My First Marathi Review! Bucket List, the Perfect Movie to Escape Thanksgiving Drama

Oh boy, my first Marathi movie!  That hardly seems possible, but I guess it is true.  I’ve certainly seen Marathi-based Hindi film movies, like Aiyyaa which had a distinctly Marathi heroine and family at the center of it.  But it wasn’t, technically, in the Marathi language.  But this is!  I am just so multi-culti!

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Thanksgiving Day Review Announcement! Bucket List, Madhuri’s Marathi Film on Netflix, Mature Married Woman Deals With Sex, Friendship, Family

I am so happy this movie is on Netflix!  It is the mature woman movie we have been wanting, and it is also the perfect Thanksgiving film, about making time for self-care in the middle of caring for your family. (oh, and there are some clunky bits right at the beginning, ignore them and keep going)

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Upcoming Movies! Harsh is Back, so is Madhuri, and Badshah, and MY NEMESIS!!!!!!

So many trailers today!  And also, good buzz for 102 Not Out.  Shoot!  I was thinking about taking a week off from watching movies, or else going regional instead.  Oh well, I probably would have wanted to see it anyway just for Rishi and Amitji’s reunion.

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