Monday Classic: Band Baaja Baarat, the First of the New Wave of YRF Movies

Here’s a random review!  Shahrukh’s birthday/Diwali is not a good time to also have a series of work disasters.  So I am writing a review of an interesting movie that I watched ages ago and I know other people are really eager to discuss.

Such an interesting movie!  A lot of things that were new about it, but I think the biggest “newest” part is that it is set in Delhi.  Or, more accurately, “Dilli”.  Not the Delhi of the big landmarks and location shooting, but the “Dilli” of the places that people actually live, the language they actually use, the dreams they actually have.

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This is a movie no one particularly wanted to make.  Maneesh Sharma wanted to make Fan, but Adi told him he wasn’t ready, so he came up with this idea instead.  Ranveer was holding out for a big break movie, after studying drama in America (minor in theater from Indiana University, which means he has about 6 times as much acting training as Ranbir Kapoor by the way, despite all Ranbir’s talk about being a serious artist and Ranveer playing himself off as just in it for fun).  Anushka had her big break movie and her big flop movie and was willing to take anything on offer, even if it didn’t look that great.  So they all settled for this film and made the best of it.  And somehow it ended up being a better film than anyone could have expected, somehow shooting low worked.

That’s the key that the industry is only now catching up on.  Make a small film and a small story really really well, and you can end up with something better than a big film. Take all that energy you want to spend on the big film and pour it into a smaller container, and everyone will benefit.

It’s not just the energy, it’s the experimentation.  Anushka was a flop actress at this point (one hit movie that everyone credited to the male lead instead of her, and one flop).  Ranveer was a newcomer.  Maneesh Sharma was a first time writer/director.  Yash Raj took a chance on them because this was a small film and it didn’t really matter.  And they really took a chance on this story.  It had an odd interesting hook to it (wedding planning) but it was also a mixture of middle-class life and realism (small office, small houses, small dreams) and very forward thinking way of looking at relationships.  The hook was safe, the middle-class life was a risk since at the time middle-class stories grounded in location (instead of being in the amorphous undefined Indian culture of the very rich) were not necessarily popular.  And forward thinking modern relationships are almost never popular.  YRF took a big risk in a lot of ways with this film, because they didn’t think it would really matter, who would notice a new actor, a flop actress, and a tiny story set in Delhi?

The answer is, everyone!!!!!  BBB made a box office that, today, would hardly be noticed.  But at the time was stunning, far far exceeded expectations, started Ranveer’s career off with a wave he is still riding, and relaunched Anushka at a higher level than her first big name big budget movie had done.  Suddenly everyone was talking about this little rom-com with the fun plot and new actors.  And everyone was trying (and failing) to imitate it.

The movies that came after, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Daawat E Ishq and Break Ki Baad and others, they couldn’t quite capture that magic, the energy, the freshness of BBB.  And the specificity.  Maneesh Sharma and Ranveer spent weeks traveling in Delhi, getting the language and the accent and everything else just right, the other movies, they tried, but it just wasn’t that same level of dedication.  It’s not until now, years later, that the formula seems to be finally cracked.  The movies that are hitting now, Badhai Ho and Stree and Bareilly Ki Barfi, they don’t start with the romance.  They start with the place, that’s what makes them special.  Romance is good, romance is fine, but it is the little details of the place that make the films last in your head and your heart.  That’s what Band Baaja Baarat already knew, all those years ago, you have to start with Delhi, and go from there.  Everything else will fall into place.



And now you are thinking “this movie sounds great!  I should watch it!  Except, Margaret really hates it.  Why is that?”  Well, without getting into spoilers, I can tell you that Ranveer, our hero, does absolutely no emotional labor.  Anushka has to do everything for herself by herself in the whole relationship, and this is supposed to be “charming”.  Oh yes, I love little man-boys who avoid sticky emotional conversations and nurse their own petty hurts instead of trying to think of other people.  Super sexy!  I mean, it’s realistic and all that, lots of young men are like this, but it still makes me cringe at the “happy ending” because I think she would probably be better off without him.








Anushka is a very organized very planned middle-class girl from Delhi.  She finished college and now she wants to start her own wedding planning business.  Ranveer is a middle-class boy from a farm, he also went to college in Delhi and knows Anushka from around campus.  He is desperate to find a way to stay in Delhi instead of going back out to the family farm, and so begs to be allowed to share her wedding planning business.  They start out working as assistants for a top wedding planner who flirts with Ranveer and abuses Anushka.  Ranveer stands up for Anushka and they are both fired.  With Ranveer’s enthusiasm and encouragement, Anushka decides to take the leap and they start their own business.  Their first client has almost no money, but Anushka figures out ways to make it special with small local vendors working with them, and Ranveer brings in his band from college and helps lead the singing and dancing.  The wedding is a hit and word spreads, Anushka and Ranveer slowly grow their business, still in the same little store front and still using their local venders, and still keeping the feel of the fun middle-class Delhi wedding that is their ISP.  And then one night, after pulling off their biggest wedding yet, everyone gets drunk together, and then leaves until it is just Anushka and Ranveer alone together, and they kiss and then have sex.  The next morning, Anushka rushes home and starts talking to her parents about maybe getting married.  Ranveer is panicked that she will expect something of him.  They misunderstand each other, she hides her heartbreak, but they start fighting all the time at work.  Eventually they try dividing the business so they don’t have to interact, but they can’t create the same magic on their own.  They agree to come together for one last big job, a “Farmhouse” wedding with a massive budget, and working with her and learning that she has moved on and is now engaged to someone else, Ranveer finally sees he is in love with Anushka.  He pesters her and pleads with her, and she forgives him and comes around.

It’s a really wonderful movie in a lot of ways.  It treats Anushka and Ranveer’s business as something important, not just a plot point.  It really gets into the way that a decent wedding planner can change everything, can make your wedding a wonderful happy memory instead of a depressing debt filled mistake.  And the way small enthusiastic honest businessman can make a difference for everybody, Anushka and Ranveer take the wedding money and pour it back into the neighborhood, they aren’t looking for the fancy caterers and all the rest, they are doing a desi wedding in a desi style with desi workers.




And it treats Anushka and Ranveer as business people seriously.  Anushka planned this out for years, and her plans work, a young woman deciding on her career and caring about it is something important, not just a way of marking time until she falls in love.  And Ranveer may have decided to join on impulse, but his sense that he wants to stay in the city and will work hard if he only gets a chance, that’s important too.  He isn’t just marking time until he goes back to the ancestral home either.

From that, naturally, their business partnership with all its conflicts and eventually closeness rises up.  They don’t like each other, not at first, but they both really care about the business.  And eventually caring about the business makes them meet in the middle, Anushka gets some of the aggression and outgoingness from Ranveer as she sees the way he connects with people, he gets some of the detail oriented obsession from her as he sees what a difference it makes.  Most of all caring about the business helps them appreciate the strengths of the other person, makes them know each other more and better than anyone else in their lives, the other people who haven’t been through all the same struggles they shared.

It’s a wonderful different and yet familiar kind of romance.  This sort of “I hate you but I have to learn to work with you and eventually come to appreciate you and be changed by you” romance is one we see a lot in travel stories (DDLJ, JHMS, dozens of others) and in post-marriage romances (Roja, Bangalore Days, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Manmarziyaan, dozens of others).  But to see that same storyline set in a business partnership, that is unusual.  And is, in fact, a far better and more believable way to tell the story.  Working together in a business will throw you together for far longer than any travel storyline.  And it allows for the romance to develop naturally and without pressure unlike in a marriage story.

Also different is that the business keeps them together even when the romance falls apart.  Because they still care about the business, really truly care about doing a good job and making their clients happy and being fair to the other small businesses who rely on them.  It isn’t a simple matter of not being able to dissolve it, like Preity and Saif being trapped sharing a house in Salaam-Namaste, they both love the business equally and can’t bring themselves to cut it in half.  And thus, they have to work through their feelings in a different way.







In other romances, after the big fight, the heroine is hustled off to get engaged and the hero gets drunk and dances with an item girl or whatever, and they finally reunite when he has discovered he is in love.  That is a very unusual way for a relationship to work when you think about it, the biggest moments happening when they are apart, just based on memories. But in this film, they are forced to still be together, which is really much more realistic.  They come together again after a series of snips and anger, learning to get along, and only then (finally) discovering that they love each other after all.

All of this is wonderful and unique and special.  But, I can’t enjoy this movie.  And I am willing to hear arguments as to why I should, but I just have a really hard time with one part.

Anushka and Ranveer have sex.  And then Ranveer tries to pretend it didn’t mean anything, not just to him, but to her.

It’s the second part that bothers me.  This is a movie that does such a good job of drawing its characters.  Anushka doesn’t feel like someone who would have sex lightly.  And Ranveer doesn’t feel like someone who wouldn’t care that he just slept with someone who would not have sex lightly.  And both of them know that about each other, or should, after we see they have spent so much time in close quarters.

I like the overall idea, I like that they are two people who know each other so well and are so comfortable together and then sex enters the picture and they both flail around trying to adjust to this new reality.  It’s just the specifics of the flailing that feel so incredibly out of character for these two people that it takes me right out of the movie.

If Anushka had already decided she was in love with Ranveer, had miss-read an earlier signal from him to mean he might feel the same way, then had sex with him, and then built up a dream castle only to be disappointed, that I could understand.  She is someone who knows herself and plans carefully, she is not going to just fall into bed.  And if she does, she is going to take time to think instead of deciding she is in love all of a sudden.


But it’s Ranveer who I find much harder to reconcile with what we already know of him.  He isn’t a bad person, he truly cares about Anushka as a friend and a person he respects.  Yes he is sexually experienced, that’s fine.  And yes, he could have been very drunk and Anushka was certainly willing, so I could believe he somehow got past his own barriers and slept with her.  But the next morning he should know her well enough to know that this is a very very big deal for her.  And that to pretend it wasn’t is about the most hurtful thing he could do.  Everything we know about him up to this point, and everything we know he knows about Anushka, should force him to propose.  Or at the very least acknowledge that he should be proposing and he is sorry that he can’t.  And then he should be careful and quiet and cautious around her.  They do that for a little, and then as soon as she lets him off the hook, he grabs for it instead of still being cautious.  And as soon as she snaps at him at all, he immediately resents it like she is in the wrong.  Like he is the one who gave up his virginity, his future, his plans, instead of the other way around.

I just cannot forgive Ranveer for that!  I can’t do it.  He feels like a different person than I thought he was in that one moment.  And then in all the other moments after that when he tries to pretend that he is equally hurt, that Anushka is equally at fault.  It’s just not true.  They are both equally at fault for having sex, no problem there.  But afterwards, he knew perfectly well that was a much bigger thing for her than it was for him and he had to be the mature kind one.  And he chose not to, he chose to put that right back on her shoulders, all the growth we had from his character over the course of the film, the whole message of the hero and heroine as equals working together, thrown away.  Anushka was the one who slipped, Anushka is the one who has to find a way to get passed it, Anushka is the one who has to accept Ranveer’s abuse and blame, Anushka is the one who suffers because the woman always suffers and we forgive and understand the man who punishes her.

What’s so frustrating is that the ending is just as good as the first half.  By the time all the sniping is over and they are forced to work together, their characters have returned to what I thought they were.  Anushka has made a new plan, found a fiance, and decided that Ranveer was a mistake and a black mark on her life that she can erase.  It’s immature, but it’s a familiar kind of immature, the same kind she has been since the beginning.  And Ranveer is his same kind of immature too, impulsive but sincere.  He only realizes he is in love at the last minute, when she is engaged to someone else and it all seems to be over.  But once he makes his decision, he is in all the way, overwhelming and determined and sure of himself.





And most of all, it is a resolution that relies on the two characters knowing each other.  Ranveer, by the end, is absolutely sure Anushka loves him and knows that she knows that he knows.  They continue a little dance of getting there, but both of them know they will end up together in the end.

Which, retroactively, makes the post-interval part even WORSE!!!  If they are people who know each other so well that they can have this unspoken mutual confidence, than what the heck was Ranveer doing being so hurtful to Anushka?  Not having sex with her in the first place, but throwing it back in her face, laughing at the feelings he should have known she had.  Acting as though she had no right to express any feeling at all that might make him uncomfortable, whether it was love or anger.  Like his feelings were so much more important than hers just because they were his.

Like I said, I really just cannot get past the hamhandedness of how that one pivotal moment was dealt with.  It doesn’t ruin the movie for me, but it moves it from a toplevel guilty pleasure rom-com, to a “well it was a fun one time watch” rom-com.  And it would have been so easy to fix!  Simply make it believably less of a big deal, a passionate make-out session would still have been monumental for Anushka and would have been believable for Ranveer to think he could blow past it.  Heck, a monumental make-out session would be more believable just on the level of a girl who has never had any romantic encounters.  Anushka going all the way from “saving myself for marriage and has not/will not be touched romantically even to the point of a kiss on the cheek” to “had sex” in the course of a couple hours is not impossible, but seems a bit more far fetched than simply going to “passionate over the clothes make-out session”.  Especially since this is the most extreme and steamy sex scene I may have ever seen in an Indian film.  They go from one sweet cautious kiss, to porno music and gold lighting and naked skin, in a single cut!

It feels like they got a little too excited about the freedom of making this small unnoticed film.  Like they put in a sex plot point just because they could, without really thinking it through.  Compared to, for instance, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania where it made total sense.  A couple that had been dancing around the topic of sex for days, flirting and falling in love.  And who both knew there was a built in deadline, if they were going to do it, it had to be now.  And most of all, an narrative aftermath that required that kind of encounter, Varun had to be absolutely completely sure that Alia loved him even if she didn’t say it.  And Alia had to be absolutely completely sure that Varun was serious about her, not just flirting and looking for one night.  And sex did it, did it in a natural way that played out over the course of the film without ever needing to be mentioned again.






(It’s the same beginning, dancing with friends, staying up late, and then a hug that goes on a little too long.  But it is the culmination of so many romantic moments, so many times they have tested each other and considered the idea of sex.  And with a conversation acknowledging they may never see each other again after this one night, they both know what this will be going in.  And then it is one sweet shot of them waking up together, no steamy explicitness, and then never mentioned again, because sex really isn’t that important)

Or Socha Na Tha.  Where Abhay and Ayesha don’t even kiss, but instead stare into each others eyes, hold hands, embrace, and it is intimate enough that they both feel a line has been crossed.  Or Jab Harry Met Sejal, where their escalating decisions NOT to have sex are what drive the intimacy.  That might have been an interesting alternative route for this film, have Ranveer drunkenly reject Anushka in an effort to do the “right” thing, and that be what causes the embarrassment and anger and break between them.  That’s what happens in I Hate Luv Storys, a similar plot but one in which the heroine is far more in control of herself, and so it is easier to forgive the hero for misunderstanding.  Not to mention that his efforts to redeem himself and earn her forgiveness go on far longer.  And he certainly never gets angry with her just for falling in love with him!



(See, this kind of physical intimacy, that can be something meaningful to one person that the other could pretend meant nothing)


I’m really not a prude, or obsessed with sex, or anything like that.  It is that this film is so carefully made, and so well-made, except for that one moment which just feels like needless shock value in a way that is not true to the characters.  And poisons the entire film in a way that never really goes away.


27 thoughts on “Monday Classic: Band Baaja Baarat, the First of the New Wave of YRF Movies

  1. So so true! I just watched it. This was the second time for me, the first was long long ago in my early days of exploring Indian film. The whole thing with the kind of romantic love that Western literature and film have depended on is that each person has a fantasy about who they are and who is “right” for them. They meet and at first think “wrong, wrong, wrong” and then they realize that they are not who they think they are, and the other person is actually right. This is exactly what DDLJ and JHMS get right, and that this gets wrong.

    However. Anushka is so good in this. I love her more and more all the time. And I’m warming up to Ranveer, because his energy is great. (But no that tiny mouth, lack of dimples….eh).


    • Yes! You know what it is? The movie puts in a great deal of time and energy showing us what Anushka sees in Ranveer, why she appreciates him, and then it almost looks like Ranveer just decides to go with her out of pity? We never get a moment that shows him truly appreciating what is special about her. The closest is the moment towards the end when he is out in the rain trying to save her vision for the flowers. But otherwise it is all him “negging” her while she is increasingly pitiful, until he sees her sobbing and decides he is going to force himself on her because she will clearly be grateful to have him. And the strange thing is, the film itself seems to get how wonderful she is. And yet Ranveer doesn’t see it somehow? Maybe the fantasy is to be a lazy selfish guy and have this amazing woman fall in your lap?

      On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 7:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I just finished watching until the sex scene. I went to Einthusan because I can’t find it with subs on any streaming services I get. I can’t handle the post-coital conflict right now, so for tonight will think of this as just a happy love story. Just a couple of random thoughts. First, I’m so glad Ranveer and Anushka did this movie together, because it gave them a base to continue building their great chemistry in Dil Dhadakne Do. I hope they work more together. Second, I really really miss Anushka’s old face. By this movie she was past the puppy fat that she still had in RNBDJ, but pre-whatever procedures she had done. Sorry to be shallow but she’ll always look a bit off to me, as much as I like her as an actress. Finally, I like this movie better than Shuddh Desi Romance so far. That film felt really empty to me. I had a hard time caring about any of the characters. We’ll see how I feel about it once I finish it.


    • I love the Ranveer-Anushka chemistry in this. they were rumored to be dating at the time which I always think of as a compliment to their onscreen chemistry. For myself, based on their onscreen chemistry, not so much the sexiness but the comfort as scene partners, I could totally believe an onset fling that fizzled mutually afterwards.

      I’ll be interested to see your reaction when you watch the second half. I just rewatched the finale scene and it is pretty darn sweet, so you have that to look forward too. I am definitely extra sensitive to unbalanced emotional labor romances, so maybe it is only really bad for me and not for other people.

      Agree about Anushka’s face! Thank goodness she still has her expressions and all, no facelifts or skin tightening, but there is something that isn’t quite there any more. Maybe she had that nose thinning/eyes biggining surgery? Something subtle like that which removes a little personality without being obvious.

      Ranveer, on the other hand, is so much more interesting looking now! His face was so thin and young and weak looking, and now he looks like a person I would want to have a conversation with.

      On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 7:45 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • After watching them dance together at the weddings, I had to re-watch Pehli Baar. Everything about this song makes me happy. I just think Anushka got weird lip fillers, which have now subsided, but permanently altered her perfect wide mouth with bow lips. She’s still cute as heck though.


  3. I really liked this movie even though I do agree with you regarding Ranveer’s disturbing reaction to his liaison with Anushka. Part of the problem is, although Ranveer is a fun, appealing actor, he doesn’t match the depth that Anushka has. Even playing an effervescent, happy-go-lucky girl, there is an inner weight to her. She has a strong core, a gravitas that most younger actresses don’t have. I think that that is why she is so effective with older actors like Shahrukh. Although there is an age difference, there is an inner connection. Call it an “old soul,” connection.

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    • Oh really interesting point! I think you are completely right, we believe Anushka really “feels” what is happening to her in a way that it doesn’t feel like Ranveer does, you can imagine years of married life with her hiding away deep hurts that he never feels.

      I feel the same way about Deepika, it’s only there in flashes in Om Shanti Om (especially in the past sequences) but in Chennai Express I can really feel her kind of quiet depth. Which is brilliantly contrasted with Shahrukh’s surprising immaturity, until he finally grows up to meet her. You wouldn’t think the 40-something actor would play the immature one and the 20-something actress would play the mature wise one, but it makes sense. And, unlike in this film, Shahrukh’s character shows flashes of depth all along, and has plenty of time at the end to redeem himself.

      On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 7:54 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I disagree. Ranveer also thinks that the sex was serious and he is happy. Then he remembers what SHE had said to him: sex ruins relationships and she was steering clear. He thinks that is what she wants and she forgets how clear she was to him about it. That is the misunderstanding. He is trying to do what she said she wanted and she is baffled by that. At the end, she says “do I have to teach you everything?” But the truth is, he had to teach her.


    • I don’t know, he says that he knows she is acting differently and that she is in love with him. So it’s not that he thinks she thinks she made a mistake, he knows she is in love and decides for the both of them that they should focus on the business. And then is so willing to believe her lie that it was nothing just because it is easy for him. She is very obvious about her feelings and what she wants, and instead of having an adult conversation about it, he just lets things drift and drift. Forces her to have the adult conversation and make things easy for him. And then she snaps, and then he blames her for snapping. What really bugs me is that he is just so petty and angry about everything, despite being heart-whole and happy while she is heartbroken.

      I think you could read the film your way, and I really really want to because that is a far better story, but I’m just not seeing it. After a first half with a slow build and all these caring moments, in the second half he just doesn’t seem to feel anything for her until the very very end.

      On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 8:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • No its true. It’s repeated a couple of times in the film. The first time Anushka tells him she doesn’t want him as a partner because he might fall in love with her and ‘pyaar and vyapaar’ (love and business) don’t go together.
        He repeats it to his college friend whom he meets the day after he and Anushka sleep together – he repeats the exact words she told him and tells his friend he wouldn’t understand because he’s not a businessman. He just doesn’t want to try going down that road and destroy the partnership.
        And then again at the end when Ranveer reminds her of what she said and never unsaid and he of course took as Bible truth all along.
        He’s meant to be immature but not mean.


  5. What you said is true – Ranveer is extremely selfish and self centered but I think that is the character. There’re such guys everywhere. I love that last scene where she calls him out on it, she says “You think this world revolves around you, and everything is about you. It isn’t. Anushka was just fabulous in that scene. I was just rooting for her to not accept Ranveer though. Cos she grew so much, she has really outgrown him. But if they didn’t get together, the movie would’ve been like Shud Desi Romance where I really didn’t understand the point of the movie.


    • I was rooting for her not to accept Ranveer also! There was a recent movie (I won’t tell you the title so I won’t spoil it) that had a similar sort of selfish but sincere love interest, and she decided to get engaged to someone else for similar reasons (he didn’t seem committed, he kept breaking her heart, it was the sensible thing to do) and at the end she decides she really wants the nice guy she got engaged to, she gets over her first love and decides she deserves better. This movie couldn’t have done that, not the way it was structured, but it could have spent a little more time on Ranveer’s redemption. Like, if he had offered to plan her wedding because that’s how sincere he was in just wanting her to be happy even if it was with someone else, and only confessed his feelings at the last minute when he realized she still loved him.

      On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 1:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Hello, This is my first comment on your blog. I enjoy reading it. However, we seem to have very different views on how the big fight played out. There is no division of the business, instead she effectively kicks him out, telling him not to come to office from the next day as the partnership is over. If I see it from Ranveer’s POV, it seems like she is punishing him for not being in love with her by kicking him out, not only from the business, but also from his home, since he also lives there. That is what he calls her out on in the fight, for letting her heartbreak affect the business. Seeing from that POV, his reaction seems much more believable.

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    • Thank you so much for commenting! I love new comments.

      Really interesting point, that he betrays her heart but she betrays his business. I think if that was the point of the film, they needed to hit it a little harder. We had to see some pain from him as he felt like he lost his identity and his accomplishments when he lost the business, and instead all I saw was anger and lashing out. Anushka got these moments of being teary and heartbroken, with the camera giving us a close up of her face, but Ranveer never really got that.


      • I think it is because Ranveer seems more a doer than a thinker. That has been their relationship dynamic from the beginning. So when he is thrown out of the business he immediately jumps into setting up his own business instead of thinking about anything. I could see it clearly when that businessman asks them to work together for the wedding. He is about to agree, she refuses and leaves and then immediately he starts offering the man discounts.
        I think the problem as you mentioned is that they never show ranveer falling for anushka. Since the day he claimed they were partners, their business was all he thought about. I felt his sudden proposing to be out of character to be honest. I always felt a better ending would be them restarting the partnership with maybe them getting married to other people.

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        • I think you put your finger on why the very very end feels so right to me. Of course he would just call her fiance and end the engagement for her and then inform her that they should get married. He’s not going to hesitate, he’s just going to plow forward once he makes his decision.

          But I want more of that, if the film had gone on for another 15 minutes, if she had turned him down and he had gone on to work incredibly hard on the wedding and then told her he was shutting down the business and giving her a check for the full amount because it wasn’t any good without her, then I would be able to believe in his feelings. This just wasn’t enough, if he shows his feelings by what he does, then he needed to do more to earn her back. Heck, he first won her over by staying up all night to edit a DVD, he never did as much for her ever again.


          • I completely agree with you, the proposal at the end seems like he declared his love for her because it was the only way of getting his partner back instead of any genuine feelings for her. Maybe that is what it was for him.
            Also, about the doing things for her, that is something constantly seen throughout the film.Nothing as big as the DVD, but refusing to take the job at the planner without her, standing up for her, making sure she eats,etc. I felt he always lived up to the commitment he made as her partner. Just as time passed by, the gestures became smaller because he wasn’t trying to woo her anymore.


          • Yes, that is the big difference I felt between the first and second half. In the first half we saw over and over again how he was aware of her needs and willing to go above and beyond to fulfill them. And then it was like he had a personality transplant at the interval, suddenly he stopped doing anything for her.

            In the worst possible interpretation, it is as though once he saw her as a romantic prospect, he lost all respect for her and never really got it back. Because a woman in love is supposed to make the tea for her “man” and be always nice and smiling and never grumpy and so on.


  7. Hello, This is my first comment on your blog. I enjoy reading it. However, we seem to have very different views on how the big fight played out. There is no division of the business, instead she effectively kicks him out, telling him not to come to office from the next day as the partnership is over. If I see it from Ranveer’s POV, it seems like she is punishing him for not being in love with her by kicking him out, not only from the business, but also from his home, since he also lives there. That is what he calls her out on in the fight, for letting her heartbreak affect the business. Seeing from that POV, his reaction seems much more believable.


  8. I loved this film. He doesn’t give in to loving her because SHE warned him not to way at the beginning and the next morning he remembers that. Precisely because he does not want to ruin the business or HER ambitions that he backs off. What he can’t see is what her anger masks and that is common to all of us. I think he is not a cad, just that he took her words at face value and wasn’t mature enough until the end to look past that.


    • Hmm. Maybe I will rewatch the second half with that in mind and see if it works for me or if I am still furious with him.

      On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 10:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I finally watched the movie and have an opinion. It’s a well made movie, I liked it , but I wouldn’t put it on “the best of the decade” list.
        I also agree with Molly, and see Ranveer’s character like she sees him – he was inmature, but not mean, and not a bad person. I understand his reasons and that’s why I like the movie. Also the scene when he confronts Anushka, and she tells him that the world doesn’t revolve around him and she moved on is so well made, and Ranveer is so good. He looks shocked and I feel he changes in that moment and thanks to that he deserves that happy ending (few minutes earlier I wanted Anushka to marry her fiance). I couldn’t help but compare this scene with the one in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, when Ranbir discovers that Deepika has a boyfriend and suddenly he is in love with her. BBB is so much better.

        P.S I loved the sex scene. So beautiful.


        • Interesting point. I’d forgotten that there are so many false starts before the happy ending. There’s no one magical moment that makes Ranveer grow up all the way, and Anushka decide to take a chance on him.

          On Tue, Dec 31, 2019 at 4:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • It primarily shows me that Ranveer always maintained what he swore on the bread pakoda. That he would only be a partner and friend and nothing more.


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