April Fool’s Post! Songs With Trickster Heroes

I just spent a really long time writing a detailed review and summary of Super Deluxe, and now I am exhausted and I just want a fun post! So here is last year’s post on songs with trickster heroes.

First, one of my all time favorite songs, in Hulchul in which hero and heroine are both pretending to be in love with the other one but aren’t really.  At least, at first.

This isn’t exactly one of my favorite movies, partly because the hero is so mean and plays a trick of doing a whole love song without meaning it.  But the love song is pretty!

For once, a movie where it is the woman who is the trickster!  Yet another reason Daawat E Ishq is wonderful.

Not that trickery is always bad, there is also Paheli where trickery is just a thing you do to try to make everyone happy.

Or Om Shanti Om where it is part of an elaborate effort at justice.

Or a trick to gain a son.

Another “pretend we are in love” song!  One of my favorites from a forgotten film.

And to end with Shahrukh, and one of his best playing tricks songs, in which the tricks are not malicious, but simply to make the woman he loves happy.


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