TGIF: A Month of Food and Stars and Snark, Enjoy!!!!

This is a continuation of a post I put up on Wednesday.  Turns out, almost every day of the month in September has a food attached to it (food lobbyists/publicists have way too much time and money).  So then all I had to do was figure out which actor matches the food.  I was a wee bit mean on Wednesday, I am feeling less mean today, but we will see if the meanness rises up in me again.

September 16 is National Guacamole Day

Guacamole, delicious and smooth and filling and refreshing, but goes bad very very quickly, really not as good even a day later and inedible within two days.

Image result for guacamole

Parineeti Chopra

Image result for parineeti chopra


September 17 is National Apple Dumpling Day

Crispy, flakey, healthy, good hot or cold, goes well with everything, fits at a humble kitchen table just as well as at a fancy restaurant, and you will never tire of it.

Image result for apple dumplingAnushka Sharma

Image result for anushka sharma


September 17th is National Cheeseburger Day

Cheap and easy, filling, tasty, food of the common people that has gone through periods of popularity with the upper class as well.  A great variation in quality possible, but when it is good, it is very very good.

Image result for cheeseburger


Image result for govinda


September 19th is National Butterscotch Pudding Day

Too sweet, too sticky, too empty of calories, no value to it at all.

Image result for butterscotch pudding

Sneha Ullal

Image result for sneha ullal


National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Another common man food, but one that is almost impossible to make poorly.  And which somehow never makes it to the tables of the upperclasses, no matter how good it is.

Image result for pepperoni pizza

Salman Khan

Image result for salman khan


September 21 is National Rum Punch Day

Rum punch!  Very very strong and also sweet and fruity on the surface.  I like it, except for the alcohol that gives it the bite.  Without that, it would be perfect.

Image result for rum punch

Karan Johar

Image result for karan johar


September 22 is National Pecan Cookie Day

Pecan cookies, a hard but sweet nut in the center of a crumbling frame.

Image result for pecan cookie

Waheeda Rahman

Image result for waheeda rehman


September 22 is International Mixed Berries Muffin Day

Ah the muffin!  The thing that just makes you wish it was a cupcake.  You know it is probably “better” for you, but you still don’t like it.

Image result for mixed berries muffin

Kamal Haasan.  At least, for me.  I always wish he was Rajinikanth.

Image result for Kamal Haasan


September 25 is National Lobster Day

So hideous that the first person to try it must have been crazy.  And yet, once you have it, you realize it is delicious.

Image result for lobster


Image result for dhanush

September 26th is National Pancake Day

Fluffy, warm, soft, buttery and delicious.  You can’t have just one, you have to have dozens of them once you start.  There isn’t a lot to it, just flour and eggs and a little milk, but sometimes simple and delicious is all you want.

Image result for pancakes

Hrithik Roshan

Related image


September 27th is National Chocolate Milk Day

You love it as a child, and it is still secret comfort drink before bedtime sometimes as an adult.  Sweet and creamy and sustaining and simple.  It just makes you happy.

Image result for chocolate milk

Anil Kapoor

Image result for anil kapoor

September 29th is National Coffee Day

A little bitter until it gets sugar to sweeten it.  A little hot until it gets cream to cool it down.  Sometimes so dark that no sugar or cream can make it any less bitter.

Image result for coffee

Shahrukh Khan

Image result for shahrukh khan coffee


September 30 is National Hot Mulled Cider Day

Sometimes too hot to handle, but so tasty you just keep drinking it and burning your tongue.

Image result for hot mulled cider

Kangana Ranaut

Image result for kangana ranaut

9 thoughts on “TGIF: A Month of Food and Stars and Snark, Enjoy!!!!

  1. Haha, I love Govinda and Karan. Coffee=Shah Rukh, always! (as well as chocolate as in Wednesday’s post). I like that both Anushka and Kangana are forms of apples. The talent is there for both, but the manifestations are different.


    • I didn’t even think about them both being apples! You’re right. I guess they both have that kind of refreshingly tart and healthy feel to them after the usual over sugery heroines.

      On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 3:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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