Happy Birthday Amitabh!!!!! With Every Year, You Get More Experimental and Here is Proof

Oops, I almost forgot Amitabh’s Birthday!  Oh well, better late than never.  And instead of reposting the same old annual post, I am going to do something totally new, a post of songs of Amitabh not being afraid to loosen up and have a little fun as he gets older.  While most men become more traditional and strict as they get older, Amitabh has become a little more wild and fun.

This is one of my favorite recent song videos.  They are just having so much fun together and you can tell (at least, I think you can) that Amitabh has known Farhan since he was a little little boy, and Farhan has known Amitabh as long as he can remember.  They aren’t a young actor nervous with a legend, or a dignified older actor being patient with a younger one.  They really love each other.


Something a little different for Piku.  The making of the cycling sequence, if I am following it correctly the director is saying that he went to meet with Amitabh to talk about the sequence, and Amitabh announced “I will cycle here, I will cycle here, I will cycle here”, he was ready with the areas he wanted and the shots he wanted and he wanted to be all over Calcutta.  So they set it up, and he was unstoppable, he just wanted to keep going, he loved it.


More people should watch Eklavya.  It’s not as good as it could be, but the characters are tremendous and Amitabh’s aging guard, going blind but still trying to maintain his dignity, watching over those he loves, is a unique and wonderful character.  He deserves the title role.


This is a recent movie, and one where he threw us a twist.  It was promoted as a fun silly role, and then halfway through suddenly it becomes as rebellious and painful and self-sacrificing as any classic Amitabh role.  While still wearing the silly wig and clothes and looking like the old man he is.


After a youth spent dominating his films until everyone else was thrown into shadow, in his age he has discovered the beauty of working with co-stars.  That seems to be the common theme through all these films.  And none better than when he showed up for a surprise cameo to support an old co-star.


And finally, I know his role in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom doesn’t work for everybody, but I love him as the wandering minstrel spirit of the diaspora.


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