DeepVeer Wedding: First Batch of Red Carpet Photos!!!! I Think Raveena is the Best Dressed So Far

Yaaay! Everyone dressed up so FANCY!!!!  And everyone came!!!!!  Or at least, lots and lots of people came. (most of this photos are from Times of India, link here)

First, Ranveer and Dips themselves!

Love the drama of Deepika’s outfit, especially after seeing her other more formal looks for the other events.  This is definitely the “now I am primarily being a movie star” look.  And love that Ranveer has his usual funky feel, but toned down a bit, he’s not competing with the bride.
And then a bunch of famous and not so famous people came. Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar, looking classy.
I hate Kalki Koechlin’s outfit
Mahesh Bhatt looks kind of awkward for the cameras (one of many directors who showed up, Dips and Ranveer definitely invited ALL their film acquintances for this, not just the stars)
Cricket star Kapil Dev, because Ranveer will be playing him in a movie.  Nice of Ranveer to invite him, nice of Kapil to come, I am guessing all the film folks will be excited to meet him.
Kunal Roy Kapoor!!!!  Yaaaay!!!!  So nice to see him again, presumably here because he co-starred with Dips in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.  I don’t like what his date is wearing, is that blouse faux-leather?
Vicky Kaushal, looking classy, like the subtle contrasting collar.
Really, VVC?  Jeans?  Anupama looks nice though.
Rekha, looking like she always looks.
Madhavan, being very formal and old-fashioned but in kind of a funky way.  I like it!
Sachin!  And his wife and son.  I wonder why?  I mean, obviously if you can invite Sachin, you will.  But why would he come?  More connections through that Cricket bio?
Tiger and Disha!  In full western wear.  But nice western wear.  Her dress isn’t blowing my mind, but I like it well enough, and Tiger can definitely wear a white suit.  Although it feels every so slightly insulting to the hosts that he didn’t bother buttoning all the way up.
Hema Malini, I think with one of her sons-in-law?  But I’m not sure.  I am almost positive Hemaji has never worked with either Ranveer or Dips, which means we are now at the point of them inviting all the elders of the industry because it is respectful, and receiving the compliment of those elders thinking their wedding is important enough to attend.
Siddharth Roy Kapur and Vidya.  And WOW!!!!  Vidya looks GREAT!!!!  A twist on her usual sari, still old-fashioned with with her waist revealed so you can really see the hourglass figure.  I love it!
Radhike Apte and her British boyfriend!  They both look great, I wonder if she flew him in for the event or if he was in town anyway and she said “hey, wanna go to this thing?”  I’m leaning towards flew him in just because the suit is so good, it seems unlikely he would have it with him just by accident.
Ishaan Khattar is interesting because it’s kind of a sign of how serious he is about his career that he is making the time to come to this.  I am sure he got an invite through his family and connections, just being invited is meaningless.  But making the effort to come and dress nicely and pose means he is playing the game already, after just one film.
I always love what Aditi Rao Hydari wears, and once again she has outdone herself.
Sara Ali Khan linked up with her father later, but her first photos were alone.  Another short sparkly dress, similar to her Koffee outfit.  Formal, but also young and fun.  Very appropriate for where she is in her career.
Rani, representing Yash Raj and the Chopra family, and looking very nice.  Although, I might have made her blouse a little lower cut, but then that’s just me.
Ayushmann Khurrana and his wife who looks AMAZING.  For a “normal” non-celebrity, this is amazing, and when you add on that she is battling cancer, I kind of want to make her the best dressed of the night.  Oh, and Ayushmann looks good too.  And now I really want him and Dips in a movie together, wouldn’t that be great?
Sanjay and Manyaata, both looking very nice.  Well, I don’t like Sanjay’s beard (the bald head on the other hand looks great), but I am sure it is for his historic epic movie.  Manyaata just looks classy.  And another high neck blouse!  Is it in this year or something?
I LOVE Raveena’s sari!!!!  The contrasting colors, the perfect drape, the clean sweep of the neckline, gorgeous!
Aw, Anil and Farah came together!  That’s so cute.  Farah looks fine, the pink is fun.  Anil, as always, is a stone cold fox in a formal suit.
Rajkummar, NO!!!!  I VIOLENTLY disapprove of asymmetrical jackets!!!!  But Patralekha looks nice, love her earrings.
Hey, Vaani Kapoor!  From Befikre!  Dressing to make a buzz, not so much to look good.
Get ready to have your breath taken away…..Kunal Kapoor in a tuxedo
Oh Hrithik.  Why do you look like the middle-aged divorced former cool guy at his high school reunion?
Sanya!!!!  Interesting, three movies coming out in a row and now showing up at the DeepVeer wedding, Sanya is quickly integrating herself into the mainstream of the industry.
Speaking of going mainstream, Tara Suteria.  Before her Student of the Year 2 launch, already making sure to be seen and talked about.
Aditya Roy Kapoor, also from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, and looking very very good.  This is what Hrithik should have been wearing.
Sonakshi looks fantastic, both of her parents look a little messy.  But if Sona looks GOOD.  And I love the yellow, I think it’s the first yellow of the night, she is going to stand out and be special in all the group shots.
OOOOOO!!!!!  Farhan brought a DATE!!!!  She looks fine, a little young for him but at least the right height.  He looks very good.  And again, this would have been an acceptable Hrithik outfit!
Oh, this is so cute!!!!  Kiran Rao and Zoya Akhtar together.  I wonder if Aamir didn’t want to come anyway, or if he is keeping his head down to avoid Thugs stories?  Anyway, love the two women together.
Juhi looks amazing.  Although again, I would have lowered the neckline just a bit.  I find that rounded high neck to be kind of boring.
Preity and her Mr. Goodenough both look very good.  I love that he is handsome but in an average guy way.  Oh, and I like her dress, very floaty and drapey at the same time.
This is just a super fun photo.  And if Sid and Dino are dating, I would not be unhappy with that mental image.
Ooo, Janhvi is a swing and a miss for me.  The idea is fine, similar to what she wore to Sonam’s wedding, but I think the skirt fabric is just kind of boring, needs more style and sparkle to it.  And also needs to feel more connected to the blouse. This way, it almost feels like she forgot to put on the overskirt and went out in her blouse and slip by accident.
Anushka’s outfit, on the other hand, feels like a perfectly executed concept, but I don’t like the concept.  I think it makes her look too stiff and harsh.  Maybe if she had her hair down?
Boney with Anshula and Khushi.  I like that they coordinated, and I like what both Anshula and Khushi are wearing.  Careful management to put Janhvi in a decidedly different color, the message is that Anshula and Khushi are there as Boney’s daughters, but Janhvi is there as her own thing.
Said and Kareena, Saif going formal and Kareena going to her old reliable cut.  Although the green is different, that’s fun.  But I think she needs more jewelry.
Kunal Khemu, always looking good.  And has a version of Saif’s outfit, but with a shorter jacket.  I think this is actually the sort of formal Pataudi wear, like from their region/kingdom.  Kind of a nice subtle touch for them both to be wearing it.  Oh, and Soha’s sari is nice, but I wish she faced the camera so I could see more of it.
Sonu’s suit, I appreciate that he is trying something, and maybe it is a tribute to the groom’s taste, but NO.
Bachchans!  No Abhishek (I wonder why?) but Shweta came and Aish and Amitabh.  And everyone is caught at an unflattering moment in this photo.  How is that possible???  None of them look good!
Kirti Sonam looks great though and I LOVE her outfit!!!!!  Very good in general, and perfect for her, she has such an athletic confident attitude, this sort of long clean look is great on her.
Karan brought Ananya Panday.  So, I guess he is pushing his SOTY2 cast already.  Her dress is perfect, young and fluffy but also flattering.  Karan’s suit is killer.
Arbaaz Khan and his rumored girlfriend.  And there’s a photo of Malaika coming up.   And Arjun was there too. Which I guess answers the “will the Khans be angry about Malaika-Arjun?” question.  No, they won’t, they are all partying together already.
Jacqueline looks good, but I am most impressed by her hair!!!!  That kind of slight body in the back is very hard to achieve.
More cricket players!  I am mostly disappointed that Dhoni didn’t bring his adorable daughter.
Madhuri looks good of course, but it’s another very high neckline!!!!  What is up with that????
Varun and Natasha!!!!  Varun looking very grown-up, and Natasha looking miserable.  I just want them to get married so Natasha can stop going to these things.  It feels like so long as they aren’t married, she has to show up all the time to kind of confirm the relationship.  But get married, leave her at home or running her own business or whatever, and let Varun go with Karan or Sid or someone as his date instead.  Or, maybe Natasha has a great time once she is inside it’s just the red carpet that kills her.
Malaika!!!!  Being gorgeous.  It’s almost like a deconstructed sari, like just taking the concept and then doing it with simple wrapped fabric.  Anyway, it’s great.  At least, I like it.
And Arjun!!!!  Looking terrible!  But, this is the important part, the timestamp on his photos is one minute after Malaika’s.  So they may not have been photographed together, but they clearly arrived together.
Katrina looks really really good.  She’s always hit or miss on these things, but this is a definite hit.  Formal, modest, just letting her face shine through.
And finally, SHAHRUKH!!!!!!!  Full tux, very nice, very formal, very appropriate.
Phew!  I’m exhausted!!!!  Okay, now you can all talk about your favorite and least favorite outfits and so on in the comments.

38 thoughts on “DeepVeer Wedding: First Batch of Red Carpet Photos!!!! I Think Raveena is the Best Dressed So Far

  1. Why do these pictures look like drawings instead of real photographs? They are terrible!! Not your fault of course. Just wondering why TOI would put up pics like this. Did they put a wacky filter on them?

    The roses background is very tacky.


    • I have no idea why I cannot spell Kriti’s name! Just keep patiently correcting me, and I will get it.

      Thank you, I did not have the energy to google Farhan’s date, and now I don’t have to! what’s the age gap, do you know?

      On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 8:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Age differences always bother me, but with Farhan they really really would because I think his kids are around 20 now, and I really don’t want to see him dating someone their age!

          However, a 38 year old VJ sounds very cool and interesting for him.

          On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 10:08 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yeah, he got married young. They are both late teens or 20, somewhere in there. So if he was dating some 26 year old, that would be waaaaay to close for comfort.

            On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 10:54 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • He’s just amazing. I’m not even jealous of his wife, she must spend her whole life unable to concentrate.

      On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 9:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Agreed. A fine blend of Leo DiCaprio and Clarke Gable. He looks like he should play D’Artanagne someday.

      I love Kriti & Malaika best.


      • Malaika’s outfit really shouldn’t work, and yet it does! She carries it off beautifully.

        On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 12:01 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Great photos. Love the Bollywood fam but let’s talk about the most important question okay?





      Ranbir is no doubt sobbing at home as he realizes that he cheated and lost a classy intelligent challenging woman who matches him, Alia is putting up with the whole thing, and tomorrow they will break up. Like Saif and White Lady in Love Aaj Kal.

      Also, can we have a moment for how odd it is that Saif is coming with his daughter because he co-starred with the bride and she is co-starring with the groom?


        • I was thinking maybe he was working, but The Internet claims he is about to start his film with Vaani Kapoor, and she was there, so that’s not it. Unless he is actually out of the country again filming Brahmastra. But I don’t think so.

          Hard year to be Ranbir, Sonam and Dips both getting married. If Kat pulls off a surprise wedding in the next few months, that would be the perfect sort of “wake up and face what you have lost” moment.

          On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 10:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. The rose background is too busy for still pictures. I’m really happy that all the young ones are making appearances with their significant others (even without getting married). Too much secrecy in the earlier days.
    Kunal Kapoor is so handsome, but Madhavan and Hrithik let me down. Atleast Madhavan is in his rocket movie look, so that;s fine. But what’s wrong with Hrithik?? Oh and don’t think Salman is going to forgive Arjun for a long time even if rest of the family has reconciled. Salman can hold a grudge for a while. Check this out


  4. Best looks:
    Deepika of course, so beautiful, and at the same time glamourus and funny. Love it
    This girl with Karan – love the dress, and the shoes
    Kunal Kapoor, Farhan, Vicky, Aditya
    My favourite: Manyaata

    Hrithik, and other who came in jeans
    Janhvi – she grow up in shops with the best clothes, and she wears this? Terrible
    Varun’s Natasha – tragedy! Why she always has this face on red carpets? C’mon just smile a little, woman! And the dress it terrible too, I hate the colour,the cut and how it looks on her body.
    Maddy, maybe not the worse but not good either.
    Arjun Kapoor – I guess he was thinking: hey it’s Ranveer’s reception, we must dress crazy, but then when he arrived he saw people are elegant and felt stupid.
    Varun – minus 100 pts for those atrocious glasses. Why people buy them? Nobody looks good in it, not even Tovino Thomas !
    The worst: Kalki of course, for outfit and hair.


    • I forgot to mention The Bachchans. Ash look the same at every wedding- white outfit with big skirt and a lot of sparkles, and Shweta is wearing this white suit like for ages too (at least I have seen her few times in it). Hey, you’re all rich, go buy new clothes, especially you Ash, with this beauty and body.


    • Do you notice how most of the “best” are lower level famous or significant others and the “worst” are top people? Well, except Natasha.

      Maybe if you aren’t super famous it is easier to relax and just wear something pretty while the famous folks (Varun, for instance) feel the need to do something showy and fresh.


    • Weird, TOI just called him her “companion”, I added on “boyfriend” because I remembered something about a serious relationship with a British guy. Anyway, this is why I hate doing these posts, it takes forever to format the photos and I am madly racing to ID people at the same time.


  5. Yeah, everyone is wearing a crew neck! Why?! This is such a hard look to pull off, makes your face look chubby.

    I think my favorite looks were Kiran, Patralekha, and Kapil Dev’s wife, who is wearing a gorgeous sari and accessories.

    Radhika’s escort is her husband, not boyfriend.

    Everyone looks like the are craning their necks down. I wonder if the photographers were in weird place?


    • There were also a lot of shots where you could see the top of cameras along the bottom of the frame. Which would make sense with photographers below looking up. It looks like a smooth perfectly planned wedding, EXCEPT that the photo place was bad (busy background, bad lighting, had to crowd together and shoot up). Which isn’t the biggest problem if everything else went off without a hitch.


  6. I figure that Natasha doesn’t like the attention and the spotlight and it’s just stressful because Varun’s mentioned it a few times and she always looks miserable in these kinds of pictures. She looks so much happier in pictures that aren’t supposed to be for the public if you know what I mean. Like this was a picture from a friend’s wedding a few years back that one of their friends’ posted on instagram.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww, they look so cute together in that photo!

      Poor Natasha. I hope she either gets less miserable and more used to the spotlight, or figures out a way to live her life without having to go out as much. I just watched the Ajay-Kajol Koffee, and they talked about how that is just how their marriage works, Ajay never goes out, Kajol goes out alone and has fun and then comes home and tells him about it.


  7. Hrithik is just so sad. His career is tanking and his toupee is getting more and more ridiculous. Seriously, as a former superfan, what has gone wrong? It’s too easy to just blame the Kangana stuff. I will always blame his blind obedience to the terrible career advice of his father and maybe his own instincts about picking scripts and his reticence to work more (he’s also not the sharpest knife in the draw, I think). At least he seems to have a wonderful relationship with his ex and his kids. And maybe superstardom never really sat comfortably with him.

    Anyway, my favorites:

    Anushka was the best dressed. She looks so stunning and it’s nice to see her glam it up. For the other favorite dressed women, I liked Sanjay Dutt’s wife, Vidya Balan, Sara Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, and Raveena Tandon the best. Also liked Zoya’s quirkiness and respected but hated Kalki’s! And I have to say I thought Vaani looked absolutely gorgeous if inappropriate. I’m so rooting for her for some reason. I thought the SOTY2 girsl were boring and Katrina Kaif was safe.

    For the men, Kunal Kapoor (swoon) and Vicky Kaushal were the best dressed. Both can wear the tux like no one else right now. Arjun was ridiculous…he really should only wear traditional formal suits. I think the weird hat and stache are to hide a weird movie look though. Hrithik was the worst dressed.

    I’m also dying to know where Ranbir and Alia were?!


    • Hrithik has the Super 30 movie coming up, and that Tiger film. At least one of them should hit, maybe that will put him back on track. It feels like not just a career issue, but that he kind of loses focus in his whole life when he isn’t working.

      I’m rooting for Vaani too! And Kriti. They were both so interesting in their early roles and strong and confident and different. And then they kind of stalled.

      Mrs. Perfect and I have agreed that Ranbir was home sobbing as he realized he had lost a challenging intelligent interesting woman, Alia was comforting him, and today she dumped him. Seems the most reasonable assumption.


      • We obviously have no major insights in their lives but I am so so happy that Deepika found someone like Ranveer. And thank god did not end up with Ranbir. And yes I do hope that at some point Ranbir does realize that he lost out on an amazing woman!


        • I really like, from a public message point of view, that Dips and Ranveer are equals in their career and he supports her. Anushka and Virat were the same. The men could have found a less famous and important love interest who would let the focus stay on their career only. But instead they fell in love and made it work with a successful working woman whose career is never going to take second place to theirs.


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