Katching Up With Koffee: the Kapoor Kiddos!

Finally I am writing this post! It took long enough, I’m sorry. The Koffee posts are some of the most time consuming to write, and what with being super sick, I kept running out of energy to sit upright and be awake.

This episode felt very familiar to me and it took me half the time to figure out why. I kept thinking it was a movie I had just watched. And then I realized it was a movie, my family home movies we watched over Christmas. My Dad was the younger brother of two sisters, the older one was/is responsible and serious. The younger sister was the talkative charming one. And then there was my Dad, the sweet quiet little boy who spent a lot of time with his mother. I’ll put it this way, on the family camping trip, my oldest Aunt was helping set up tents, the younger aunt was mugging for the camera a little, and my Dad was off by himself picking wildflowers. Such a cute little boy!

This is probably a pattern familiar to anyone who has that sister-sister-brother pattern in their family. The oldest is super responsible, the middle one gets to be more carefree and outgoing, and the little brother is just running along behind trying to get a word in edgewise and stay out of the way. And that’s the main take away of the episode for me, I knew these people separately in their professional lives, but seeing all of them combined makes it all fall into place, why Rhea is the one in the background doing all the work, why Sonam is the one in front taking all the attention, and why Harsh is happy just doing his own thing.

This is a nice focused show, maybe having 3 guests meant Karan didn’t have time to let anyone just free-associate, including himself. Karan is also shaking up the jacket/shirt look again, back to a plain black shirt, but with a white jacket instead of a patterned one. It’s a nice clean look. And his opening monologue is nice and clean to, referring back to when he was a kid and his father taught him at parties that if he was introduced in Hindi as “my son”, it meant he should touch the person’s feet, but if he was introduced in English as “my son” it meant it was okay to shake hands. And Anil Kapoor was one of the first people he got the English intro to, shook his hand and always talked to him and listened to him at parties, even when he was an unintelligent uninteresting little boy. And so Anil’s family is like Karan’s family.

Image result for koffee rhea kapoor

It’s a nice story, and interesting for how it gives a glimpse of these parties and networking that starts at a young age. And it also sets a tone of “Anil is nice, his kids are nice, I am having them on my show because I like them”. He isn’t going to pretend it is about their power in the industry or anything like that, this is a personal connection and it’s going to be a personal show.

The Kapoors come out arm in arm. Sonam compliments Karan’s jacket. and starts babbling and interrupting, while Harsh and Rhea are quiet. Karan mentions she was off in London (she says “I love it there”). Karan teases Sonam about dressing fancier than everyone else on the show this year, Sonam doesn’t care, says you just dress for yourself. And Karan checks Harsh about how his mother is since last time Sonam was on, his mother made him cut it up and pull out parts. Harsh says she just doesn’t care. The whole thing is very Sonam focused but, to me, it doesn’t feel like it is because Sonam is the famous pretty one, but more like Sonam is the famous pretty one because she has the personality that will make her talk and interrupt and fuss while her siblings are quiet.

Image result for koffee rhea kapoor

Karan turns to Rhea, and reminds her she was there to keep Sonam in control the last time. Karan goes back to Sonam and asks about her tweets, points out that she is more than just her red carpet looks, and is very progressive. Sonam immediately spins it to LGBTQ rights. Rhea points out it would be hypocritical if they weren’t, because everyone in their community and family and so on is part of that. So, two things are interesting. First the sibling dynamic, that Sonam does most of the talking but Rhea is in the background ready to jump in with the spin as needed. And second, Sonam and LGBTQ issues is a transparent positioning for her possible queer role in Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa. But on the other hand, even taking that role means taking a big risk and making a statement, so it makes sense that someone who truly feels for these issues would have a history of speaking out about them before taking the part.

Karan started with Rhea and Sonam, but now is ready to try to bring Harsh into the conversation. Karan asks if Harsh’s introverted because of his sisters. Rhea takes control of the answer and Sonam and Harsh both sit back and just watch, which kind of answers the question. Rhea says Harsh is coming into his own more because there is space in the house, meaning Sonam is gone. “AK” keeps asking “when is she coming?”, meaning “how long do we have?”, because things are calmer with her gone. Both Sonam and Anil are sensitive and cautious around each other. But Rhea is his friend, walks every morning. Poor baby brother Harsh, even a question directed to him about him gets turned into a discussion of his sisters.

And then it’s back to Sonam, talking about how Sonam is always confident in her looks. She very confidently says that Bhansali told her she didn’t have a bad angle. But Rhea points out it is mostly AK who gave her that confidence, she walks into a room and he says “you are looking beautiful” every time. On the other hand, Rhea says Anil told her not to be an actress because her personality would make her more the heroine’s friends. But it wasn’t hurtful to her, because they also all know Rhea is his favorite. And Rhea would never want to be an actress anyway, since she wouldn’t be in control (such a typical oldest child!). The end conclusion is that all 3 kids think they are Anil’s favorite, because he treats each of them differently and special.

Karan uses this to transition into talking about Anil. Only, it doesn’t feel like “Anil the movie star” and that’s why they are all excited about him, it feels like “Anil the loving and funny center of the family” and that’s why they all have stories. They aren’t telling stories about his wise words of advice and famous friends and stuff, it’s stories about what they see every day within the household. For instance, he spends an hour working with an acting coach on his lines for every role, screaming and carrying on, it’s on the third floor of the house but they can hear it straight down to the first floor. And his wife Sunita/Sonu just sighs and says “your father….” and gets on with things. It’s a cute story and it’s also cute the way they tell it, bouncing between child. Immediately gives us the feeling of them as a united 3 with the same strong loving father.

And that is how Karan transitions into Anil’s video about them, not “Anil the movie star”, but “Anil the silly Papa”. What I like about Anil’s video is that he doesn’t try to explain his children, or take any kind of credit for them. He regards them as wonderful mysteries, people who are always surprising and delighting him. Rhea doing Bhangra at a party, Harsh declaring he wants no more birthdays at age 7 or 8, he doesn’t understand it and he is thrilled not to understand it, to have this interesting people to get to know. And he ends by telling all three of them that he is blessed and proud of them and (a bit of a surprise) telling Karan he is proud of him too. I think this is the first time one of these videos has broken character and directly addressed Karan. It feels of a part with Karan’s intro, acknowledging his own love for Anil and connection to the family that goes far beyond and before professional life. Oh, and the kids and Karan also make fun of Anil for insisting on reshoots and editing of his video, because of course he wanted it to be perfect.

Karan then leads into general talk, getting the siblings to talk about others instead of themselves. Rhea and Sonam take it upon themselves to explain Harsh (classic older sister move). They say their mother was extra protective of Harsh, because he is sensitive and people didn’t notice it, he was a lefty and his teachers tried to make him use his right. It’s different from how she was with them, but she says a parent knows how to treat every child. Similar to Anil’s video talking about how his children keep surprising him, this isn’t the usual “perfect perfect” kind of parenting story, giving advice and formulas, it’s just saying that every child is a different person and there are no rules. I don’t know if this is because we have 3 siblings raised together to describe it, or if it is because this particular household is just more honest.

Image result for harsh kapoor young
See this? Rhea is dignified and standing with Anil, Sonam is focused on the camera, and Harsh is shy and clinging to his mother

Karan then directs Rhea to tell stories about working with Kareena. It’s mostly the same kind of name-dropping anecdotes Karan likes, he knew in advance that Rhea could do a fun Kareena imitation, so he leads her in that direction. Rhea tells a fun story about how Kareena gets so excited about a song, and then fails to show up for rehearsals or anything, but manages to pull it off last minute after all. But I didn’t even notice until later, it is a female producer talking about a female star. How often does that happen? Instead of gossip about one of the top male stars, talking of them as someone we all know and are curious about, it is a woman. And not so coincidentally, a woman talking about a woman. If Rhea were a male producer, her stories of Kareena would sound less like gentle teasing and more like male chauvanism. It’s only through the eyes of other women that we are able to get the same clear idea of female stars as people that we can have for male stars as people.

Speaking of getting to know them as people, Karan has 4 female friends speak about Sonam and Rhea. I didn’t make notes of any specifics of their stories, nothing really jumped out to me. What was more interesting was the two truths that this friends ranged from within the past 5 years or so (Swara) all the way back to high school (a friend remembering seeing Gadar in theaters with Sonam back in 2001), and that all of them were friends of both Sonam and Rhea. It says something important when a woman can keep female friends for a long time and also keep acquiring friends. This is the impression I already had of Sonam, someone who is very loyal to her friends and at the same time always looking to make new ones. And it also says something that Sonam and Rhea share friends, that the sisters are that close.

And then there is Harsh. Karan kind of acknowledges that he didn’t have anyone to ask for a video for him, wonders if he has any friends. Harsh and Sonam and Rhea all confirm he does, his same friends since childhood, none of them involved in the film industry. They come over and hide in his room playing video games. My favorite part of this is when Sonam imitates them greeting her, complete with turning her face up. Like she is picturing scrubby little adolescent boys coming in and out of Harsh’s room. Which is probably how she sees them, Harsh and his little buddies, not as the grown men they are now.

Rapid Fire!

Sonam starts, some generally fun answers, like saying “nobody’s my competition”. Karan gives her a hard question, what actor worked best with her and she asks Rhea what to answer. Rhea suggests Fawad, Sonam answers that but adds her own twist “Fawad, unfortunately Karan sent him back”. Ha! Not the last time there will be some gentle twitting of Karan. Again, I wonder if it is because the siblings are on together? Perhaps it makes them feel more like they are at a party ganging up on their silly friend, and less like they are on a talk show where their silly friend has the ability to cut them off.

The Fawad answer is Sonam’s snappiest, but not the last interesting one. Karan asks all three siblings what they do to make sure their social media is authentic, which is an interesting question. I wonder if he will start bringing it in for the rest of the season, or if it was just for the Kapoors? Because he knows they are so social media savvy and aware? Anyway, Sonam says she handles the social media herself which is what Harsh and Rhea end up saying as well. Speaking of, Sonam has a few more answers of the same kind of intelligent niceness that she displays on social media. She picks Sonakshi’s account on instagram as the one she likes checking the most, a nice continuation of mending fences after their little public feud. When asked about fashion faux pas, she declares that they don’t exist, everyone should wear whatever they want. The only answers that had a bit of bite to them were about actors, she said she had the most fun working with Salman of anyone, which is interesting, since he is generally considered difficult to work with (late to work and so on), but then also very kind especially to those he knows well (like Sonam, who he watched grow up).

Image result for salman sonam

But it is the other two answers that are really interesting, Karan asks which Khan she wants to work with next, and Sonam says practically “I don’t think either of them wants to work with me”. Which is probably true now that I think about it. Not that they hate her, just her kind of acting is not what works with their kind of acting and their kind of films. So, why even worry about the question? Oh, and then the other question, Karan asks between Ayushmann and Rajkummar (reminding her that she has worked with both) who would she pick as a better actor. She only hesitates briefly before picking Raj because “he is a friend”. Brave on two levels, first being willing to make a choice instead of the usual “they both have strengths” kind of thing. And second straight up acknowledging Raj is a friend and that is the reason for her choice, some extra confidence there that she is willing to admit to friendship as a purpose, and to claim Raj as a friend. The only person this season who has I believe, everyone else has said they “admire” him without seeming to know him.

Karan moves on to Rhea and slightly shifts the questions. An advantage to having a producer (or writer or singer or anything but an actor) on the show, he has to change up the questions. So he starts by asking what is the 2018 movie she wanted to produce, and she votes for Badhai Ho. Honest answer, of all the successes of the year, that is the one that best fits with Rhea’s brand. Karan asks her an interesting one, her feeling about doing an ad with a spouse. Is there some controversy I am unaware of around this topic? Anyway, Rhea’s response is practical, all that matters is if the price is right. Same kind of response about getting a tattoo of a significant other’s name, depends on if it is a nice name. And getting Botox and other face changes, sure, if you want. I’m not sure how Karan came up with this series of questions, maybe he just wanted to highlight all the ways the public thinks it can judge celebrities, knowing that Rhea would be blunt about it not being her business. I could see a different guest responding with something saccharine about the face God gave you being sacred or something.

Speaking of being honest, when Karan asks who needs a make over in the industry, Rhea immediately says Varun Dhawan and admits that she sends him DMs asking “where do you get these clothes?”. It’s not a careful diplomatic answer, there is no particular advantage to criticizing Varun, it feels like it is her honest answer. And she can be honest, because she is honest with him as well, she tells him directly that she doesn’t like his clothes, no talking behind backs. Speaking of, Rhea’s best comment, Karan asks her who she wants to cast next and Rhea responds that it depends on the script, Karan agrees and mentions that Raazi was so good it could have been a success with any actress, to which Rhea says “Yes, but it was made by Dharma, no?” meaning “but it was made by Dharma, so of course Alia got the lead role”. HA! And most people would have tiptoed around that, or not said it to Karan’s face. But it works better this way, better for everybody. Rhea shows she is smart and not a sycophant, and Karan shows that he really doesn’t care, because he just laughs it off. All those things we whisper and laugh about behind backs, we can just say to their faces, nothing bad will happen.

Oh, and one other very true comment, she says Harsh looks best without a shirt and Tiger with among the new batch. So true! Harsh’s normal healthy body looks much better than Tiger’s super perfect gym body.

Image result for harsh kapoor shirtless

And then there’s Harash. Who does fine, I guess. Again, very honest, meaning none of his answers have any kind of a spin I can find. The film he wanted in 2018, Andhadhun, which is also a film he turned down, so that’s a nice public acknowledgement of mistake. Fun little sibling byplay when Karan asks what he does to seduce a girl and Sonam leaps in to say “oh, gross!” (speaking for sisters everywhere), Harsh obediently doesn’t answer until Karan reminds Sonam that he didn’t ask her and tosses it back to Harsh. Another interesting little byplay, after Rhea had just criticized Varun’s style sense, Harsh gives him high praise as a performer. First as an actor, saying that his performance in October was Harsh’s favorite of the year. Not a standard answer at all, Varun isn’t usually considered an actor and October is hardly brought up as a successful film. And then he hits on the main point with Varun, that he has a great talent for predicting what the audience will want. Refreshingly outside the box and analytical thinking for such a young star.

Oh, the most interesting to me is when Karan asks who would play Leela to his Ram and he says “Suhana Khan”. It’s not just that, Karan to his Arjun is Tiger Shroff, and Ram to his Lakhan is Ranbir Kapoor, and Simran to his Raj is Ananya. All star kids. And all kids he grew up with. Suhana was a weird answer at the start, but put in context it makes more sense. She hasn’t started acting publicly yet, but Ananya hasn’t either. Harsh isn’t answering based on their public actions, but on his private interactions with them. Suhana and Ananya are his cousin’s best friend, he’s known them since they were a little girls, and he will pick them as a good co-star for him in a passionate tragic romance based on that.

Image result for suhana khan sanjay kapoor
Nice little girl gang, Suhana plus Ananya Panday, plus Shanaya Kapoor

The whole “we just don’t care” vibe continues through to after the rapid fire into the winner announcement. Sonam says with no effort to sell it “I’m so excited about this hamper”. And after Harsh is given the hamper, she says in the same way “I am so happy you won, Harsh”. Ha! Love it Sonam, don’t try to play up to the audience or Karan, Bhansali told you that you looked good from every angle after all.

There’s no time for a quiz, I didn’t even notice how much they were talking but the show must have run longer in that section than usual since there is no time for a game. Instead, Karan just jumps straight to the phone calls and says it can be anyone in the family. Harsh calls Arjun right away and he answers right away. Sonam calls her Mom, who also answers after a little bit. Harsh has gotten Khushi. Sonam gets Sanjay. Rhea is stuck trying for Maheep (Sanjay’s wife) but she never answers. Sonam tries Anil he never answers either, she even calls his assistant and tries to get him to hand the phone over but he doesn’t know where Anil is either. And finally, Harsh calls Sonu too and gets her and wins. Interesting sense of several dynamics, first that Rhea just doesn’t care that much. She can’t reach Maheep and then gives up and lets everyone else try while she watches. Sonu, their Mom, is the first thought followed by various cousins. And it’s nice and spread out among the family, Sanjay and Maheep in the older generation, but Khushi in the younger (and Sonam is trying for Janvhi at the end) and Arjun. The whole Kapoor family represented one way or another.

That’s what this episode felt like, the whole family as equals. Anil loves them all differently but equally. Rhea and Sonam and Harsh all have different careers and personas, but are comfortable with who they are. They are even equal in friendships, Sonam and Rhea have a tight bond with their friends and Harsh has his own group of friends. And so they can all be themselves and not care who wins Rapid Fire or anything else, because they are so confident within themselves. A tribute to their parenting. Which is what Karan talked about with Anil at the beginning, he always made Karan feel special


28 thoughts on “Katching Up With Koffee: the Kapoor Kiddos!

    • I liked that everyone was so open about acknowledging the household was easier with Sonam moved out. Made me think that any issues were small ones, not anything to be ashamed of or hide.

      Also, Anil’s quote about “I don’t look old enough to play Sonam’s father” felt very similar to Sonam’s “Sanjay Leela Bhansali told me I don’t have a bad angle”.

      On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 10:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Yeah, that was part of what I was going to say as well- Rhea’s the Grounded Sister to Sonam’s (slightly) Ditzy Sister, with the twist being that Rhea’s the younger sister. Considering Anil has said in an interview that Sonam was his favourite child (it was a Mubarakan promotional interview he was doing with Arjun), I think both Sonam and Rhea are daddy’s girls to some degree, while Harsh is a blatant mama’s boy.

      Harsh isn’t very popular in the section of Bollytwitter I lurk around in; they view him as an Arrogant Psuedo-Intellectual Snob. The Kapoor siblings are divisive to some degree, but Harsh is derided by a considerable amount of people who are fans of his sisters. I saw very little of the arrogance here, and the part where he agreed that Vicky could’ve a done a better job at playing his character in Bhavesh Joshi really stood out to me.


        • I agree with the Twitterati, he was very obnoxious and arrogant when is first film came out, claiming to have watched only “world cinema”, calling Rakeysh Mehra, his first director as just Mehra, wondering how Diljit won the Filmfare Best Debut Award when he had already done a lot of work in Punjabi films( I think he was salty that he didn’t win). He just gave out this impression that he’s better than every other debutant. But I guess he’s changed after 2 flops.


      • What I saw most here from Harsh was that he spoke rarely and never predictably. Made me think back to some of his earlier interviews and twitter things and wonder if the issue might have been context? Someone else would have coated those quotes in apologies and prevarications and would have thrown in a whole bunch of other less interesting comments to hide them. But Harsh just said it and left it alone.

        On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 11:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. If there are any girls who can give a competition to KJo in snark,it’s the Kapoor sisters.More than being family friends, I think it’s the knowledge that Sonam doesn’t need him to feature her in any of the Dharma movies & Rhea doesn’t need him to fund or co-produce any movies. I am not a fan of Sonam but even I got pissed off when he said he can see halo around Sonam’s head after she spoke of the LGBT support. And Rhea should get the Audi for answering the actor you want to cast in your next movie. Her first answer of scripts matter was good enough,but then that’s not enough for KJo.It seemed like he had to get Rhea to acknowledge the miracle child that is Alia and got his ass handed to him in return.I don’t think I have ever been this happy watching Koffee With Karan.Go Rhea! Harsh seemed lost at first but very competitive and canny in the games& hopefully in his career too. And he looks so much like Anil Kapoor. Good job Sunita Kapoor,raising all of them.I thought I would hate this episode,but it was fun largely due to Rhea.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’d always had the impression that Rhea was shy, because she hasn’t one many public appearances and so on. But definitely not! Makes me think maybe folks just weren’t smart enough to invite her to be interviewed, not that she was turning down the interviews. After this episode, I hope she does a lot more public appearances, I want to hear from her more.

      On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 5:01 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I love Anil’s comment about his children’s individuality, “he is thrilled not to understand it, to have this interesting people to get to know.” That is exactly how I have always felt about mine, as well!


    • Maybe it is just because for once the parental talking head was talking about multiple children instead of just one, but it was so nice to have that attitude instead of “let me explain my child to you because I know everything”.

      On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 9:14 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I’m so happy Harsh turned down Andhadhun. I consider myself his fan but he wouldn’t be able to do it, he is not at this level yet. And what is this answer about star kids? Doesn’t he know even one actor who is not Kapoor or Khan? C’mon. Things like that make me wanna stop watching hindi movies.


    • I’m okay with Harsh’s star kids answer, because two of them weren’t even launched yet. It didn’t feel like he was blind to non-star kid actors or purposely avoiding them, it felt more like he was avoiding mentioning anyone that he didn’t know personally. It was so transparently personal that it was no longer nepotistic, if you see what I mean? Kind of like saying your mother is the most beautiful woman in the world.

      On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 9:26 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I enjoyed this episode a lot. All three of them have such different personalities but you can’t help but see the sibling bond and how much they love their parents and vice versa. Now this might seem like a normal thing for families it’s not so common in Bollywood. So I have to say Anil and Sunita did well. They felt like confident Kids from a normal home. All with different strengths.
    I loved Rhea’s dig at Karan 🤣 .. Also Sonam has been speaking up for lgbtqi rights for years now, so I’m ok even if it sells her new movie. Bold move and very happy she’s doing it. Harsh seems to be different from when he started his first movie promotions but I hope he gets to do what he wants too. Sure there’s nepotism that we detest but then everybody should get work based on merit and hard work even if he’s a star son. Let’s see if he can pull it off.
    This was one of the Warmer episodes of the season. Unexpected but nice.


    • “Warmer” is the perfect way to describe it. It felt like three people who really knew each other and cared about each other. And to a lessor extent Karan too. I was all set for sibling sniping and rivalry, and it really wasn’t there. They were each confident in themselves with no need to challenge the others. A credit to their parents.

      On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 10:48 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I love the term Bollytwitter, Lea. In my corner of Bollytwitter there is a lot of distained bordering on hatred for Karan. It is most due to perceived disloyalty to Shah Rukh who has only been loyal to him. This interview and how Karan handled Zero and Simmba has pushed me over to their camp. He always speaks about Shah Rukh being his brother and the kids being family. He is in this show speaking of the Kapoors in the exact same way and he did not really know them in the same way.Yes, Anil was nice to him when he was a kid…but how many parties was that? He says he hated to go to them. I disliked this episode to the point of not finishing it, but my opinion was colored by other events. I have a Mumbai based friend who always speaks about the disloyalty in the “indus” and I am beginning to see how true it is. I had what I suppose is a fan’s fantasy that Karan for all his gossipy, snarkiness was in fact loyal to old friends. (rewatch his book launch) but he is not. The Kapoors are very arrogant but that’s okay.


    • I’m with you there. I’ve started disliking KJo more and more. Everyone is his best friend, everyone is “family,” and he finds connections to any successful person. He can drop them just as easily too.
      Rhea can make a snarky comment about Dharma hiring Alia all the time but if an outsider had made the same comment, he would have carried on it with it for months and months on any platform he could find.
      His devotion to nepotism is already one thing that irritates me but his cozying up to anyone mildly successful is another irritating trait.
      All 3 invitees barely had anything to say and I don’t care about their family dynamics. They don’t have interesting enough personalities either.


  6. I bought a memership for Hotstar just to watch this episode and Raid and it was so worth it. I like Alia but I laughed so hard at Rhea’s answers regarding about Alia both in terms of her acting ( re: Raazi – “but it was produced by Dharma, no?!”) and her fashion (“she could do so much more but she is such an insane poser”). I complely agree with MKP that while they might be friends, they don’t need Karan for anything so they just said it like it is and gave it right back to Karan. Can you tell I loved this episode?!


    • Such a fun episode! I didn’t even feel like they were being mean to anyone, just honest. The Alia comment about fashion for instance, I read it as “she is so good at posing, she could carry off much more interesting things”. And the slam at Dharma using her for Raazi, felt like calling Karan out on why he picked her. He said right before that the script was so strong, any actress could have played the role and Rhea was pointing out “yeah, but you picked Alia, didn’t you?” A nice little good-natured teasing of Karan but no insult or injury to anyone not in the room.

      Oh, and Raid! How did you like it? Or did you already comment and I missed it? Are you in the camp of “I don’t care that it was historically inaccurate, I love that Ajay was wearing fitted pants and shirts the whole time”?

      On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 1:23 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I completely agree nothing was said maliciously but more so just matter of factly. Either way, it was such an wonderful episode.

        I loved Raid!! What a wondefully made movie – intellegent, fun, good script, nice message, and just so well made. For some reason this movie had slipped my radar. Thank you so much for the reccomendation! Also, I generally do not find Ajay attractive but his character in this movie (all the rule following – which reminds me of my husband) and the silent but super playful and romantic husband made me swoon!


        • Yes! Ajay was so swoony sexy in this! Rule-following, and a loving husband, and a bit of a social progressive (atheist, although he respects those who believe). Makes me want to re-watch Singham, where he was similar in the rule-following way.

          On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 10:14 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. Loved this one! Rhea was the star of the episode, and Harsh was sweet too. He’s seemed to have mellowed down a bit after the conversation with Rajeev Masand on one of the roundtables. He really was finding it hard to get a word in with his two sisters around! Lol at Rhea telling Karan – being vain is of course a bad thing. Sonam is definitely like a princess in her lala land.


    • I loved how everyone just accepted Sonam’s princess-ness! No effort to baby her, or ignore it either, that’s just her and who she is. The same with Harsh’s shyness, they weren’t trying to force him to talk, it was just who he is.

      On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 10:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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