News Round-Up: Manikarnika Sinking Ship, Manju Warrier and Dhanush Together, Farhan and Farah Break-Up

Not usual to do a news post on a Wednesday night, but I just could not resist the Manikarnika story. You know how addictive I find that whole disastrous soap opera.

Manikarnika Calling in Sick

Ha! A couple of days ago, the story started going around that poor Kamal Jain, Manikarnika producer, had a stroke and was in the hospital, unable to attend any events. Which made me naturally think of all kinds of black humor about Kangana driving the poor man to a stroke. And then I felt very bad about it. But turns out, I don’t have to! Because he may just be faking it, in the grand tradition of 6 year olds trying to avoid math tests (story here)

Image result for kamal jain manikarnika
Happier times!

Kangana herself was asked about him at a promotional event and (according to the article) “she testily replied he was doing ok and that an unnecessary hullabaloo is being created about the producer’s health when it is only a ‘lung infection'”. And according to an unnamed source in the industry, “He has certainly not suffered a paralytic stroke. This false news was spread so Jain could escape from being part of the film’s final promotion before release. Jain knows the fate that lies in store for Manikarnika“. Ha! I love Manikarnika rumors and anonymous slams!

Also, poor Kamal Jain. Even putting the best possible interpretation on this mess, he still had to supervise the production of a film with a last minute director and casting switch, and wildly extended production schedule. He has earned his day of calling in sick and staying in bed eating chocolate and watching soap operas.

Manju Warrier and Dhanush Together!

I am very excited about this! It’s being sold as “Manju Warrier in Tamil films” and I suppose that is exciting, her having the opportunity to impress a new audience. But I am mostly just excited about seeing two such spectacular performers as Dhanush and Manju playing off each other (story here)

Oh, and the director is impressive too! Vetrimaaran who directed “Interrogation”, the Academy Award nominee film a few years back. He does gritty grounded action type stuff. I just cannot wait to see what he does with Manju.

Farhan-Farah Rift

Well, this is sad. Post the Sajid Khan story, there is a coolness between Farhan and Farah. They used to celebrate their birthdays together (only two days apart), but not this year. (story here)

I kind of sympathize with Farah, honestly. Her point (it is pretty clearly her team that leaked this) isn’t that Farhan should be supporting Sajid, or that she is supporting Sajid, but that Farhan should be supporting her and her family. They are innocent in this and going through a terrible time, and the week the story broke Farhan threw a party. Unrelated, but still kind of a weird decision not to cancel it. Meanwhile Farah and her mother and family were struggling with shame and guilt and misery and Farhan was partying.

Plus, Farhan has been distancing himself from Sajid aggressively in public statements. Which isn’t wrong, exactly, but there is a way to do it that also acknowledges personal shame and guilt and confusion and supports the rest of the family who are suffering personal shame and guilt and confusion, instead of saying “I am on the mountain top and judge from my place of perfection”.

Again, this is all leaks and spin and stuff. But it is true that Farhan had a party. And that his initial response didn’t really bother to acknowledge the family relationship.

Whereas Farah gave a similar message while also acknowledging her closer personal connection:

This isn’t the most important story ever, but I find it interesting first because the Farhan-Farah connection is something that doesn’t come up much, despite the reality of a close family tie (they grew up together for several years while both their mothers were struggling post-divorces). But now the media is suddenly reminded of it.

And I also find it interesting in a larger sense for the options it gives families when they are part of major sins. Will you distance yourself, try to pretend you aren’t part of it, judge from up in the clouds? Or will you pull closer together, support each other in this time of stress and strain (not support the sinner, but support the others close to youwho are going through the same heartbreak of discovery)?

12 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Manikarnika Sinking Ship, Manju Warrier and Dhanush Together, Farhan and Farah Break-Up

  1. If Manikarnika is really as bad as we all think, I wonder how Kangana’s career will be after. She can’t blame the director or other people now, even if I’m sure she will find some scapegoat.

    Farah-Farhan situation: I couldn’t care less about those people, because I’m sure they knew something about Sajid’s behaviour, and they did nothing.


    • Latest story in BH is that Ankita Lokhande was supposed to have a special appearance on a dance show, was excited about it and rehearsing for it, and then at the last minute Kangana pulled out of appearing with her and it was canceled. The theme of the article is that everyone on the set hates Kangana and is done with this movie, Ankita stuck it out the longest because she really wanted this big break, but Kangana has now betrayed even her. I kind of believe it, just because the promotions have been all Kangana-Kangana-Kangana. No co-stars, no music people, I’m not seeing anyone else mentioned or talked about. You would think with a big movie like this that they would try to spread it around a bit, get the whole cast involved in the promos.

      On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 2:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Well, the movie, too, seems to be all about one person who already gets a lot of praise for her performance…I think, for Kangana it is all about Kangana…in a movie or in real life.


  2. The early reviews for Manikarnika are decent. Taran Ardash gave it 3.5 stars. Given the holiday and the lack of competition I think there’s a chance it will do well.

    Farhan has spoken publicly about his family connection to Sajd and the shame of not knowing when it was someone close to him:

    Farhan may not have been supportive enough of Farah but I think he’s handled this pretty well, all things considered.


    • I was really hoping Manikarnika would be a “so bad it’s good situation”! If it is just kind of medium, that is going to be torture to watch.

      On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 12:55 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I’m so wary of early Twitter reviews now. Ever since Thugs,it has become a trend or campaign to either boost up or trash a movie on Twitter. Filmmakers have realised how public perception on the first day can dictate the opening collections of the movie & it’s consequent fate.The reviews are so extreme in nature that when we watch the movie for ourselves, the reaction end up being either ‘huh,its not that bad’ or ‘huh,why was this hyped so much’.In Manikarnika’s case,I am seeing so many comments that says ‘go watch with you family’ or ‘book your tickets’. Who writes that in a review?Not saying that the movie doesn’t deserve the praises.But Twitter trends and reviews need to be taken with a pinch of salt.


    • Taran Ardash, if I remember well gave Kick 4 starts and that disqualifies his as a critic for life for me. And I agree with MPK that those reviews need to be taken with a pinch of salt, especially in the case of such propaganda film like Manikarnika. Anna Vetticad, who I respect as a critic, didn’t like the movie, and now her twitter is full of insults made by people who I’m sure haven’t seen thee movie yet.


      • I selfishly want it to be bad. I can enjoy a mediocre Action film, or romance, or thriller, or mystery, or basically any genre except historical. For historicals, it has to be either super super good so I can legitimately enjoy it, or super super bad so I can totally laugh at it, but nothing in between. I just don’t want to spend two and a half hours in torture tonight!

        On Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 2:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I rather quickly have decided to not give a damn neither to the bashing nor to the praise wether it is social media or film forums. Actually, if I’m interested in watching a movie I even don’t read any reviews from critics or people who claim to have watched the movie.
          For Zero it has been a long wait and it was impossible to not become aware of the general trend. Now I take my time to compare other impressions with mine.


          • Ugh, I hope people don’t end up grading it on a curve because they all know it is a first time director. That’s not a courtesy first time director’s usually get, and Kangana shouldn’t get it just because she is high profile and we all KNOW it is a first time direction.

            Mostly though, I still hope it is terrible. I really really hate watching mediocre historiacals.

            On Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 10:41 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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