Box Office: Badhaai Ho to Badhaai Ho, Bzzz to Bazaar

Is that clear?  I meant “bzz” like the “wrong answer!” buzzer on a game show.  Anyway, it’s not doing well, is what I am saying. (as always, numbers from bollywoodhungama)

Badhaai Ho first!  In America 82 screens in week 2, and $4,168 per screen!  Woo-hoo!  That’s like record breaking!  Okay, record breaking for a small budget Ayushmann film with a controversial topic.  And it’s the same good in other countries, 21 screens in Canada and $7,000 per screen.  20 screens in the UK and $2500 per screen.  20 screens and $7,000 per screen in Australia.  And 15 screens and $9,000 per screen in New Zealand (no idea, as usual, what is happening in New Zealand).

And then there’s Bazaar, bringing up the rear.  87 screens in America, surprisingly decent showing, but only $900 per screen.  Ouch!  In Canada 14 screens and $3,700 per screen.  In the UK, 36 screens and $1,300 per screen.  In Australia, 33 screens and $1,400 per screen.  In New Zealand, 12 screens and $1,300 screens.  So, highish number of screens every where.  Moderate box office in the UK (where $3,000 per screen is really good), bad everywhere else.  I would say “very bad” except that it is so much better than Namaste England.  Which is making less than $200 per screen on only 8 screens in the second week in America.  Oh well, at least Arjun has his enormous penis to comfort him.

The screen count is what I find more interesting than the per screen with Bazaar.  So, people still had faith in Saif, after his last film came close to a Netflix only release.  And he kind of sort of redeemed it, he is on the road up.  And from what I am seeing Bazaar is doing not spectacular, but not below expectations in India.  This is good, Saif has his big movie with Ajay coming up, and Bazaar had a decent release and not the worst box office ever.  Saif’s on his way back!  Maybe!  Tentatively!

Oh, and then there’s Nivin!  Kerala’s Ayushmann.  Who would have thought his film would be doing this well this long?  Weekend 4, it’s still on 22 screens and making over a thousand per screen.  Which is shockingly good for a Malayalam film in America.  This wasn’t supposed to happen, but we are going into the holiday season with the possibility that Ayushmann’s family comedy and Nivin’s Malayalam action movie are going to be doing more surprisingly good business than Vijay’s action film and Aamir’s adventure story.


2 thoughts on “Box Office: Badhaai Ho to Badhaai Ho, Bzzz to Bazaar

  1. I wish Nivin and Ayushmann would have more succes than Vijay and Aamir. It would be great, but I think that Vijay’s movie will earn a lot. Seems that a lot of people wait for his film, or at least it’s what twitter is saying. I don’t follow any Vijay’s fans directly but still see a lot of tweets about every single detail: poster, second poster, teaser, trailer, counting days to premiere.

    I feel strange excitment for Namaste England (and no, it has nothing to do with Arjun’s attributes, btw Ranveer spoiled Haathi Mere Saathi for me, because now, when I hear this title I see weird thing in my head).
    First I was like: maybe I will see it and maybe not. But the more bad things I read about it, the more excited and impatient I am. It’s a chalenge. I can’t believe it’s as bad as people say.


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