TGIF: April Fools Themed! The Photos That Seem Like They Must be Faked, but Aren’t

Most of the photos of Indian film stars are very posed and styled and lovely. And then some of them are just “WTF???” This is the week for WTF.

Why does Gulshan Grover make everything weird?

Image result for shahrukh khan gulshan grover
Related image
Image result for salman khan gulshan grover
Image result for aamir khan gulshan grover

Beyond Gulshan Grover, there’s also Anupam Kher

Image result for anupam kher gym

So long as we are looking at weird photos of old men, Shakti Kapoor:

Image result for shakti kapoor naked

Jackie Shroff

Related image

And then there are the magazine covers. Oh Juhi. And oh Kajol. Oh no.

Image result for rekha photo photoshoot
Image result for rekha kajol cineblitz

Shahrukh, no

Image result for shahrukh born again filmfare

Speaking of Shahrukh, here is Princess Anne giving him a little hat

Related image

And to end, Ranveer in a photo shoot that, for him, really feels like it must be some elaborate joke. He’s just pranking us by acting like a normal grown-up man, right?

Related image

Okay, out of these 11 photos, which is oddest for you?

Gotta go with Ranveer. He just looks so NORMAL!!! It’s spooky.


11 thoughts on “TGIF: April Fools Themed! The Photos That Seem Like They Must be Faked, but Aren’t

  1. Nobody beats Shakti Kapoor , nobody. My eyes will never be the same after seeing his photo. And btw, how it’s possible Shradha Kapoor is his daughter? They look like beauty and the beast. Shradha is lucky her mom has some stronge genes .


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