhai is Hera pheri.
    The most famous comic character in history of Hindi movies with asrani as jailer in sholay being close if he is not able to do the movie due to his commitments as a mp with elections coming there cannot be another Hera pheri


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