Songs to Wake Me Up as I Fight Post-Vacation Slump!

Somehow I acclimated to the two hour time change going to California very easily, but coming back home is ROUGH. Plus the usual kind of spiritual upset of trying to retrain my brain to being at home instead of on vacation. And being greeted by two days worth of extra work. It’s all hard, I need songs to help.

Malayalam is a beautiful language, but also a really good language if you need an empowering semi-angry rap song. Like, “Kerala Manninaayi”

Or “Ranam”, also love that.

Moving on, the best pump up songs around are of course the Rahman options. I like “Hayati” better than the title track from “Chekka Chivantha Vaanam”, but they are both good.

I’m gonna go from a super new Rahman allllllll the way back to a super old one, “Boom Boom” from Boys.

Here’s a Rahman that seems to have gone pretty unnoticed, but I love it because it is a Rahman take on a girl power anthem, “Freaking Life”

Speaking of, there is also Madhuri’s call to “Dance With Me”

And finally my two favorite recent Rahman happy songs, “Mental Manadhil” and “Azhagiye”

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