Happy Birthday Juhi!!! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

I feel bad only giving her a dozen, but on the other hand I am going to be posting two reviews of her movies this week (Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman on Friday and Aaina on Sunday).

1.1. I love you because you were a Miss India winner back before Miss Indias started to look like Barbie dolls (tall, thin, high cheekbone) instead of classical Indian paintings (round, round, round).

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.46.36 PM.png

2. I love you because you were only 16 when you won Miss India, and only 18 when you started your film career.

3. I love you because your first big hit film took advantage of your youthful looks.  You were 20 while filming Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and 21 when it came out, but still looked like a teenager, making the teenage love story that much more endearing.

4. I love you because no one can watch this song and not fall in love with you!

5. I love you because you made one brilliant movie with Aamir, and then a bunch of bad bad bad movies with him.  Proving that a hit jodi does not necessarily mean a good film!

6. Although one of those bad bad movies is my all time favorite “so bad it’s good” film.

7. I love you because you weren’t restricted to Aamir films, through out the 90s you starred in a whole variety of movies and were known as a friendly professional and always charming onscreen actress.

8. I love you because you married a nice businessman type, not one of the many actors you were rumored to be dating (up to and including Rishi Kapoor!) and went on to have a nice family life.

9. I love you because your personal life was filled with tragedy at the same time you managed to be so bubbly onscreen, your mother dying in an accident while accompanying you on a shoot in Prague, and your brother (and CEO of Red Chillies) lingering in a coma for 4 years before dying.

10. I love you because you were one of Shahrukh’s first co-stars, forming a bond which would lead you to being business partners to this day.

11.  I love you because in your second innings of a career, you moved on to production, public appearances, and interesting art (My Brother Nikhil) and children films (Bhootnath, etc.), along with playing the older sister or married woman in the occasional mainstream film (Paheli, etc.), a much more dignified and interesting career path than merely playing the innocent young heroine well past an age when that would be believable, or retiring completely and becoming “just” a wife and mother.

(All of Jhankaar Beats is good and Juhi is easily the best part of it)

12.  I love you because, well, you are the best!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Juhi!!! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

  1. Yay! Here is a song that I think shows off all of Juhi’s strengths. She is funny, clever, silly, and smoking hot when she wants to be. She is the lead throughout this song and Shah Rukh has it easy, just reacting to the great stuff she’s throwing at him. The Hollywood actress she reminds me the most of is Judy Holliday–funny, charismatic, and stunning.


  2. Let me add few reasons for loving Juhi:
    13.She has the most beautiful,charming ,light-up-the-world smile & her laugh is not the traditional heroine giggle but if someone laughing out genuinely in joy.
    14.She has amazing comic timing comparable to Sridevi. Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke was worth watching just for Juhi’ s antics & sparring with get dad.
    15.In an unfamiliar language,she held her ground firmly acting with Mammooty & Mohanlal & even got perfect lip sync. She totally sold the idea that these grown big men could act like love sick puppies for her.
    16.She had great chemistry with all her leading actors from Aamir,SRK to older actors like Rishi Kapoor,Anil K,Sunny, Jackie.

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    • Yes the comic timing!!!! It’s hard to think of another actress who would be capable of throwing herself into the hijinks of a comedy instead of just being the pretty face.


  3. 17. I love her for her honesty. Not only when talking about first meeting ShahRukh (it’s about both, but I post it nevertheless…it’s her birthday and Raju’s, too):

    18. I love her because she could play a strong young woman, still being bubbly, witty, charming & sexy! (Only watch the first 7 min, the rest is repeat):

    19. I love her because she agreed to do a movie with a newcomer she never had met & became a steadfast friend since 26 years. For her birthday I pust the Cinestaan review made express for 26 years of RBGG:

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