Songs From Upcoming Movies! 2.0 and Kedarnath

Fun fun!  Song songs!  I don’t know how these movies will be, but the songs are really lovely.  Too bad it’s after Thanksgiving so I am not allowed to listen to anything but Christmas music until the 26th (allowed by myself, I have very strict rules for me).

I’ll start with 2.0.  Lovely lovely song!  Visuals are a little bit reminiscent of both Robot and I, but the melody is lovely.  And it gives us our first clue as to what Amy Jackson is playing.  Looks like, some kind of Robot romantic partner for Rajinikanth.


2 songs from Kedarnath since last I checked!  First what I think is the character introduction song for Sushant?  I am getting a feel of someone challenging him that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a mountain guide/carrier person.  Don’t know if it will turn out that he is a upper class outsider who ran away and is trying to make it as a guide because he has passion for it, or if he is just a younger newer guide.  But it’s interesting to see him as someone starting out a bit.  And then it ends with a cut to Sara Ali Khan who is no doubt playing an unloved rich girl in the classic Guide-Raja Hindustani-Jab Harry Met Sejal tradition.


And a love song!  Really cute, Sara has a crush on Sushant but isn’t sure how he feels about her.

2 thoughts on “Songs From Upcoming Movies! 2.0 and Kedarnath

  1. I really like how Sara carries herself. She speaks really well, unlike Jahnvi or Alia. She was good in the Coffee episode with Said as well. Looks like Amrita Singh did a great job with her. Also, she looks so much like her mom and Ibrahim is like an exact replica of Saif!


    • Her Mom and her Grandma. I don’t know what it is about Sharmila, but I had the same feeling with Soha. Their faces in stillness are not that similar, but there are these flashes of expression that are suddenly identical. Sharmila just has something about her that came down to the other women in the family.

      On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 11:27 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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