Saturday Small Talk: What Do You Want to Talk About While I Sleep In?

I am a lazy bear today!  Stayed up too late seeing Kedarnath and then trying to keep my eyes open to write a review, on top of a series of late nights and busy times.  So today I am giving myself some time to just do absolutely nothing.  Except pick up my rugs from the cleaners that I can only get to on Saturdays.  But otherwise, NOTHING!

While I do nothing, you folks can talk about various fun things!

Shahrukh is traveling!  Before his big film release, he is doing the Shahrukh thing and going to large spaces and meeting crowds.  Gets the crowds who are there amped up, they talk to their friends and get them amped up, and all the SRK fans share things on social media and get social media amped up.  Most importantly, it’s CHEAP!!!!  If they can manage to do it in a public space, or a space (like a mall) that will pay them to be there, then there is no cost at all.  Shahrukh is producer so he isn’t charging, he just shows up and waves or whatever and leaves, and they get millions of dollars worth of free publicity.


Only downside is, this leads to more of the over exposure of Shahrukh which has been so damaging in the past.  Especially when it is over exposure revolving around these massive public adoration moments.

What do you all think about it?



And in other happy news, Sid has a new ad campaign!  For cruelty free make-up, the catchline is “tested on Sid”.  Which is stone-cold BRILLIANT.  Conveys the message, in a memorable cheeky way that will appeal to women.  And gave the hook of “a male face for a female brand!” to all the news announcements.

Image result for #testedonsid



What do you all think about this?


39 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: What Do You Want to Talk About While I Sleep In?

  1. Tested on Sid is a super clever idea. Memorable for the beand, as you say, and makes him seem warm, funny, sexy, and caring. Smart all around!

    I can’t be objective about Shah Rukh’s appearances. Just happy to see him out and about. Hope he does some interviews too.


    • Since I posted this, looks like he also hit Kuwait? I can’t decide if they are going after the middle east market hard or if it’s just convenient because it’s a quick flight and he has a house there.

      On Sat, Dec 8, 2018 at 7:55 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • He’s still got a few weeks, maybe he will do a lightening trip through Europe and India too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he swings by Turkey, for instance.

          On Sat, Dec 8, 2018 at 12:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Karan just posted on his Instagram that there will be an episode of KWK with the Baahubali team!! From the picture he posted it’s with Prabhas, Rana and SSR are the guests. Practically screamed internally when I saw it, but don’t know how to post the picture here 😀 XD I can’t wait to read your summary of it when it airs

    And I agree with procrastinatrix that the Sid ad is clever and I love the cheekiness of it as well!


  3. As happy as I am about the Koffee announcement,it got me wondering what is the actual motivation from all parties concerned. For KJo,it’s TRP obviously(& he will get ground breaking TRP for this)and Rana doesn’t probably put much thought behind such appearances. SSR is in the middle of his big budget Telugu film that’s some two years away and while a connection to KJo is obviously beneficial,this kind of show is not at all his style. Prabhas himself has said that he makes an appearence only to promote his movies,so this is for Sahoo but even then,the movie is far off and the kind of gossipy,prodding,getting personal style of this show is so not his forte. So is he making an effort to connect with the Hindi audience? Or is this like the one off Freida Pinto episode?Or KJo just showing off that he has some acres up his sleeve and can pull off the impossible? So,while I’m all looking forward to it ,the subtext is intriguing. If it’s only a last few mins appearence from Prabhas,KJo will HEAR from the fans for ‘cheating’ them.Im also curious to see how KJo & Prabhas will manage the expectations of the south and north audiences especially for the very personal style of this show.


    • Usually with this kind of guest list, Karan does at least explain at the beginning of the show what the point is of the episode, why these people together. Like, forcing Dips and Alia to explain how and why they became friends, along with pointing out they are the two most successful actresses of the year. He could be lying, but even so I am intrigued to hear what his explanation is going to be!!! Rana is easy, he and Karan are friends and it isn’t such a big deal for him to show up. Even Rajamouli I could see with some sort of general “I want to help the Hindi audience appreciate you, let’s talk about your process”. But why the heck would Prabhas be on the show? What possible explanation could they even give? Besides some random “I thought it would be fun to show up on my friend Karan’s talk show” answer that we will all see through.

      On Sat, Dec 8, 2018 at 10:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • If Karan is going to do the explanation,then it would be more on the lines of the people behind the biggest movie in India is on my show for Christmas (i’m the Santa,u all can thank me later),first time north and south coming together on TV etc. His first few questions will be how has life been post Baahubali and what they are doing now. But the questions beyond that is what I want to hear-especially if he can get SSR and Prabhas to talk about themselves or their personal lives.


        • Well hey, he got Arjun Kapoor to basically say “I’m marrying Malaika Arora” out of nowhere a few episodes back.

          Here, I’ll give you a fantasy to cling to for the next few hours: the episode is because Prabhas and Anushka are getting married and Prabhas specially asked Karan to arrange for him to go on with people he feels comfortable with so he could break the news.

          On Sat, Dec 8, 2018 at 11:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • omg YESSSSSSSSSS!!!


            I AM SO EXCITED. CAN YOU INFER? :))))))


          • As enticing as that thought is, all I can truthfully imagine Prabhas admitting anything about his personal/love life is ‘im getting married next year’ without mentioning who to. But on a more realistic scenario,he’s going to stick with ‘we are good friends or I will get married when I feel like’. If Karan can get anything like Arjun’s episode,I will watch every effing Dharma movie ever made. While on the subject of love life,I am all ears for what Rana would also have to say.


          • It’s Rana’s episode and he requested it so he could announce he is marrying Trisha and Prabhas will be his best man!

            On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 12:12 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. This wedding is creeping me out

    Aamir dancing at someone’s wedding 😑


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