Next Friday Classic Announcement! Akaash Vani!!!! See How Progressive a Sex Farce Crew Can Be

I assume this is good?  I haven’t actually watched it myself.  But I have seen the EPIC final speech from the heroine, which is enough to make me want to see the whole thing.  So, I will watch it, and then review it for you on Friday 12/14.

And it’s on youtube with subtitles!!!!!


And if you need a reason to watch it, let me give you the full text of the heroine’s finale speech:

I can’t stay with Ravi.  I want a divorce.  What are you afraid of?  That what people will say?  What if this was happening with my sister?  If her marriage was falling apart, you would have been happy.  And felt let her pay for whatever she has done, as that mistake was made by her. And this is your mistake, so why do you want me to compromise?  Only because this mistake has been made by you, do you want me to pay for it my whole life? [Mother: we were acting in your best interests!] Lie! Absolute lie!  You are not saying this in my best interests, but to protect your pride in society.  I’m not saying parents should have no right in choosing partner for their children.  But if children are unhappy, shouldn’t parents own up to that responsibility?  Today I just want to ask this one thing to you, that why when a daughter says to her father that the partner they have chosen for her is not right, why then is she told to compromise?  And assured falsely that everything will be fine?  And when the same mistake is committed by a daughter in choosing the wrong partner, she is mocked and asked to pay for her own mistake?  [Mother: But what is it that is missing in your life?  This is a common thing in all households. Once you start a family…]  Why can’t you understand that starting a family is not the solution?  I would be even more trapped then!  When I can’t stand the person, how can I even think of starting a family with him?  If in every household the wife is raped, then I don’t want to live in such a household.  If more than my happiness you are bothered about what the society would think and how they would perceive, then No.  I am not prepared to bare the consequences of your mistake.  No matter whose mistake it is in life and how big, one shouldn’t be stopped from living.  [Husband: Why don’t you say something?  My wife, who is my pride, is tarnishing my pride in front of everyone!] Pride!  Which pride are you talking about?  The one that you rape every night?  Or the one who you can’t even protect from being molested during the day?  [Husband tries to drag her off, her parents stand and do nothing, she slaps him and frees herself]


2 thoughts on “Next Friday Classic Announcement! Akaash Vani!!!! See How Progressive a Sex Farce Crew Can Be

  1. It’s pretty good. I think it released on the same day as Race 2, hence couldn’t do very well. I remember going in with the idea that it would bea typical candy floss love story, and was absolutely shocked. Really good performances. Also, Fatima Sana Sheikh plays the heroine’s friend! She’s totally chubby and unrecognizable.


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