Raees Full Coverage Index

Another Index finished!  And I think this might be the last one?  Because Bahubali is already indexed, and there hasn’t really been anything else that big this year.

Theme Posts

Raees and Qurbani and Laila

Raees and Ram-Jaane

Raees and Tezaab and Garba

Raees and Humsafar and Mahira Khan

Raees and Don

Raees and Deewar



No Spoiler Review

Mini-Spoiler Review

Spoiler Review


Scene By Scene

Part 1: The Beginning

Part 2: Through the First Song

Part 3: Shahrukh Meets His Match

Part 4: A Muharram Movie

Part 5: Through to the Yatra

Part 6: It All Starts to Go Downhill

Part 7: The End!



How Raees Should Have Ended

23 thoughts on “Raees Full Coverage Index

  1. I am still sad that this movie could not get an Eid-release…just because of that I wish he would never work with Ritesh again (too bad for Don 3…or maybe he can do it on his own)


    • According to something I read, it was Shahrukh who made the final decision to move from Eid, because Yash Raj needed it for Sultan. And he felt bad that Fan had done so poorly for them.

      But I agree completely, this movie really needed an Eid release, it’s the most Muslim film he has ever done and if the release date had indicated that, it might have found a better audience.


      • Ritesh had come to know beforehand that Aditya wanted the Eid release in a private phone call (asking en passant), then he immediately made publish poster/teaser with the EID date. Much later ShahRukh got to know about that call…then Ritesh made publish the Independance Day (with then two movies to clash with) although there was a date one week before Eid in the discussion (1st of July). So there was finally a lot of time at hand and ShahRukh wanted to profit to reshoot some scenes and to add a romantic song…Then came the ban for Pakistani actors and Ritesh told in a promotional interview that of course they would make Mahira come to India for the promotion…Farhan did not really invest himself in the production process…it was ShahRukh who got the whole flak.
        That’s why I don’t want him to work with Ritesh ever again.

        Neither with Farah, btw…she exploited the slapping of Shirin.

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