Feeling Down Today? These Two Trailers Are Here to Rescue You!

What a lovely thing to wake up to! I had a really bad day yesterday, no particular reason, and then I woke up this morning to have these two lovely videos waiting to cheer me up and start the day off right.

Are you feeling down? Do you think no more good things will happen? Have you come to dread every day instead of look forward to it? Well, let me introduce you to Anil Kapoor singing “Good Morning”!!!!

I have no idea what this song means for the narrative. Do you? It’s possible the whole thing will turn out to be a play within a play type thing, this could be the opening (all the characters setting up the stage and preparing for their roles) and then the movie opens out to be a real “movie” as the play continues, like Olivier’s Henry V. Or this could be the happy ending, Rajkummar taking all the real people and having them help him turn their real story into a play.

I guess the one thing this says for sure is that there will be a Happy Ending! I can’t imagine a movie with this song in it ending on a downer note. The other songs have been happy-ish too, but this is such a declaration of good things to come and happy ever afters, it couldn’t be put in a movie that ends with the traditional Lesbian suicide. Which also means, yaaay! I can go opening night with friends! I was going to wait and be the canary in a coal mine for dead Lesbian endings, but no need! I am showing up opening night with like 5 queer girls.

“Good Morning” is pretty much the song of the year for me already, but the other trailer today isn’t that bad. Luka Chuppi, which seems to have a great hilarious farcical plot. And, like all true farces, it functions by puncturing assumptions and questioning the meaning of everything.

Kartik Aaryan is fine, pretty much the same style of performance I’d seen before in everything but Akaash Vani. But Kriti is a delight! I like her character right away, but I also find her entertaining, all her lines are said in a way I would not have anticipated (if that makes sense). This movie and her Diljit one have been weirdly delayed and after a long gap from her break-out performance in Bareilly Ki Barfi, so I am glad it was worth waiting for. Both for her performance and for the character, which isn’t quite the usual either.

I am so happy a film is finally taking on the myths of “Live-In”. The myth being that there is any real difference between “live-in” and marriage, beyond what is in your own head. Even before the misunderstandings, the two characters seem to be planning on “live-in” in a way that punctures what it is supposed to be. No, Kriti isn’t going to turn into a willing sex toy just because they are living together before marriage. And they aren’t making the decision because of some moment of high romance. It’s as prosaic as any other decision, and they are going to fight and talk and do everything else any couple would do. The only difference is, they aren’t making a life time commitment, they are just trying it out.

And then once they are mistaken for actually being married, that’s when the farce that points out flaws of society really gets going. Because, ultimately, what is the difference between Live-in and marriage? It’s what people think. If everyone thinks they are married and treats them as married, than they basically ARE married, even if they say it is just “live-in”.

My hope is that we get a final twist. It starts with Karthik wanting an engagement and everything proper, and Kriti suggesting a live-in trial first. Then the flip when we learn it won’t be “live-in” like other movies with constant sex and joyfulness, but like it is in reality, two people figuring things out. And the second flip when they are mistaken for being married and get all the hassle and expectations of marriage without having done the ceremony. But what I really want is a third flip, a decision that even though they are already living together, even though everyone thinks they are married, they want to have a ceremony committing to each other for life just for themselves. Wouldn’t that be nice? An ending of a couple discovering the true meaning of marriage, not all the social stuff around it but just the commitment between each other that makes it a little more than just “live-in”?

Okay, now I am going to go watch “Good Morning” five more times and then go to work.


14 thoughts on “Feeling Down Today? These Two Trailers Are Here to Rescue You!

    • I hope that it turns into a 3 joke movie, the initial struggle of live-in, then the misunderstanding, then a misunderstanding on top of the misunderstanding. Or, maybe it will just be really good at keeping the joke going, like Son of Sardaar.

      On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 9:16 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I’m not Karthik fan so I wasn’t waiting for Luka Chuppi, but now when I saw the trailer I’m super excited and can’t wait. Kriti is very good, Pankaj has only few seconds but he looks hilarious. It looks like Bareilly ki Barfi 2 and I don’t mind.


    • Yes! I was nervous also because Kartik’s previous films have been so extreme and un-family friendly. But this movie seems to tread the line of treating sex as a thing that happens, without making it all sex comedy.

      On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 10:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m kind of excited about Luka Chuppi. I love Kriti and Pankaj and as much as I don’t think I really like Kartik (and I don’t find him that attractive), I’ll still give him a chance to change my mind. The plot is right in my romantic comedy wheelhouse for sure.

    Now looking at the romances this year, we’ve got…
    Luka Chuppi – live in romance
    Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (LGBT)
    Gully Boy (maybe but mostly a biopic)
    Sandeep aur Pinky Farrar (hopefully a happily ever after, but it looks like more of darker film, Arjun and Parineeti deserve kind of consolation after Namaste England and at least the director is a known quantity)
    Photograph (more Lunchbox style romance)
    De De Pyaar De (problematic, but still hoping for an interesting twist and not just another Ajay where he romance someone too young)
    Mental Hai Kya (maybe a romance? but probably just black comedy)
    The Zoya Factor – highly anticipated DQ and Sonam based on a book I loved!
    Kalank (historical romance x 3 jodis)
    Arjun Patiala, Student of the Year (teen romance)
    Jabariya Jodi – all about Sid and Parineeti together again on screen!
    Bharat (historical and contemporary romance?)
    Kabir Singh – hopefully they’ll make some subtle changes so it won’t be the next Badrinath
    Drive (action romance)
    Chhichhore (meh because of Shraddha!)
    Good News (big star pairings)
    whatever the Anurag Basu film turns out to be…the cast looks great and there might be romance
    the Hrithik-Tiger-Vaani movie (hoping it’s a Hrithik-Vaani jodi with lots of dancing)
    Taanaji (old school Ajay-Kajol- Saif!)
    Panipat (Arjun and Kriti!)
    Brahmastra – the on-screen chemistry test

    Wow! It’s kind of an embarrassment of riches in the romance department this year! Something for everyone: cute romantic comedies, a path breaking lesbian romance, historical romance, teen romance, romance with action & dance thrown in, quirky romance Anurag Basu style, black comedy with a romantic elements, family drama/romance, even indie romance.

    I think we haven’t seen this variety and quantity of romantic films in the Hindi industry in several years.


    • I am so going to use this comment for reference when I need to think about upcoming films!

      It’s possible some of these movies (like Taanaji) will turn out to sideline the romance, in the way Simmba rushed through the romantic storyline to get to the action. But stuff like casting Kajol or putting Alia in Kalaank makes me think it will be a real equal hero-heroine story.

      I think maybe 2017 was the absolute worst year for romance? 2018 we had Soorma which was sort of romantic, Manmarziyaan and Kedarnath which were straight up romance, and I think some others I am forgetting. But 2017 it just felt like every other week was some big “better” movie that rejected love stories and happiness.


      • I just looked down the list of 2019 films on wikipedia…I didn’t know about the Anurag Basu anthology film yet…it’s got a great cast! Abhishek, Rajkumar, both Dangal actresses, and ARK…could be great…this must be the Life in a Metro “sequel.” I watched the first one early on in my fandom and I now better understand how unusual it was at the time. But I hate that I can’t watch it again because of stupid Shiney Anuja.

        In recent years, I think 2017 and 2018 were both kind of disappointing for romance. In 2017, we did have all three of the Ayushmann Khurana films which were nice, Raabta, and Phillauri, but overall nothing perfect. Then in 2018 for me the only one I really liked was Manmarziyaan that had a traditional HEA. Plus it’s the year of that awful Kartik anti-romance film. It hasn’t been since 2016 that we’ve had the really melodramtic and fun ones like Sanam Teri Kasam, Befikre, and ADHM. By the way, KJo is being really gross right now about his character choices in that film. Did you see the interview?


        • Angie gave me the link to the Karan interview, and I think it is pretty clear he was joking about his original answer, putting it in the worst possible light, and was sincere about saying it was a narrative dead end, she had to die if they weren’t getting together. In his memoir (or in another interview? I don’t remember) he had some similar quotes about the discussion around the death in My Name is Khan. And he talked about thinking of cancer as like a result of unspoken emotions, but that was an idea he came up with related to the cancer and death of his father, before the film.

          Wow, I forgot that Befikre and ADHM came out back to back! A very old-fashioned kind of winter, two old-school romances from Adi and Karan.

          On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 7:30 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. You’re right, both are cheering-up videos! Thanks 🙂

    Already waiting for EkLadkiKo…(what a loooong title!) – unfortunately till the streaming, I guess.

    Didn’t know anything about LukaChuppi but would like to watch it, too.


      • Yes Angie, it was…with German subtitles (I bet they weren’t always accurate).
        I need some time to catch up on all the reviews written about but I can say that I have a very positive impression. It’s a bold, intelligent, fancyfully fantastic, deeply touching, uncommon, humorous and extremely well crafted movie to which I could connect from the beginning to the end.
        Nevertheless I can understand those who – having watched it – could not connect to everything or to the film at all. It is in so many ways ‘out of the box’.


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