Savyasachi Review (No Spoilers): Naga Chaitanya is Cute but Madhavan is Cuter!

What a fun movie to watch on a lazy Saturday!  I spent most of the day in bed, and then zipped over to the movie theater (missing the first ten minutes of the movie), and then zipped back home and now I get to write a fun little review of a fun little movie.

Not the best movie in the world, but not the worst!  Most important part, Naga Chaitanya has now successfully mastered his father’s crooked smile.  Still doesn’t have the mustache or the overall Nagajuna swag, but the smile is good.  Maybe he will grow into the rest of it.  Second most important, Maddy is looking all cuddly again.  Either this was filmed first, or he already gained back the weight he lost for Vikram-Vedha.  He’s just plain huggable in this!

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Besides the two stars, there are some mid-level song numbers (not super imaginatively filmed and not super catchy tunes), a heroine who is very skinny with great hair, and a couple of interesting twists on the plot.  Oh, and Bhumika Chawla!!!!  Not as good a role for her as in MCA, but along the same lines, strong and interesting character, saintly but not dull.  But all in all, not a movie I would necessarily say you had to go out of your way to see.

But also not a movie to go out of your way to avoid.  It’s just a good midlevel Telugu film, which means it is a surprisingly high level.  There’s a full-fledged romance, multiple high quality fight scenes, a great hero’s backstory, and a great villain.  Plus an adorable little girl, an interesting few set pieces, and two major stars.  Way more than you get in the average Hindi film nowadays!

That’s what I enjoy about this film.  It feels like they put effort into it, the performances and the songs and everything, it wasn’t done just with an eye towards some mathematics of box office, it was done because they were having fun and wanted to do their best.  Okay, they put effort into everything but the final draft of the script.

The basic idea is good, there is just sooooooooooo much filler!  I can see the idea, they wanted to mix romance and comedy and action in a nice masala.  But rather than coming up with some organic way to do it, they just threw in random moments with no particular logic or thought.  The “real” plot was the action, and the romance and comedy just felt like a distraction from it.

Especially because they were so derivative.  The big comic set piece is yet another spoof of Puranic stage plays going horribly wrong.  And the campus romance is so by the numbers that it approaches the level of a spoof without ever really reaching it.  Meanwhile, the action conflict had some original ideas in it that didn’t get a chance to fully flourish because of all the time given to the other meaningless stuff.

But still, enjoyable!  Naga Chaitanya, Madhavan, Bhumika, they all put in great performances, and sometimes a big fun Masala Telugu film (poorly made though it may be) is all you need.


6 thoughts on “Savyasachi Review (No Spoilers): Naga Chaitanya is Cute but Madhavan is Cuter!

  1. Yup! I agree that it was a good mid-level movie. I kind of wish that they put that comedy scene and the song that comes after it somewhere in the first half. It felt like a speed bump right when the main plot of the movie started going. I did like the romance and the comedy but I agree that it didn’t feel like they were organically mixed together with the main action plot.

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    • The comedy scene and song were so out of place, I’m going to assume they filmed them and then discovered the first half was too long and pulled them and stuck them in the second half only to make it balanced at the interval. Because they really don’t fit.

      On Sat, Nov 3, 2018 at 8:30 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah, that makes sense. The song is actually a remix of one of Nagarjuna’s old hit songs and the director grew up a huge fan of Nagarjuna’s so I can see why probably didn’t want to remove the song. All the other songs in the first half are slightly more situational so you can’t move them.

        Here’s the original:


        • There are so many Nagarjuna homages in this movie! Part of the reason I really noticed that Chai had perfected the Naga smile.

          On Sat, Nov 3, 2018 at 8:46 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yup! Chandoo Mondeti is a huge fan of Nagarjuna and he directed the Telugu Premam with Naga Chaitanya. He put a bunch of Nagarjuna references in Premam as well. It’s actually fun to watch the movie and search for the references.

            He was actually supposed to make a detective movie with Nagarjuna but that got put aside for some reason and then he went on to make Savyasachi.


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