Thanksgiving Day Review Announcement! Bucket List, Madhuri’s Marathi Film on Netflix, Mature Married Woman Deals With Sex, Friendship, Family

I am so happy this movie is on Netflix!  It is the mature woman movie we have been wanting, and it is also the perfect Thanksgiving film, about making time for self-care in the middle of caring for your family. (oh, and there are some clunky bits right at the beginning, ignore them and keep going)

Do you want to see a 40-something housewife and her husband reinvigorate their sex life like young kids?  Do you want to see two mature married woman friends talk bluntly about sex and life and needing time for themselves?  Do you want to see a teenage daughter who is occasionally horrible and disrespectful and occasionally just really needs her mother?  Do you want to see the life of most women over the age of 35 put onscreen in a respectful but not overly dramatic way?

This is the film for you!  It’s on Netflix, it has Madhuri dealing with all the stuff that women deal with which doesn’t make it to most films, and it has (surprisingly) some of the sexiest scenes Madhuri has ever done, at age 52.  I recommend sneaking bits of it on your phone while preparing Thanksgiving meals.  Especially the bits where she has to make 4 separate versions of the same meal to meet the preferences of her whole family.

(Married for 20 years, two middle-aged people, and they get a romantic sexy love song)

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Review Announcement! Bucket List, Madhuri’s Marathi Film on Netflix, Mature Married Woman Deals With Sex, Friendship, Family

  1. I’m so excited! It’s my favorite time of the year!

    So is Madhuri like back to films full time? I feel like she has a couple of other movies coming out along with Kalank.


  2. I saw it a few weeks ago and liked it. I always think she looks much younger when she isn’t made up to the nines.

    Completely off topic – Virat Kohli is here at the moment with the Indian cricket team – wonder if Anushka is here as well.


  3. I saw it has been added to italian Netflix, and was going to ask on monday if it’s worth watching. Now I know. Will try to watch before Thanksgiving.


  4. It isn’t on Japanese Netflix and NO NETFLIX I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH PYAR KA PUNCHNAMA INSTEAD! This sounds great and I hope it’s a big hit for Madhuri. I also hope she dances but maybe that’s too much to ask.


    • She dances a little at the very end after the tease us with it for the whole movie. It’s kind of refreshing, for her to do a role strictly as an actress, not as a dancer.

      On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 10:57 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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