Lukka Chuppi Review (SPOILERS): A Live-In Relationship Movie That Treats Live-In Relationships Honestly!

As I said in my “no spoilers” review, there was a political message in this film that already feels dated. So I am going to briefly acknowledge it, but not deal with it in the amount of detail I would if I were watching this movie ten years from now. Oh, and in terms of spoilers, there isn’t anything super surprising in the plot, not really a lot of twists you couldn’t have guessed already, so don’t worry too much about spoiling yourself on this review. But if you want to remain unspoilered, read this review.

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Small News Videos: Ranveer Crowd-Surfing, Luka Chuppi Song, Kangana Video

I watched the Luka Chuppi video before work, but the other two I have to go by descriptions and comments because I didn’t see them until later. Please watch them and tell me more about them! And also, that is why this is just a little post, not a big post.

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