Shahrukh Birthday ReRun! 18 Costumes

Outfits!  Although I am going to try to actually rank them, so that will give you something fun to argue about in the comments.

19. I know it’s iconic and helped him make his mark and all of that, but no.  Just, no.Related image

18.  It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s in character, and I still hate it.

Image result for shahrukh duplicate

17.  My reaction is similar to Madhuri’s.  Mouth covering horror.

Image result for shahrukh overalls

16. This is why I can never fully embrace “Suraj Hua Madham”.  Kajol looks amazing, Shahrukh looks like he borrowed a shirt from my grandmother.  Only she would have worn something underneath.

Related image

15.  There is a certain sentimental fondness for the 90s faux-Armani suits.  But setting aside the emotional feeling for them, they are just TERRIBLE.  There’s a way to do baggy where it looks on purpose, and there’s a way to do it where it looks like an unfortunate accident, and this is the second.

Image result for shahrukh suit young

14.  Ah!  That’s better.  Take the jacket off, the shirt is still too big and the tie too wide, but it’s not terrible.

Image result for shahrukh khan kuch kuch hota hai

13.  There was a time in my life, when I thought this was perfection.  But then I grew older and wiser and realized that a sweater on top of a sweater is just STUPID.

Image result for shahrukh sweater


12.  I know the first half of Kuch Kuch is iconic for bringing western casual wear to Hindi film, and Shahrukh does look cute in it, but still no.

Related image

11.  And yet, all the way back in his very first film, he had already found an outfit he would always look great in.  The simple uniform.

Related image

10. Slightly better in his second famous take on it.

Image result for shahrukh uniform

9. And peaking in his third.

Image result for shahrukh uniform

8.  Really anything standardized and tailored is good, especially when he puts his own twist on it, like the tuxedo in “Chammak Challo”.

Image result for shahrukh chammak challo

7. The simple blazer over white shirt in Chak De.

Related image

5. Or his best looks, the traditional kurta.  Casual in Raees.

Image result for shahrukh kurta

4. Formal in Kal Ho Na Ho.

Image result for shahrukh kurta

3. Top 3!  Dear Zindagi, the casual linen look.

Image result for shahrukh dear zindagi

2. Jab Harry Met Sejal and the shirts that can barely stay closed and the jeans that are just the right amount of loose.

Image result for shahrukh jab harry met sejal phurr

  1. And finally, I know it’s not the most objectively flattering outfit, but it is his most iconic, important, memorable, everything else outfit.

Image result for shahrukh ddlj


5 thoughts on “Shahrukh Birthday ReRun! 18 Costumes

  1. The suit may not be amazing in #15, but I’m enjoying the angle. Dat a**!
    You posted an outfit the other day that confuses me. The green shirt inside a green shirt with jeans from Dilwale. Who in real life ever wears 2 shirts like that? But that color green looks so good on him, and the jeans are good too. See? Confusing.


    • His green shirt in green shirt reminds me of the 90s when he was always wearing the blue shirt inside the blue jacket with the blue tie, or beige beige beige or red red red, or whatever it was.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoever put together his wardrobe for JHMS deserves an award. Who would have expected that he would look his most handsome on screen ever in his 50s? Dear Zindagi is a close second.

    For his best young handsome look, it would have to be 1 2 ka 4, an odd little movie that had him looking his best. That song, Khamoshiyaan, with Juhi where he’s walking on cliffs and in jungles is just wow.


    • I have a soft spot for the 1 2 Ka 4 costumes as well, although I don’t like the movie as a whole. the button shirt, jeans, and shoulder holster look is really good on him.


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