Koffee With Karan: Episode 1, Alia and Dips and a Surprise SRK

I love you us.hotstar.com!!!!!!  I think I may have been able to watch this even before the India broadcast?  Anyway, get a hotstar subscription, all you people reading this!  It’s worth it!

It’s baaaaaaack!  Koffee time again!  So happy, so tired.  As usual, I watched it with my finger on pause and a notebook in my hand and I took a full 10 pages of notes.

First note, New Set!  There’s a new set every season, but the last few scenes have had a similar “living room” kind of look.  This season, he is returning to the look of season 3, more like a film set, a big entrance, curtains in the background, a big space without a lot of clutter in it.

Next note, the clothes (of course).  I don’t know about Karan’s suit, it feels a little like trying to hard.  Loud floral print, matching jacket and vest.  And no tie and unbuttoned collar.  It is, of course, perfectly fitted and all that.  But I still might have preferred a floral vest and plain jacket or vice versa.  This is just too matchy-matchy for me.  Although as a “costume” for a TV host it is also perfect, very distinctive especially against the plainer background.

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Karan than gives his introduction, not just for this particular episode, but for the whole concept of Koffee.  He reminds us that it is the longest running English language show  on Indian TV, and that it gets more viewers than he gets for his movies.  Which I kind of doubt, actually, but I can understand why he is phrasing it that way.  We think of Karan as a director/producer, and TV show host separately.  As he becomes more successful and powerful as a producer, it seems odder and odder that he is still hosting this show.  And in the same way, it seems very strange that these super famous and successful people keep coming on as guests.  So he is reminding us that, first, the show is at least as popular and will get them at least as many eyes on them as one of their movies might.  And second, that the show itself is an institution now, no longer just Karan’s little experiment.

Karan then moves on to gently acknowledge all the things that have happened in his life in the past year.  Starting with Bahubali, and a comment about how it has let him buy many nice suits.  A good thing to say about the past year, and also another subtle way of saying “I don’t do this show for the money you know, I really care about it”.  Oh, and he mentions nepotism but refuses to discuss it, just says that the word has started giving him a “nepospasm” whenever he hears it.  He is saying without saying “that’s it, topic closed, it’s not going to be coming up this year”.

And then, finally, the intro for this actual episode, all about girl power and box office power of Alia and Dips and so on, before they come out holding hands.  And, this was interesting, they didn’t know what was in the intro!  A reminder that in some ways this is still an unscripted show.  I am sure Karan wrote the intro in advance, but he didn’t share it with them, because it wasn’t their business, and they just assumed he would say something nice and didn’t worry about it.

Karan begins by talking about them as actresses and public figures, congratulates Deepika on Padmavat and gives her a chance to say what she felt about the controversy, she avoids it and Karan lets her, leaves it at a simple “there could have been more support” but also “many ties the industry has had to face these issues”.  As in, “I wish those who supported me privately could also have been public about it” but “I understand why they couldn’t”.

And then he moves on to Alia and Raazi, and Alia has a really interesting reaction.  She’s proud of the movie, doesn’t take credit for the success, but says what she is really proud of is that she got the script and thought “this could be a commercial film” but wasn’t sure so she didn’t say anything.  And that’s what she finds exciting, that she now has the instincts to possibly recognize commercial films even when everyone else says they won’t work.

Karan than announces he is done with that, but makes sure we noticed he started with talking about them as actresses.  Which is fine with me, we don’t watch Koffee to learn about films and so on, we watch it to learn about the people.  And that’s why people come on too.  But it’s okay he started this way, gives us a chance to see and understand them as actresses before moving on to seeing them as people.

And right away he comes to the theme he will return to over and over again, Dips and Ranveer’s wedding.  It’s clear from how Alia and Varun are talking that they know perfectly well it is about to happen, and Dips knows they know, and everyone is very happy and excited, but Dips is just a little bit shy about saying anything.  It starts with Karan and Alia teasing her about a “ceremony” that might be coming up, and her evading here.  It comes up again and again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is why she posted her wedding announcement today, knowing this episode was about to air.  Oh, and another moment showing just how unscripted this show is, Dips says something about Karan agreeing not to cover that, and then he keeps pushing anyway, so I guess those promises don’t mean much once the cameras are rolling.

Next topic, a bit out of date now, that photo from instagram of all of them hanging out together, Ranbir and Dips and Shahrukh and Aamir and Karan and on and on.  The conversation kind of weaves in and out as they discuss how it happened, but eventually the story comes together.  Ranbir and Karan and Alia were hanging out at Ranbir’s place, Karan suggested calling some people over, and then they all came, even after Aamir was all “I’m busy now” and so on, they just kept coming!

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Karan uses this as kind of an intro into the discussion of the whole complicated Ranbir dated Dips, now she is dating Ranveer and he is dating Alia but they all hang out together situation.  They both say that it feels comfortable and safe to hang out together now, no issues.  Dips is a little more emphatic, says it was in the past and this is the present and she is so happy with how things are in the present (implying that she and Ranbir are happy and better friends now than ever).  Alia says something a bit confused about how if there is ever any awkwardness, it is just because the conversation happens to be awkward, not the people.  Which, hmm, I guess she isn’t totally okay with everything.  Oh, and it also comes up during this that Alia calls Ranveer “ZuZu” because it is what Zoya Akhtar calls him, and Zoya calls Alia “LuLu”.

I’m gonna jump ahead in my notes a bit.  Later Karan asks Dips and Alia how they became friends.  And it turns into this confusing story of two years ago at IFFA they were waiting for the bathroom together and then had an impulsive trip to a Coldplay concert.  And then leaping ahead to remember that time they were all hanging out at Shahrukh’s house for a party, and then another time that Karan called them “home” (or Alia?  Not clear), plus they go to the same gym, plus there was that other time at a Diwale party and at Shahrukh’s birthday.  And Dips really loves Alia’s sister, even more than Alia, because they have “that thing” (referring to depression) in common.  What pieces together is a whole story of connections, people who work together and socialize together and know each others families and stories and secrets and everything else.  There is no special magic to why they are friends, they just spend a lot of time together.  In a way it sounds like a small town, every one knows every one else because you just keep going in circles around each other.  Zoya has a special nickname for Alia even though they have never worked together because she watched her grow up, Zoya has a special nickname for Ranveer because she did work with him even though they didn’t grow up together.  Dips is part of this group too, and she grew up completely separately, but now is a part of it.  And Shahrukh and Kat, mixed in with the rest, all of them different generations and inside or outside of the industry, but thrown in together and inevitably becoming close because they just see each other all the time.

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Karan’s stated goal with Koffee is to bring that connection out into the public, to let the people really know these actors just like he knows them.  And so after talking about that last minute casual party, he brings out another part of this, asking Dips why she and Ranveer are so obvious on instagram, and yet she has made no real public statement about him?  It’s a valid question, do movie stars not realize that their social media is just as public as a newspaper interview?  Why so obvious with one and not the other?  It’s something I hope Karan keeps up as a running theme this season, because it is ridiculous how the two are divided, the social media persona versus the formal one.

His simple trick here is just to pull up Dips and Ranveer’s instagram and highlight some messages between the two of them on the instagram images.  It’s fun, and it makes Dips laugh, she isn’t embarrassed, but it is odd how they do this “public” flirting but hesitate a bit about other public news.

Alia is much less calm when Karan pulls up her instagram and starts pointing out all the Ranbir photos.  Partly, I think, because it is still a new relationship so that is fair enough.  But also because she just isn’t as good as Dips yet at handling these things.  There are a lot of moments in this episode where I felt like Dips really showed her skill and sophistication, and one of them was the casual way she joked off all the loving instagram messages.  Alia wasn’t quite casual, defended the photo of the two of them at Sonam’s wedding as just a nice photo, that Ayan was right there with them as well (to which Karan points out they shoved Ayan out of the photo in order for it to be the two of them).  And then Karan and Dips both have a lot of fun pointing out how Ayan was used as a “safety”, if it was a photo of the three of them, or Alia posting a photo of Ranbir with Ayan, then it was all of them hanging out and nothing wrong with that.  And then Karan and Dips really started to laugh, pointing out that Ranbir has a whole SERIES of these photos, Ranbir and Ayan and some girl, and only Ayan is the constant.  Which, HA!  Ranbir can’t quite get away without being made fun of.

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And, commercial break!  Let us take a moment to look at the brand sponsors.  Google Home is the big one, and it includes Karan doing awkward things like saying “Google Home, tell me the questions for the rapid fire round”.  There’s also Jaguar, L’Oreal, Audi.  This is not a low income kind of show, they are expecting people with a lot of disposable money.  Karan may say more people watch it than his movies, but not really, it’s just wealthier people who watch it.

Post commercial was the whole conversation I already went over about all the ways Dips and Alia are connected.  And then, finally, the first game!  I am sure Alia and Deepika relaxed a little, that’s what Karan’s games are for, to give you a break from having to think of witty things to say and let you just give the easy answers with all his straight lines.

The first game was a new one, and I don’t know if it will work that well.  Karan says something, and you have to point to yourself or the other person as someone who did it.  Alia immediately asked if you could point to both, Karan didn’t allow it, but that made it kind of boring.  If it was an embarrassing thing, you would always pick yourself (partly not to be mean, and partly because you couldn’t know that about the other person).  The game picked up a bit once they started pointing at Karan, that gave them both a soft target and someone they knew really well.

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The first question was who is going to get married first, Dips wimped out and pointed at Alia instead of herself, and both Karan and Alia called her on it despite her protests, Karan even came back to it at the end to force her to be honest.  The marriage thing was definitely what Karan wanted to be the big take away of the episode.

What surprised me was how open about her sexuality Alia was.  In her previous appearances she played it a little young.  Not inappropriately so, but with Shahrukh there was discussion of her “dating” but no details, and her first episode was all extremely babyish.  This time, she acknowledges being in the mile high club, having a Friends With Benefits arrangement, and having a rebound relationship.

Oh, and the other thing to file under “these people know each other way too well” is that it comes out that Karan told Dips about his babies before anyone else, including his mother.  It was just random, he got the phone call from the doctor and then she came by right after while he was still so emotional.  That comes up because Dips points to herself as someone who can keep many secrets.

And then, finally, rapid fire!!!!!  Neither Dips nor Alia are very good rapid fire players, I didn’t make a note of anything super-uper juicy.  There was one moment the camera work tried to make juicy, Karan gave Dips the impossible question of if she would rather be cheated on and know about it or remain ignorant, she said “know about it” and the camera zoomed over hoping for an Alia guilty reaction shot, but no luck.  Another interesting one, Karan gave the challenge of naming a thing you love, a thing you hate, and a thing you tolerate abotu various people.  For Ranbir, Dips picked “doesn’t get upset, doesn’t show emotion” as all 3.  Which tells you a lot about their relationship and why she is so much happier with Ranveer (for Ranveer, the thing she tolerates is his fashion).

One of Dips’ last questions was “movies or babies?” which got a hisssssss from both women.  Because that’s the real problem, that’s why Dips is being so cautious with her marriage news, it is always seen as an either-or situation.  And marriage is seen as meaning babies, imminent babies.  Dips solves it by saying “babies while doing movies!” which got cheers from all.

And then a new game, based on a google poll (Google Home!), what the viewers want Dips and Alia to do is sing a song, Alia to sing a Ranveer song and Dips to sing a Ranbir song.  Alia goes for “Laal Ishq”, which is fine, although Dips has to help her with the words a little.  And then Dips sings “Channa Moreya” and Alia joins her and it is just lovely.  Not as a funny game on a talk show, but just a lovely moment on its own, two nice voices singing a beautiful song together.  Strangely lovely, doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the episode.

(It’s such a melodic song)

And then the final challenge!  Something totally new and very interesting, Karan gives them a quiz show and tests, many of which involve their phones.  It’s a way of interacting with the virtual space and social media during a TV show, very clever, and also a way of (again) seeing them as real people, the actions behind all those social media posts we see and think of as fake.  The first challenge is to post a photo on instagram and see who gets more likes.  Dips is smart, gets Karan in her photo.  It’s a clever trick, better for promoting the show and long term popularity.  Even if Alia ends up winning the round, it is Deepika’s photo that will be more longlasting, used over and over again to represent this episode.

Karan gives them a series of questions like “Cricket player, biker, loves animals” to see if they can guess.  Dips is better at this too.  Although, she is supposed to be better, Alia got the rapid fire hamper, Karan always structures it so the other person can win the other prize.  There’s also a hilarious game of guessing the actor from their torso.  I love how practical Alia and Dips are at this one, they don’t see these men as sex objects, they see them as co-stars and tells of their trade.

And then, FINALLY, Shahrukh!!!!!  Karan’s last challenge is for each of them to call another actor on their cell phones and get that person to say “Hi Karan!”  Alia immediately starts scrolling through her phone, but Dips is frustrated because she doesn’t have those numbers on “this phone”.  I assume Dips has a personal cell and a more professional one.  On this, the personal one that has her instagram account, she says she only had Alia’s number.  I assume that is because Dips was doing this today and needed the number to coordinate.  So at first she just calls Alia, both trying to get her to say “Hi Karan” and tying up her phone so she can’t call anyone else.  But just as Alia finally gets through to Sonakshi, Dips gets through to someone too, “Shah”.  Alia starts calling out to him over the phone as well “Shah!  Shah!”  But he is confused and doesn’t say “Hi Karan” right, so Deepika hangs up on him.  But says he was alarmed, asked her “what’s happening, are you okay?”

So, here’s what I got from that.  First, both young women have a very warm and casual feeling towards him, excitedly calling out “Shah! Shah!”.  Second, even on her special private no other numbers phone, Deepika has Shahrukh’s number.  Which could be because they are very close, or could be because she just randomly put it in at one point when they were working together, or could be because Shahrukh is her prime contact in the industry and the one person she always wants to be able to reach.  Oh, and third Shahrukh is a very nice confused man who picked up the phone as soon as Dips called him only to hear a lot of screaming and confusion and ask “Are you okay?” and then get hung up on.

There’s really nowhere for the episode to go from there.  Karan always knew it would be the closer, whoever they got on the phone it would be exciting to have another famous person referenced.  So he gives the second prize to Alia also (for once he wasn’t able to maneuver to split the prizes between the two guests), and has them sign their coffee cups, and ends the show in the usual slightly hurried and unplanned way.

Oh!  I forgot one more important thing!  I’m not sure if I liked the outfits on the women.  Great for TV, Alia was in sparkly black with white stars, showed up great under the dim lighting, and was a nice contrast with Dips all in white.  However, I think I could do without Alia’s ribbon skirt and Dips’ little waistband instead of straight line.

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28 thoughts on “Koffee With Karan: Episode 1, Alia and Dips and a Surprise SRK

  1. She had no numbers in that phone but Alia’s. I think its way cooler than that. I think she knows “Shah’s” number by heart. Maybe all his friends do so its not written anywhere and can’t be purloined. That was my favorite bit, but I actually really enjoyed the show. I’m way less interested in seeing Akshay even though hes with Ranveer.

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    • I could see that theory. Maybe it is her “outside” phone? so she never stores numbers in it besides the ones she is using right now (like coordinating meeting up with Alia) and then clears it out in case it gets left somewhere or someone finds it? If it was her private phone I would think it might have the immediate person on it, and maybe Ranveer and her parents or something. I like your idea of Shahrukh’s number being memorized though. Also might explain why he picked up, if it was his private only people who memorized it had then of course he would pick up. Otherwise it almost feels coordinated, because what are the chances of him picking up.

      On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 6:38 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I renewed my hotstar just to watch it! That was nice and easy and it was up super fast. Overall, a fun first ep of the season. I really liked Deepika in this one, makes me like her even more. She’s finally able to show her true and very charming personality. I feel like in the past her romantic dramas, her honesty about her depression, and her career insecurities just overshadowed her and she’s clearly an intelligent, funny, and sweet woman. I also think she’s just in a great moment personally and her happiness about the wedding just came shining through. And I think when Karan revealed that moment about telling Deepika about the babies first shows how much people in the industry respect and trust her.

    On the other hand, Alia seemed a little forced to me, like she was trying to be older than she is. I have enjoyed her charming goofiness and self-deprecation in the past and now she just seems a little out of her depth for some reason. Still enjoyed that moment when she was fighting over the point about a family picture when they were playing that game. She still has a bit of that bratty, spoiled rich girl thing and it’s pretty entertaining but never gets too obnoxious. In the mentions of Katrina, she was very cautious and she clearly alluded to having feelings for Ranbir even before he and Katrina broke up during the pointing game.

    Ranveer is annoying on talk shows and Akshay hates them, so the next episode should be fun. Not.


    • Deepika was so charming! It was interesting with Alia and Karan talking about how she seems so focused and dedicated while she is working, and then will be so fun when she isn’t. Maybe that’s what it was, she isn’t working right now and usually she is only on talk shows and so on when she is working and very dignified and focused on her work. But in this she just seemed happy and casual. And I love the way Alia and Karan kept teasing her about the wedding, because it felt so good spirited, not trying to get a “gotcha” moment, but just so excited for her. I wonder if that is what they talked about during the commercial break?

      Agree about Alia. She also seemed very careful of her face, aware that the camera was going to be looking at her during the reaction shots. I can sympathize, because she has to convince us that she is friends with Deepika and dating Ranbir and all of that. I mean, I believe she is, but until now she has seemed part of the younger crowd and now she has to make the public believe that she is one of the “grown-ups”. The mile high club and so on also felt a bit too much. Especially since she has spent the years from 17 to now pretending that she isn’t dating anyone. So, either she has been lying to us all along, or she had a friends with benefits thing and a mile high club thing and so on before she was 17. Just not a very well thought out roll out of her new persona.

      I will watch the next episode just to see what Karan says about what Ranveer is wearing.

      On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 7:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I watched only until the first ad-break. So very happy for Deepika&Ranveer. Deepika was positively glowing in happiness & at peace. Not her usual over-articulation & without fillers like ‘I think,i think,ummm,ahhhh’.In contrast there seemed to be a persistent effort from the host to establish Alia & Ranbir as a couple. Karan was selling it hard, like shoving it in our faces with pics, giving his own commentary,innuendos etc. And the whole Deepika-Ranbir thing is 10 years old.why bring it up again & again if not to reinforce Ranbir as the ladies’ man & make some sort of forced awkward situation with Alia. I dare if he will ask about Ranveer to Anushka or about Shahid to Kareena. The way Karen tried to establish Alia with Deepika-from box office power to dating to relationships-as an equal or a successor makes Alia seem very wannabe-sque.Alia & Deepika don’t have anything in common. I like the episode that had Katrina & Anushka from last season that had two girls sharing a genuine rapport & having some fun in each other’s company.


    • This whole Ranbir Alia thing is Karan’s idea to promote Brahmastra. I think in last Dec, Manish Malhotra said that Ranbir and Alia would be the “hookup of the year” on Neha Dhupia’s show. It’s pretty obvious, their families are in it too, which is why Neetu is always commenting on Alia’s pictures or in her pictures.


      • I don’t know, I’ve kind of come around to believing in it as a real thing. But I think it is also a real thing that Karan is helping Alia to promote as part of his managing her career. He was pushing it hard on the show, and pushing Alia as an adult instead of the little baby she usually plays, I think to help people get used to seeing her that way and accepting the relationship.

        On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 1:34 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • So not only he puts her in all his movies, but helps her to look good in talk shows and tells her who she should date . Does this girl decide something on her own?


          • I’m okay with it, most celebrities have a PR team and a manager and a stylist and all that, Alia just has all those things rolled into one person.

            And I am voting for him not deciding who she dates (although I am sure he has opinions), but definitely helping her figure out how to present to the public who she is dating.

            On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 9:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • You missed the bit later where Dips and Alia talk about their friendship, and that did seem genuine to me. Especially because they weren’t trying to oversell it, just saying that they like each other and hang out a fair amount and see each other at parties. Not like big 300 people parties, but like little 6 people parties.

      I agree about Dips! It was a great episode for her, she came off very charming and at peace and confident. Alia, not so much. I think she did better when she was on with Shahrukh last time and they could play her up as kind of the baby of the group with Karan and Shahrukh talking over her.

      I’ve come around to (reluctantly) believing in the Ranbir-Alia story. But I agree that Karan was shoving it into the show. I think Alia is trying to rebrand herself a bit as an adult, partly because of the Ranbir relationship, and Karan was trying to help. Lots of innuendo and adult humor, plus having her own with Dips in the first place instead of with someone more in her age group (Varun, Sid, Shraddha….). And I think they had Dips on with her because they couldn’t have Kat, if that makes sense? Bring out the ex with whom Ranbir has the best relationship and who has the fewest regrets and hope we forget that other one who may have a bit of a stickier time of it with this whole Ralia thing.

      On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 11:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Omg Deepika has a gorgeous body. I never really noticed her curves but she looked great in that dress, with all the curves in the right places. And did you see the Instagram post where Ranveer and Deepika announced their wedding?


  5. I felt the show too shallow ish to be honest.
    I agree that it’s a gossip show and the shoot was done b4 the metoo started but it came across to all as the so called bollywood elite is away from all this and only care about who is dating whom etc. Like typical upper class snobs.

    Also the choices for best actor/actress Sara/janvi/arjun/Sid and no mention of ayushman/rajkumar/Vicky .

    Taking nepotism to another level.


    • I’m pretty sure everyone cares about who is dating whom, at least if they care about gossip at all, whether they are famous people or your neighbors.


      • Yes, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that counts. She dates this guy, and he is seeing that other girl, and who from our very restricted group is the most handsome – it looks like things kids in high school, and not adult “artists” talk.


        • I don’t know, if I turned on Koffee and it wasn’t all very gossipy I would be angry. Personally, I don’t watch Anupuma or Rajeev or any of the others because I have no interest in blah-blah about them being artists. And based on the ratings and attention given to Karan versus the other shows, I think most people feel the same way.


  6. I watched it this Sunday morning Pacific time, just googled “kwk deepika alia” and several sites had it (probably illegally) with no ads or viruses.

    Why were these two paired together? The Ranbir connection just feels too tawdry, plus it dilutes deepikas career and accomplishments by defining her primarily by a ten years old one year long relationship, not to mention disrespecting ranveer. Because my mind didn’t go there, I assumed that they were paired together for being the two women leading the two highest grossing female led films this year, Raazi and Padmaavat, though I personally think Padmavat was more a tri-starrer ala Rangoon.

    Deepika really let her hair down, literally and metaphorically. She seems like she’s in a good space in life and unafraid to show it and enjoy it. Good for her, it’s well earned and well deserved.

    Honestly I feel that deepika deserved her own episode, or at least a solo portion to start before adding alia or whoever. Decade long career, interesting career arc and growth, variety of films, gossip grabbing love life, mental health advocacy, fight with the media re obsessive focus on body parts, the vogue empower my choice video – interesting enough person & choices to fill one episode on her own, and at a high point in her career and personal life, and thus deserving of her own episode.

    [I meant to nominate DP in your post about feminist actresses in BW but I forgot to, so nominating her here for the above reasons. Both for furthering her gender’s issues and for not letting her gender hinder her in furthering issues, like mental health. Maybe not the “most” feminist, but certainly feminist in her own ways, basically owning and utilizing her own power].

    But probably pairing her with a younger woman gives her someone non threatening to play off of, she’s probably comfortable with that dynamic because her own sister is also quite a bit younger and self possessed like alia. (There is a neha dhupia episode with DP and sis, and honestly the sis seems very intelligent, forthcoming, articulate, well spoken, and comfortable in her own skin).

    This episode did alia no favors, other than showing her in a slightly more serious and mature light. I don’t want her to grow up too fast, I kinda enjoy the bubbly self deprecating youthful spirit, at some point she’ll be too old to behave like that, so she should milk it now for all its worth. Clearly it didn’t stop people from watching her in highway, udta Punjab, or raazi, so it’s not like her personality needs to match up to the seriousness of her career.

    I didn’t understand why alia won the hamper(s)? I thought that DP was more honest and daring, more daring than she normally is, more daring than alia was this time around, and she was given more daring questions. Just her one answer to what she first notices in a man alone should have won her the prize.

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    • Starting at the bottom, with the hampers, I am positive that Karan tries to swing it so that one guest wins the hamper and the other wins the bonus prize. So I am guessing he gave Alia the hamper and then planned to make sure Dips won the other game, only there were too many objective moments that Alia won (especially the phone call), so she ended up with both. Really, he underestimated Alia! Gave her the hamper so she wouldn’t feel bad when she lost the game, and then she surprised him by winning the game. Anyway, that’s what I’ve noticed over the course of many many episodes. If it’s on that kind of line where it could go either way, Karan will try to direct it so they both win something. Often with the collusion of his guests, if Shahrukh is on with someone he will almost always win the rapid fire, and then he and Karan will kind of work together to make sure the other person wins the game.

      Agree about Alia, she was far more charming in the game section when it felt like she was surprised into being herself than in her somewhat careful answers. Which is of course why Karan puts in the games, to force these people to get out of themselves a bit. But usually Alia is all relaxed and comfortable straight through, not just in the games. I hope she gets through this awkward growing pain period soon and figures out how to be bubbly and also mature.

      Agree about Deepika, now that you have pointed it out. I am sure the thought was to put the two highest grossing actresses of the year together, giving Dips a place to shine instead of competing with an actor and giving Alia her proper place as a top actress. But it ended up making Dips look less respected by sticking her with someone from a younger generation and making Alia look like she is trying too hard to grow up. Dips and Anushka would have been far more interesting. Or better yet, Dips and someone like Shahrukh or Akshay, give her status equal to a male star. I think she is big enough now that they wouldn’t over shadow her.

      Although, as you point out, it could also be that having Alia there let her relax. I think this version of Dips could have easily held her own opposite a male star, but I am not sure if we would have gotten this version of Dips if she had been with man on the couch.

      Agree about all the other things Karan could have dug into, but I wonder if he was warned off? They barely brushed at Dips’ mental health issues, that could have been a moment to bring it out, but neither of the women wanted to go there (I guess Alia’s sister has issues as well?). And Karan gave Dips an opening to talk about the Padmavat controversy, and she sort of skated around it.

      I don’t know if we will ever see it, but I would love a Koffee episode where someone goes for those openings Karan gives them, because he always gives a chance for some professional talk, and usually people kind of skip by it quickly and hurry towards the personal. I think Sonam and Kareena’s episode came closest of the ones I have seen, with discussion about the struggles to get Veere made. It’s funny, the show is based on him tricking people into making reveals and so on and so forth, but it’s really a very safe environment, this is not the place where Alia is going to be asked “what do you think about Raazi not going to the Oscars because it was seen as pro-Pakistan?” or Dips “What do you think of Hinduism after being so criticized for Padmavat?” or anything like that.

      Of course, the audience won’t be surprised by those questions either. If you are watching Koffee, you know it will just be a good time.

      Oh, and that’s what I did last year! There were loads of websites that had the episodes, and then a week later when I tried to pull them up to show my friends, no luck. It’s very time sensitive. Although, it could be time sensitive on Hotstar too, I think last year they only had 3 episodes up at a time, and then would pull the oldest one every Sunday when they put up the new one.


      • Hmm I think she answered the padmavaat question. It seems like she thinks there will always be extremists and protesters, but the problem as she sees it is the lack of definitive response by the police, the courts, and the politicians.


        • I think she answered it, but she didn’t take the opening to make that what the episode was going to be about. Which I appreciate, I have no need for another long discussion of Padmavat and censorship. But the opening was there for her to say more if she wanted to, or to turn it around and ask Karan or Alia a related question and get their opinion or anything like that.

          On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 3:46 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. Deepika was so sassy and mature in the interview, that was lovely! Alia came off as trying too hard. Looks like Alia-Ranbir ship isn’t doing as well as KJo’d have liked, so he got Deepika to “endorse” it, at least that’s what it felt like. Especially with both of them made to sing each others’ boyfriends’ songs. Like the girls don’t have songs of their own – thought that was really dumb.
    Alia always does better when she appears with people her own age, here she looked entitled and silly in places. Her reaction to who Sidharth Malhotra was dating was lol


    • Yeah, singing the boyfriend’s songs was really stupid, you’re right.

      Ooo, interesting idea with Dips “endorsing” Alia and Ranbir. It was strange that there was as much focus on A and R as D and R considering D and R have been together for years and are about to get married and A and R are nothing special yet.

      What was the Sid response? I don’t remember!


      • Yeah exactly R and D have been together for 5-6 years it felt odd they were trying to compare the two.
        Sid response was Alia going “I don’t know who he is dating” with a why should I even bother expression. Just thought it was funny


        • Of course, that’s the odd thing in general, A and R are already spending time with each others families and on and on, and it’s been like months at the most that they have been together. It’s a relationship on fast forward, I don’t like it. Maybe just personal preference, but R and D going from new love to settled and serious to finally making a sane reasoned decision to get married makes way more sense to me than this rush to the alter.


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