Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: What Are the One Scenes/Plot Points that Ruined a Shahrukh Movie for You? Or the One Scenes/Plot Points that Made it All Worthwhile?

Thank you Procrastinatrix for the suggestion!  And hopefully we can get a nice discussion going, like we did on Thursday for the one Shahrukh movie people really hated.

You know how there are these movies that you generally just love but then there is one scene or one plot moment that you hate?  So much that you only enjoy the film if you can fast-forward through it?  This is the place to complain about those!  Not stuff like Duplicate that is a mess straight through, but the ones that could be generally good if it weren’t for just one thing.  Not necessarily brilliant and perfect, but generally good except for one bad spot.  And to get us started, here are a few of mine:


Dilwali: Generally I don’t mind this movie.  It’s not my favorite, but there is nothing that really makes me cringe.  With the exception of the “five minute date” scene.  Partly because it is such a clear rip-off of the moment from How I Met Your Mother.

But also because I think it just doesn’t work, Shahrukh is talking to fast and trying to hard and Kajol feels like she isn’t in synch with him somehow, it’s just a bad BAD scene.  I can handle the generally ridiculous plot and the horrible “comedy” scenes, but this one sequence is like grit under my nails and drives me crazy.


Dil Aashna Hai: This one moment doesn’t exactly bother me that much, but it feels completely out of character for Shahrukh in the rest of the film, and even the plot of the rest of the film.  After being devoted and supportive and accepting in every way for the whole rest of the film. Shahrukh suddenly slaps Divya out of nowhere.  And then it never comes up again, his character goes back to being supportive and accepting and so on and so on.  I just want to lift it out of the film and pretend it never happened, because the film would make so much more sense that way.


Paheli: I would remove the sad song for Real Shahrukh.  It humanizes him and makes you feel for him and makes it really hard to sympathize with the ghost who is, in the end, stealing his life.



Now, the reverse!  Movies which are generally good, or maybe even generally bad, but have one moment of really really good acting that stands out.


Zamaana Deewana: This is generally a silly light stupid movie, but it has two really wonderful moments.  The first is when Raveena and Shahrukh have just fallen in love, they are kind of silly and happy about it, and then they go out into the rain and suddenly it gets really intense and sexy really fast.  Followed by a super sexy song.

And the second is after they are separated, Shahrukh goes to visit her and understands without her needing to full explain that she still loves him and must be being forced into marrying someone else.  It’s such a refreshing scene after all those movies where the hero blames the heroine for being faithless without ever trying to see things from her side.

(Thank you Eastern European person for posting it with the intro scene!)


Yes Boss: Another generally fun movie, I’ll be reviewing it soon.  But there is one song, really one moment in one song, that is something special.  Right at the end of “Jaata Hai Tu Kahan”, after Shahrukh has been singing that whole time trying to save Juhi and stop her from leaving, he just stands and pleads with his eyes for her to come back to him, and it is one of the most perfectly longing moments he has had on film.



So, how about you?  What are the Shahrukh scenes you always skip when you rewatch and pretend they didn’t happen? 

Or what are the Shahrukh scenes you skip towards and pretend the rest of the film isn’t there?


13 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: What Are the One Scenes/Plot Points that Ruined a Shahrukh Movie for You? Or the One Scenes/Plot Points that Made it All Worthwhile?

  1. Nope I still don’t feel sympathy for the ghost from Paheli .I don’t know why but I just hate mean selfish people(in this case both the living and the dead). I’ll tell you the scenes that I’ve hated in an SRK movie .The movie’s name is .I mean he was eating curd with noodles. Give me one South Indian who does that because he/she deserves a medal for taking birth in this earth…or universe even.I felt like beating the crap out of that person who wrote that scene,the person who thought that was funny and the people who approved it. It’s not the eating habits of that character that made me hate him but the way South Indians were represented in that movie.He has made fun of South Indians before in his movies but this character was just insulting .I actually rooted for to kill his Character which he did in the end(Happy moment).Oh and Satish Shah why was he in this movie. Other than that movie and the songs(Bhare Naina and Jiya Mora ghabaraye) in it were ok.
    The one SRK movie that I did like was My Name is Khan. I think I’ve mentioned this before .The scenes in that movie were really good .


      • Oh totally gross agreed. But the way the South Indian characters were made fun of just too much.
        Nice post thanks for letting me vent my anger on that movie.
        Oh I forgot to mention how much I loved Rab Ne Bana De Jodi,Om Shanti Om,Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Darr.But you already know that I must’ve mentioned that on your blog a 1000 times.
        Oh I also did not like Don and Don2.Don the ending why was that and Don2 what was that.


  2. Zaamana Deewana song is with polish subtitles! I forgot how it feels to watch a movie without having to translate it in my head. And OMG how sexy this song is. I have never seen this video, and now I want to see the movie.


  3. I only watch the first half of Chalte Chalte; the second half makes me too sad. I skip around One2Ka 4 cause unlike you, Margaret, I like chunks of it. I skip all the fight scenes in most films cause the bore me. And I really can’t watch Trimurti and that ilk again. I’ll tell you what I watch over and over, especially when I’m sad or anxious: his interviews and speeches. They always make me happy.

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    • Me too! I love the way his voice sounds when he is talking naturally, he has such perfect diction and the words are always so well chosen, it’s almost like poetry.

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  4. It’s a pretty song, but Zaalima doesn’t belong in Raees, they should cut it out whole and transfer it to another movie. It’s in a different register than the rest of the film, and stuck in at a weird moment after they’re already married. Still trying to figure out how to fix that movie…

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      • It’s a puzzle! It should work, it has so much good. Shah Rukh’s performance is good, Nawazuddin is good. After seeing Fan, the fight sequences are not as quite good but they’re good enough to serve. The supporting performances are all really strong, and so is the story the movie is telling. We’ve complained about the romance track, but Mahira’s character plays an important role in grounding and humanizing Raees.

        I think one issue is that the script doesn’t do enough to make their relationship real – it’s that swoony vs. genuine connection problem you wrote about in your other post. They need at least one real conversation before Udi Udi Jaye (love this dance scene, it can stay!) to show how these two people complement each other, and that could be a reference point for their later married interactions, which mostly pop up as a way of stepping the plot forward (Raees installs phones to set up a delivery business – great scene but why is he worried about telling her and why does his deputy take her side and tell her the truth instead of following Raees’s lead?; Raees learns he’s having a son the same day his mentor takes out a hit on his life – great scene but why is he prickly with her when she brings up his father?; etc.). They didn’t take her character seriously as a real person and it hurt the movie. Mahira did her best with what they gave her but she had almost none of her own back story or depth written in.


        • If the marriage were stronger, it could also give us more sense of Raees beyond his gangster setting. We are told that he cares about the people around him and so on, but we don’t necessarily see that much of it.

          On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 12:49 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yes, exactly. We see the force of his personality and how it often overrides her, but not how it connects with his underlying morality (thinking about the phone scene and also at the end when he says he’s not going to run).


          • I think the story they wanted to tell was of a gangster and bootlegger who was secretly an old-fashioned Thakur type, looking after his people. He seemed violent and petty to outsiders, but if we were in his mind and his world, we could see that he cared for the people and was in fact noble in his own way. We needed Nawazuddin to provide the outsider perspective, but we didn’t quite get the insider perspective from an equally strong character.

            On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 1:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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