Video Post! All the Best Tuxedo Songs, in Honor of “Mere Naam Tu”

This is a silly silly post.  But whatever, I’m exhausted from 3 days of hard house labor and I am guessing the 50% of my readers who are American are either exhausted from that, or from travel.  So let’s all be silly together!

Let us define “tuxedo” as “formal western style suit with white shirt and tie”.  Some of these will be actual tuxedos, some will just be very nice suits of the kind we don’t always see.

However, we are starting with an ACTUAL tuxedo.  And one of my all time favorite songs from a movie that is 2/3rds really good and 1/3rd lame.  “Jabse Mere Dil Ko Uff” from Teri Meri Kahaani.


Aamir Khan, shockingly good looking in a tuxedo!  And, being Aamir, of course he got actually drunk for this song.  And dances remarkably well for a drunk person! “Tere Ishq Main Naachenge” from Raja Hindustani.


Oh yeah!  Perfectly fitted tuxedo shirt, loose bow tie, unbuttoned collar, and the cummerbund!  It is a very very flattering outfit, good on you Shahrukh! “Chammak Challo” from Ra.ONE.


This isn’t quite as good, I think Saif needs one more button buttoned, and the bow tie could help.  But the dance is so delightfully wacky combined with the formal outfit, and that carries the day. “Pyar Ki Pungi” from Agent Vinod.


Salman in a tux!  Or at least, a really formal suit.  It doesn’t show up until halfway through, but it looks very good on him. “Saiyaara” from Ek Tha Tiger.


Okay, let’s go back in time a little!  Another Aamir song from the 90s, one of my favorites.  I’m kind of bending the rules to include it, his suit isn’t even black, but I really really love this song and he uses the suit very well, so I am including it. “Nasha Ye Pyar Ka Nasha” from Mann.


And even farther back!  One of the original suited dancers, Shammi.  With a jacket Karan would borrow today. “Badan Pe Sitare” from Prince.


Really old school!  Showing the origin of the wild behavior that comes out with the formal western suit.  It just unleashes the beast somehow, or at least the inner uncontrollable emotion, in Indian film heroes. “Ramayya Vastawaiya” from Shree 420.


Staying in the same era, but a period film instead of an actual film of then.  The movie is so-so but MAN, can Akshay do formal wear! “Dekha Hazaro Dafaa” from Rustom.


And a very much NOT period song!  With Hrithik in a tux for just a little bit, but it is worth waiting for. “Dheere Dheere” T-series special music video.


I have no idea what is happening here, but doesn’t Emraan look good? “Mumkin Nahin” in Rush.


And finally, the greatest use of the formal suit in recent history, the title song from Desi Boyz.


Oh, and just for the sake of comparison, here’s “Mere Naam Tu” again.

7 thoughts on “Video Post! All the Best Tuxedo Songs, in Honor of “Mere Naam Tu”

  1. I remember having loved the juxtaposing of the ‘unleashed’ tuxedo-world and the merry everyday-clothes-world in the Shree 420 song…and that indeed the cloth didn’t make the man.

    ChamakChalo with hot hot ShahRukh will always be my favourite amongst the tuxedo-songs 😀

    Thanks for the Sunday-smile :-)))


  2. Whenever I read the Aamir getting method drunk story I wonder if he puked his guys up afterwards. That would be the logical conclusion of that stunt.


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