Happy Anniversary to My Parents! The Best Married Love Songs, in Their Honor

It’s only 42nd, so I am going to feel okay about completely forgetting to do anything this year and just throwing a post together last minute. It’s not like the 40th, when they got a post AND a card.

As of today, my parents have been married for 42 years (yaaaay!). And have been together for 49 years. That’s crazy, right? To have been together for almost 50 years, from 18 to 67? Doesn’t seem possible. And yet, it happens! And today I want to celebrate that kind of love, the long long married love, not just the fun honeymoon songs, but the other ones.

I’ll start with the classic, the one that Yash Chopra put in his first film and then Aditya revisited in his first. “Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen”. No subtitles on the video, but loosely translated it is “I am still youthful, you are still beautiful”

Now, get ready to cry! “Main Yahaan Tu Wahaan”, a lovely expression of how two people can grow together over many many years of marriage until being separated feels like a physical ache. And I am using a bad video because it has good subtitles.

This is such a lovely love song, not one about “do we love each other, can we be together” but about “how will we be when we are together, what kind of marriage do we want to have”. “Tere Bina”

Just to make it fun, let’s throw in a Shahrukh-Kajol song, not a courtship song, but one from after they are married and fighting with each other. Just ignore the Kareena-Hrithik parts of it “Bole Chudiyan”

Here’s a song that surprised me with it’s excellence, middle-aged Madhuri and her nice husband in “Tu Pari” from Bucket List

And a really nice one, “Tu Aashiqui Hai” from Jhankaar Beats. Ignore the young lovers, it’s all about Juhi and her nice husband.

A nice sweet one, Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao in “Sajan Bade Senti”

My father is, of course, exactly like Jackie Shroff in this song, “Kuch Saal Pehle”

And my mother is exactly as elegant as Sharmila Tagore in this song, “Huzoor Is Kadar”

And finally, a wedding song from the year my parents got married! “Amar Akbar Anthony” from 1977. Note Parveen in the wedding dress! I am sure my mother looked just like that.


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