10 Lords a Leaping for the 10th Day of Advent!

Ha! I finished my Koffee post! And it wore me out, so it will have to keep you for a while in terms of serious posts. But this is a fun one, right??? 10 Lords a Leaping!

Starting with my favorite and most leap-y song! “Tu Meri” from Bang Bang, check out the build to that final epic leap!

For a total change of pace, a nice slow dreamy leaping song. “Pehla Nasha” with Aamir.

Kind of in between dreamy and fast paced, like wearing a leather jacket and carrying a dove, “Dil Deewana”.

Woo-hoo! Another energy filled fun one! “Badtameez Dil” from Yeh Jawwani Hai Deewani.

Which reminds me of where Ranbir got all that dancing ability, his uncle Shammi and the immortal “Yahoo” song.

Pulling it forward to the present day, one of our best current dancers with a name that starts “sha”, Shahid! And one of his most leap-y songs, “Mat Maari”.

Another modern dancer, Varun! And another fun leap-y song, “Palat Tera Hero”.

Something very different, but still with lots o’ leaps, “DhayaanChand”.

One of my favorite recent songs partly because of how bouncy the male chorus is, “Sweetheart” from Kedarnath.

And ending big! One of the best leap-y songs of all, “Chaiyya Chaiyya”.


4 thoughts on “10 Lords a Leaping for the 10th Day of Advent!

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