Songs For When You Need to Tell the Voices in Your Head “Go to Heck!”

Sorry, I know the headline is lame, but my Grandma is up in heaven reading this blog everyday and she would never forgive me if I used actual swears, especially since it is her birthday tomorrow.  Just fill in that I actually meant the-real-word-for-“Heck”.

You know that feeling when you’ve been yelled at or made to feel small and you know it wasn’t justified and yet you still feel small?  And you just need to stand up for yourself and learn to have faith in your own opinion and not care what other people say?  Especially the voices in your own head?

Here’s the first song that springs to mind, “Just Go to H— Dil” from Dear Zindagi.


Speaking of Gauri Shinde movies, there’s also of course the title song from English/Vinglish.

Another one, kind of a surprising one, in the middle of all the angst of Mom, AR Rahman threw in a great girl power anthem.


Let’s get some male in here, I kind of love this opening song from Sultan, gives a great feeling of strength and confidence in yourself and your place in the world.


This one may be a bit of over confidence, but I still love it. “Hayati” from Chekka Chivantha Vaanam.


Speaking of over-confidence, my two favorite pump me up songs from Malayalam, “Ranam”.


And “Kerala Manninayi”


Okay, bringing it back to the girl power anthems.  Item songs get a bad rap, but a lot of them are really good for pumping you up and making you feel like you can take on the world.  “Sheila Ki Jawani”, for instance, the triumphal way she calls out her name and declares her power.


And of course my favorite, “Dhakad” from Dangal.


That’s it, I can’t think of any more!  How about you?  What have I missed?  What should I not have included? 


And, Now that I am 33, should I finally be able to at least type swear words even if I can’t say them?


20 thoughts on “Songs For When You Need to Tell the Voices in Your Head “Go to Heck!”

  1. When you told about your days and mood some days ago, I also thought of the Dear Zindagi song 🙂 Personelly, I have a ‘feel-good-again’ song where I can really feel the music (and obviously vision the persons in my mind):

    Why should you feel the need to say/write swear words…you think them and speaking them out loud, then heck is as powerful as hell…Wasn’t it in OmShantiOm (which had its 11 years yesterday) where the swearing went “what the fish!”?

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    • Hearing someone say a not-really-swear word in the sincerely angry way they would say a swear word is so scary! You are right, the power is in the feeling behind it. My other Grandma (not the one reading this in heaven, the other one) used to say “dumb” in a way that sounded like a swear, “that book was just dumb!”


  2. Hungama from Queen cheers me up in a “love yourself no matter what the world thinks” way. Just love the bond between Kangana and Lisa in this, and the fact that Kangana looks like someone dancing for the fun of it and not caring how they look, as opposed to most actors who would still be sure not to look too goofy in their abandon.

    And so does The Breakup Song from ADHM. I find the choreography funny and energizing and also love the bond between Anushka and Ranbir.

    Finally Aaj Ki Raat from Don. I know it’s goofy but I find that the “who knows what will happen tonight?” idea lifts my spirits, and Shah Rukh doing the choo choo dance makes me laugh. Don’t all sociopathic killers love to dance disco for their peers with their girlfriends in sparkly nightgown looking dresses?


    • Oh oh! You should learn Hindi swears! They are so much more fun than English ones! And then it will fit in perfectly in Indian film conversations. Sort of. “Kaminey” is small mean person. “Kutte” is dog. Maa Ki Aankh is not a nice thing to say AT ALL. “Saaala” is kind of casually insulting, means “brother-in-law” as in “I have slept with your sister”. There’s a whole family of swears that are really abuses directed at female relatives, it’s a running gag in Ra.One (which is a movie you probably would not enjoy, but maybe!) that Kareena’s character is a linguist trying to flip all the swears so they are directed towards male relatives instead. Or at least, away from female.

      Personally, I have a much easier time swearing in foreign languages, something about not having that bone deep awareness that they are “bad words” makes me feel unguilty about it. I suppose it might also take the joy away, losing that bone deep awareness of what the words mean.

      Anyway, watch Sheila Ki Jiwani and feel happy!

      On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 12:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • See, what bothers me about all the sister-sexing swear words is that they make NO LOGICAL SENSE when you start applying them wildly. Like, how can a movie have sex with it’s sister? Or the table you just stubbed your leg against? “gosh darn it” at least works logically, since Gosh can Darn any thing or person S/he wants.

          On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 1:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • <>

        This is the first time I’ve been tempted to watch

        I think other cultures’ blasphemy can be different in a way that feels funny instead of scary. English has a lot of sexual and scatalogical. Spanish has a whole Catholic side that makes words like “the milk” into a mild swear bc, you know, the Virgin. Kind of intrigued by the idea of using family relationship words for obscene purposes, a term like brother-in-law is so boring and legalistic in English.


  3. You’re reading my mind because this is exactly how I’m feeling today! I needed this post right now so thanks. Someone one said this once and it really stuck with me – I swear at situations all the time but I never swear at people. There is a difference between this is… versus you are…. The first is me venting my frustrations and may help me feel better. But the second impacts others. I also try not to swear around people who are uncomfortable with it.

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  4. this is my friend this days, i never heard the old one before, and this cheer me up any time

    I used a lot of swears in my mind, once I actually tried to use it,
    But it was stupid and confused and I was not comfortable at all, so I decided not to use it again
    This is my nature no matter what the others do,
    If you really want to use it, use it and be yourself


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