Made in Heaven Discussion Post: 8 Things I Want in Season 2

Final post! Views have slowed down rapidly, but the nice thing with a streaming series is, I can just have these posts available and wait for more people to finish the series and then come check in. (oh, and index of all my Made in Heaven reviews is here)

At the end of series 1, a lot of stuff had happened! Our poor girl new employee Jazz was happy in her job and had returned to her nice local boy boyfriend without guilt or shame. Our pretentious philosopher cameraman Kabir was revealed to have a live-in girlfriend despite his flirting with Jazz, and still looked down on the whole wedding industry. The low class moneylender Vijay Raaz was given 10% of the business and revealed himself to be far savvier and more powerful with money than at first glance. Our male lead Karan/Arjun became a spokesperson for gay rights in India and filed a suit with the Supreme Court against 377, and also tracked down his first true love from high school and had one night with him. And our female lead Sobhita/Tara walked out on her rich cheating husband after revealing to him the extent to which she had trapped him in marriage, and took with her a suitcase full of jewels.

Here’s some things I want in the second season:

Happier weddings! Most of them were downers this year, I don’t want them to be shallow and without some kind of social statement, but the weddings in the second and third and final episode were triumphal, happy couples who loved each other no matter what craziness surrounded them.

Either cut Jim and Kalki lose, or integrate them better. If we start off the second season with Kalki off the show and Jim as a guest star who shows up sometimes to cause issues as an angry investor, that would be fine. Or if Kalki ends up hired at Made in Heaven and Jim is trying to take over the company, that is fine too. Just don’t have them off doing their own thing away from the wedding planning parts.

More Vijay Raaz! I love his character as a character, the Old Delhi type who has the money but doesn’t care about flaunting it, and I also love his character as a statement. All these people with the big weddings are so focused on the surface, let’s include Vijay Raaz as someone who has the power and money but doesn’t care about the surface. Plus, he is just fun to watch.

Arjun to have a real relationship. Now that he has resolved his guilt over betraying his first love, I want him to open up and start something real with someone. Have him meet someone at a wedding, flirt, date. fall in love, not just a secret relationship locked in his apartment.

Related to the above, I want to leave behind the gay storyline as it was in this season. The law has changed now, that’s the reality, so the court case and the threat of the police is gone. But society hasn’t changed. Put Arjun in a real relationship and let us see how they are treated when they try to go out to dinner together, or dance together. Let us see how his family falls apart now that it is out in the open that his father and brother are supportive and his mother isn’t.

On the other hand, I want Sobhita to NOT be in a relationship. She has been defined by her marriage and her relationship with Jim for too long, it is both unhealthy for the character as a person to rush into anything, and also just plain boring in terms of narrative. Yes, for a woman in India it is always about marriage and family, but let the conflict come from her choice to NOT have a family instead of from throwing her into a different one. Let her fight with her mother, let her deal with a messy divorce, let her deal with finding her place in the world as a single career woman, don’t force her into another romance. Leave that for 2 or 3 seasons down the line.

Jazz/Shivani to get a promotion and respect. We saw her grow in her job over the course of the first series, I want that to still be her storyline, her family problems and romance can be there too, but keep her as a talented loyal ambitious employee and reward her. I want to see that storyline continue. And if there is more sweet hot garage sex, that’s okay too.

Kabir/Shashank’s documentary to come out. It was teased in this season, and his voice overs seem to be a part of it, I want it to release. Let that be the big scandal of the season, that every client has their dirty laundry aired out in his documentary. He blurs the faces, but everyone knows what the stories are. And that would also let Kabir confront the way he doesn’t see people as people but as stories, maybe his documentary is sympathetic to a bride who walks out on a dowry request, but is he thinking about how she would feel seeing her story made public?

How about you? What do you want?


16 thoughts on “Made in Heaven Discussion Post: 8 Things I Want in Season 2

    • It’s pretty emotional, so you can binge, but be prepared to need a break in the middle.

      On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 1:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I support all of these ideas! I say more of Vijay Raaz and jettison Jim and Kalki (I suspect that was the plan all along…but now that it’s a hit I think they might come back?). I like the idea of Karan in a healthy relationship (though I think my one true pairing is now him and Vikrant) and Tara just taking some time to deal with the results of *her* earlier actions as well as, hopefully, a divorce. I can see Jim’s character selling the rest of his share to Vijay and have him be the bigger silent partner who’s sketchier businesses sometimes cause trouble.

    I also hope they don’t fall into the trap that USA’s Suits did in just having it always be about rival firms and keeping the business going all the time. I hope the Harmony planners only turn up occasionally.

    Overall, I also would like a better balance of dark and light/drama and comedy. They’ll get critiques of it not being “realistic” anymore but it also will have more longevity if that’s what they want.


    • I suspect that the plan for season 2 is to put him and Vikrant together in an affair, deal with the ramifications of that, have him meet Vikrant’s wife and feel guilty, decide if he can be happy with half a life with his true love, or if it is more painful to see him and not have him always. Just generally dig in more to the closeted life. But for me personally, I’d love to see a happy healthy open gay relationship in the show, especially since Arjun went through so much in this series. They can always do a little bit of rewriting, have Vikrant show up and say “hey, remember when I said I was married? Actually it was an empty loveless marriage and we just split up and now I am here and I want to move in together”. That, I would LOVE.

      Glad you agree about jettisoning Jim and Kalki. The cast is already so large and there is hardly enough time for all the stories, get rid of them and give more time to Shivani and her hot garage lover. And Vijay Raaz, he is a far more interesting version of the money guy. Plus, Jim and Kalki are kind of a retread in terms of letting us see this world, all their clients are part of that upper upper class wealthy world, we don’t need a regular character in it too. Dump him, and give more to Vijay and his lower class Old Delhi world.

      I was a little worried about the “rival firm” aspect with Harmony. At least in this season, they were used more to move the personal plots forward, the ones who made Arjun’s arrest public. If they stay that way, coming up just when needed for the purposes of the other plots but not a plot in themselves, I would be okay with that. Say, they reveal the truth of Sobhita’s divorce and sour her relationship with her in-laws.

      On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 2:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I might be missing something but I don’t think Vikrant is married to a girl. In the last episode at the 9:00 minute mark when Arjun is looking at Vikrant’s facebook, there is a African American looking guy who looks like he could be the husband. The actual Facebook post also has a heart emoji at the end of it.

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        • How did I miss that? Well, I feel foolish. And now conflicted about their one night together. It was cleansing for Arjun, and I could see the need for Vikrant as well, to have a tidy closure to this episode of his life. But not really fair to his husband, especially since Vikrant left the possibility of further meetings open.

          On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 4:57 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I think it is really important that Vikrant is married to a man. He lives his true life..except for one thing: his husband is not his true love. So this is an interesting spin. It in fact puts their story in ordinary Hindi love story mode which I love. I’d like to see the 2nd season spend more time on each wedding and its issues and less on our main character’s issues. That can be every other episode, not everyone. I find police shows, hospital shows etc.too often have the drama be about the cop or the doc rather than what they encounter. I don’t want this to fall into that trap.


    • What would be really interesting is to see Arjun’s story explore a little bit of the pull of “now that we are out of the shadows, we have to accept new challenges”. If homosexuality was still illegal, if Arjun was still in the closet, if Vikrant was married to a woman, then there is the excuse that none of the rules apply exactly. I’d like to see Arjun be confronted with that reality, his secret meetings in bars and one night stands take on a different meaning when they are choices, not the only option. And sleeping with Vikrant, when Vikrant is with a man legally and openly, is very different from sleeping with Govind who is forced into a false relationship with a woman. In season 2, he can be given the option (for instance) of an open approved relationship with an available man, or a secret relationship with Vikrant.

      On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 5:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Exactly. Then the classic story of lost true love vs. present not quite as good love is the stuff Hindi film is made of BUT this time it is two men. THAT really brings it all into the openl


        • If they go that way, there could also be some interesting sincere conversations with Sobhita, who has been on both sides of the “cheating spouse” game now.

          On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 12:34 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • Do you think they might take it down the path that maybe Vikrant is in a potentially open relationship and his husband has knowledge of his affair with Arjun? Maybe Arjun is fine with it at first but eventually realizes that he wants it all, he wants the fairytale – a husband/boyfriend that just loves him. Or maybe Arjun sees Vikrant and his husband together and realizes that the husband is Vikrant’s true love and Vikrant will never truly be able to reciprocate the feelings Arjun has toward him. It could be an interesting story arc for Arjun about the new reality that comes into play when you are openly gay and trying to form relationships (as opposed to one-night-stands) for the first time.


          • Yes, I would love both of those possibilities! The way Vikrant plays his scenes leave it open either way. We can’t tell if he reached out to Arjun casually without really thinking about it, or if it was after the same kind of mental anguish Arjun went through. It could be that he was playing it cool in the beginning because he didn’t know, and then was overcome with love/lust and slept with Arjun without planning it, or it could be that he has casual hook-ups like this all the time and it was cool for him. I mean, it is clear that he cares deeply for Arjun and wants him to feel safe and loved, but that could go either way, having talked to his husband and gotten permission for whatever he wanted to do in the moment, or being overwhelmed with love.

            It could also be interesting because we saw Arjun be that kind of hurtful casual lover to others in this first season. He isn’t cruel, but he brushes “Govind” off a bit, and he holds back from opening up fully to the American boyfriend who clearly really loves him. I wouldn’t mind an arch that includes Vikrant breaking his heart, and then him going on an apology tour of his old lovers, saying he now understands how he hurt them and he should have been kinder. If he ends up back with the American, that would be fine with me, I really liked them together. They had a lot more than just sex between them, and it seems like they had been together off and on for years. Maybe he just has to process his emotions about Vikrant fully and put them in the past, and he can be ready to fall in love with someone new.

            On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 10:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. One thing I thought may happen when Jim is shown to have fertility issues is that Sobhita may turn to Arjun for help and get impregnated by him-artificially or naturally. I hope that doesn’t happen cos that would mess up the beautiful partnership they have and the possibility of either of them finding true love elsewhere. It would also be very ‘soap’y. They gotta bring some new love interests for Sobhita- at least some one night stands.


    • No, I want that! Sobhita clearly wants a child, not just Jim’s child but a child for herself. Let her use Arjun’s sperm, even if they don’t co-parent, and let her be a single mother. Although having her adopt as a single woman would also be wonderful and awesome.

      And I DON’T want Sobhita to have a love interest, not for at least a season. Her relationship with men and romance is so messed up, she really needs to take some time just for her. Although I guess I would be down for a cleansing one night stand with someone who is definitely permanently off the table just so she can experience healthy normal sex, and not sex with an agenda. Like, say, a sexy chef they hire for a wedding who makes it clear that he has an open relationship with his wife and this will never be anything more, but he is totally down for a loving respectful night together. Or, she could borrow Jazz’s mechanic! He seems good at that kind of thing.

      On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 5:06 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • He indeed has deep expertise in that area. But poor Jazz,the one good thing in her life-let her have it. Chef sounds good-maybe Saif Ali Khan can do a cameo. Or Rahul Khanna.


        • Akshaye Khanna!!!!! Or Miland Sonam. Or maybe someone southern, like Dulquer or Vijay Sethupathi or someone. There is a bride who wants a full southern spread, the source out a brilliant chef who happens to be in Delhi for a week, have to convince him to do the wedding, flirt flirt flirt, he makes it clear that he has a wife and kids back home but he and his wife have a deal that whatever happens out of town doesn’t count, there are all kinds of cute language barrier scenes and stuff, he feeds her food, and at the end of the episode, she works through all her guilt over sex without commitment and goes to his hotel room. And then they never see each other again.

          On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 10:16 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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