Friday Classics: Eklavya, a Movie that Comes in Just at the Ending

Happy Friday!  I managed to get through the week somehow!  Well, almost, I’ve got one more day left.  But yesterday was the day when the staff went from 4 to 1 (me).  Today and Monday it will be back up to 2, and then by Tuesday it will be all the way to 4 again (woo).

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Next Friday Classic Announcement: Eklavya, The Royal Guard, A Late Birthday Present for Amitabh

Have you ever wanted to see Amitabh, Vidya, Saif, Sanjay Dutt, Sharmila Tagore, Boman Irani, and Jackie Shroff all in the same movie?  And all playing magnificent complex interesting roles?  Then, this is the film for you!

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Happy Birthday Amitabh!!!!! With Every Year, You Get More Experimental and Here is Proof

Oops, I almost forgot Amitabh’s Birthday!  Oh well, better late than never.  And instead of reposting the same old annual post, I am going to do something totally new, a post of songs of Amitabh not being afraid to loosen up and have a little fun as he gets older.  While most men become more traditional and strict as they get older, Amitabh has become a little more wild and fun.

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