TGIF: It’s Snowing, I’m Cold-Celebrities As Hot Drinks

I may be failing at my “only have coffee three times a week and then the caffeine doesn’t get to you” system.  I am sitting in my office on a no-caffeine day dreaming of coffee.  Maybe I should get a hot chocolate instead and see if I can trick myself.

So!  Here’s the idea!  For every celebrity, there is a perfect kind of hot drink that matches exactly their personality.  I’ll start with the easiest one.

Shahrukh: Espresso.  Strong, bitter, addictive.

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Image result for espresso


Sidharth Malhotra: Sweet, but a little empty.  Low fat latte.

Image result for =sidharth malhotra

Image result for low fat latte


Prabhas.  Strong, rough, has a bit of a kick to him.  Irish coffee (coffee with Irish whiskey).

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Nivin Pauly.  Sweet, maybe a little too much fat, and one of my favorites.  Whole milk caramel latte.

Related image

Image result for mocha latte


Vidya Balan.  Rich, strong, sustaining.  Bulletproof coffee, the new style with butter in it that gives you loads of calories to start the day.

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Image result for bulletproof coffee


Sai Pallavi.  True southern, filter coffee.  Strong and sweet.

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Image result for filter coffee

Aamir Khan. Small, strong, popular in Europe.  Turkish Coffee.

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Image result for turkish coffee


Amitabh.  Powerful, classic, evergreen popular.  Black coffee.

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Image result for black coffee


Varun Dhawan. Beloved of young women, a little weak and a little unthreatening but all the more palatable for it.  Milk hot chocolate.

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Madhavan.  The stronger version, the one that you crave more and mover as you get older.  Pure dark hot chocolate.

Image result for madhavan


Image result for dark hot chocolate


Salman.  Cheap and basic and popular.  Coffee with cream and sugar.

Image result for salman khan

Image result for coffee with cream


Madhuri.  Classically Indian, spicy and hot.  Chai.

Image result for madhuri dixit

Image result for chai


Anil Kapoor.  Light and sweet and soothing and something you come to appreciate as you age.  Hot tea with honey.

Image result for anil kapoor

Image result for hot tea with honey


So, Which of these do you think is most perfect?

I’m still stuck on Shahrukh and espresso.  Just so right!

Image result for shahrukh coffee


Which of these do you disagree with?

I’m not thrilled with Anil and hot tea with honey.  It’s fine, but I feel I could do better.  Anil is a bit stronger than tea with honey.

Image result for anil kapoor tea


And is there any drink/person that I missed?

Tea with cream!  I love it and I couldn’t think of who it is most like.

Image result for tea with cream


26 thoughts on “TGIF: It’s Snowing, I’m Cold-Celebrities As Hot Drinks

  1. How about Peppermint Mocha coffee for Dulquer? Sweet chocolate and cool all at the same time.

    Maybe loose leaf Earl Grey without the honey for Anil. Classics taste the best, especially with time to steep to bring out the full flavor.

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  2. Maddy is perfect. My thought when I saw the headline was, Shah Rukh will be espresso, but Maddy better be hot chocolate (the good stuff). 🙂

    I’d do black tea for Amitabh–it’s clear and classy, he’s clear and classy. Rani–mulled wine? I like mulled cider for Anushka Shetty.

    Green tea–Manisha Koirala. Iced coffee–Irrfan–a little strange at first, but delicious and refreshing with many variations.

    Who should coffee and brandy be? Coffee and Baileys?


    • Black tea for Amitabh is good, and so is mulled wine for Rani, a little tangy and a little adult but goes down easy. Love Iced Coffee for Irrfan, it’s also usually served in a taller glass, so that’s perfect.

      Coffee and brandy, hmm. Arjun Rampal? Soothing and warming and dark and rich?

      Following the same line of thinking, Coffee and Baileys is John Abraham? Oh! Or maybe Aditya Roy Kapoor?


        • Ooo, coffee and Brandy for Prithviraj is perfect! I might accept coffee and Bailey’s for Arjun K. Oh! What about Ayushmann for coffee and baileys?

          And you are so mean to Arjun R!

          On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 5:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I mean, I like Cappuchino, I like it. And Arjun R is beautiful. But neither is in my top 10 of their category. I need to see more Ayusmann movies to know if coffee/baileys fits him.


          • I will grudgingly accept this explanation on Arjun R.’s behalf. And you should watch more Ayushmann movies in general! Because he has great taste in scripts. check out Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, I think it’s on Prime.

            On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 5:30 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Add dark crème de cacao and top with whipped cream for a Brandy Alexander – for Prithviraj’s cuddlier older brother, Indrajith.


  3. Those I know, I find them perfect, but would also choose the Earl Grey moviemavengal suggests.
    I like Latte Macciato so much…who could it be?
    And what would you choose for Kajol? Ingwer-Lemon tea? Refreshing and giving energy…


    • Maybe Latte Macciato is Saif? A little European, a little complex?

      For Kajol, hmm. I think a really strong tea, like you said. Not light and green, but black and spicy.


  4. Shahrukh as the espresso hands down! I also like Sai Pallavi. But I love your description of Sidharth, sweet bu a little empty hahaha. That’s so correct!


    • Poor Sidharth. At least I’m not as mean as a friend of mine who suggested Katrina as Nescafe, the instant powdered version of the real thing.

      On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 8:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Well, you can give your opinion on the suggestion from the comments. Green tea= Manisha Koirala. What do you think?

      On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 2:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Wow very fitting descriptions! Esspecially for the three Khans! Sadly I don’t like Coffee that much, I am more of a tea person so I would probably go with Anil Kapoor and sometimes a little Varun for the really cold, cuddly days 🙂


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