Saturday Small Talk: What Happy Things Can We Talk About While I Get a Pedicure?

I wrote a big serious post last night, and now I am rewarding myself by having a pleasant day. I’m going for a pedicure, and then my accupuncture, and then a movie with Mom and Dad. And in the meantime, you can all talk about happy things! It’s Saturday, a day for fun.

Later today my “20 songs outside the standard list” for Madhuri post is going up. Who else should I do songs for? Or movies, like I did for Aamir?

Oh shoot, and I forgot to include this song for Madhuri! Oh well, you can watch it here:

Speaking of fun, I put up two excellent posts last week that did not get nearly the traffic I thought they should. Make sure to look at Shahrukh’s sticky buns and chocolate nuts on yesterday’s post, and at the puppy post from Monday.

Image result for shahrukh khan brown pants
Chocolate nuts

And finally, the most important question, which color should I paint my nails?????? Should I try to compete with Sridevi?


5 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: What Happy Things Can We Talk About While I Get a Pedicure?

  1. Did your parents like Gully Boy? Hoping for details. Parents’ thoughts on Ranveer, parents’ thoughts on Alia, parents’ thoughts on Hindi rap scene.


    • Yes! They really really liked it. Thank goodness! They both had a strong reaction of “who is Alia? what have we seen her in? We’ve seen her in a lot of things, haven’t we?” Ranveer, I could only remember DDD that they had seen with him. They loved Siddhant Chautravadi (of course). And my Mom had a “[gasp] that’s it?” reaction to the fake ending, when “GULLY BOY” goes on the screen right after his first performance, and I had to whisper “there’s more, don’t worry”. My Dad got all upset about Alia’s life, not being able to have any freedom or do anything on her own. They were both eager for a fully happy ending, seeing them safely married and happy together instead of still having 18 months to go. Oh, and they both had a strong feeling of “that was so sad! Their lives are so hard!”

      Most importantly, there was an old white couple sitting behind us making comments that were alternately adorable and irritating. Not racist, just like “IS THAT THE SAME GIRL? IS HE KISSING ANOTHER GIRL NOW? OH NO, WHAT ABOUT HIS GIRLFRIEND? NOW, WHO IS THIS WOMAN? IS THAT HIS SISTER?” (they were also slightly deaf, was that not clear?) Anyway, the old white couple seemed to enjoy the film, despite not fully following, like, ANY of it.


      • Oh my gosh, I’m sorry because I would find that intensely irritating, but it’s also hilarious, and I’m kind of fascinated by the fact that old white people are going to see Gully Boy.


        • I was fascinated too!!!!! Now that I think about it, could be just because there were subtitles on the movie? This was not a couple that could normally hear dialogue. Or else there is enough decent buzz for the kind of nice Old White Couple who would regular want to see the odd foreign films at the mall near their retirement home (seriously, this mall is in the middle of a strip that is ALL retirement homes) to look up the title and decide to check it out.

          On Sat, Feb 23, 2019 at 9:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Maybe they have a pact to do something they’ve never done before every weekend and this was convenient. Or is that too Cocoon of me?


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