Monday Morning Questions: Ask Me Anything on April Fool’s Day!

Happy Monday and Happy April Fool’s! I have no idea how to celebrate. I feel like I should put up a post like “Karan Johar Marries Anupam Kher” or “Alia Bhatt is Cast as Lead in Nehru Biopic”, but that would just be mean. I’ll probably just come up with some kind of songs post.

This is the place to bring up anything you want to talk about, if you have a question like “why did Hrithik get divorced?” or “what do we all think about the new trailer?”, put it here. The post will be here for you to come back to all week until next Monday when I put up a new one.

Now, question for you! Just kind of building off my opening. What news story would you write as an April Fool’s Post?

In a world where Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are probably getting married any day now, I just can’t think of something so ridiculous that if can’t be true.

26 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: Ask Me Anything on April Fool’s Day!

  1. Kind of dreading the Arjun/Malaika wedding. As much as I applaud their breaking of the “rules” I just wonder if it’s going to last. Are they going to have kids quickly? Did she freeze her eggs? Do they even want kids? Why do I care, not my business, but still?! And his look right now is not the best…at least he’ll probably be wearing a turban for most of the wedding pics. Curious to see the Christian wedding pics though.

    Speaking of Hrithik’s divorce…I really hope that he has a hit soon and that he and Suzanne get married again. He’s been in the time-out corner long enough.

    Breaking my movie slump…more on last week’s Wednesday post.


    • I’m going with Arjun and Malaika not wanting kids. Malaika has her son, and Arjun is going to be responsible for his 3 sisters forever. Seems reasonable to me that maybe they just want to be together and be a couple without kids. Or, maybe they are going to adopt? That would be fun too. And an awesome sitcom! Can you imagine? They foster an adorable moppet, Malaika’s son gets into teenage hijinks, Janhvi moves in with them?

      Agree about Hrithik! And looking forward to your Wednesday comments.

      On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 8:03 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Hrithik has had the strangest divorce ever. Does he date or does he hang out with Suzanne only? Why go through a divorce at all then? Or maybe they just keep up such a happy public front because a lot of whitewashing is needed after Kangana’s attacks.


      • It feels like one of those divorces that was about one particular unresolvable problem, not a whole bunch of problems that made the marriage stop working. Maybe it was Kangana, maybe Suzanne just couldn’t take the weirdness of the Kangana situation. Maybe one or the other of them cheated and they just couldn’t get past it as a couple. Maybe one or the other of them is an addict of some kind and the other one couldn’t live with it any more. Maybe there was something about the family on one side or the other. Or maybe the sex was just incompatible in some way they can’t get past. I’ve known couples like that, they still really love each other and everything in the relationship is perfect, except for this one big thing they can’t get past. I just had this experience, I was chatting with an acquintance who was talking about her ex-husband and how they still went on family trips together and so on and so forth and I was secretly thinking “why the heck are you divorced if you are still that close and loving?”, and then she said “and he is an alcoholic” and that answered it. I would love with Hrithik and Suzanne if time apart makes them realize that this one big thing isn’t worth sacrificing everything else and they learn to give a little. It certainly seems like neither of them has been able to find someone else they click with as much.


  2. My twitter was full of “Arjun and Malika are getting married this 14th April”, stories last week.

    I would write something about SRK as April Fool’s Post because his name always attracts people,


    • Good point! Only concern is, I don’t want to be patient zero for some horrible fake viral story. Although I guess I could make it a good viral story. Like, “SRK is being Knighted by Queen Elizabeth” or “SRK is nominated for a special Oscar”.

      On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 8:14 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Have you considered reviewing Rituparno Ghosh’s Raincoat? I know your opinion of Aishwarya as an actress is mixed at best, but this is usually considered her best performance by a considerable margin. Ajay does some really good work here, too.


  4. I’d like to go on record that I hate April Fool’s day and jokes. I hate practical jokes too. I always think that people who are “famous for their practical jokes” are in fact mean: Ellen Degeneris (sp), Tom Cruise, Rohit Shetty, are a few of them. In school when a kid says something mean to another kid and then says, “just kidding’, it still hurts. If you jump out of box and scare a personlike Ellen does ALL THE TIME, the person was scared and embarrased (can’t spell that either) for being scared. The pap Viral Bhayani posted an insta which was Shah Rukh (like many other celebs did) congratulating him for 1 mil. viewers. Now, they are saying its an April Fools. Yuck.
    Okay, enough of that. I agree that the Hrithik/Suzanne thing is one of those ‘I can’t live with this but we are still a family’ things. Now, that you describe it, alcohol or drugs would fit that cause you can maintain a sobriety when you are with the kids, but not all the time.


    • Yeah, I agree, practical jokes never made sense to me. The only way it would work is if it was a turn about situation, so you have 4 people and sometimes 3 of them unite to trick one of them, and then it shifts to another 3, and so on. But if it is just one person constantly pranking everyone else, that is just MEAN!

      If it is something like that, a firm “this one thing is something I will not put up with even though I love you”, it makes me like their divorce even more. There is such a strong social message of “stand by your man/woman”, but sometimes love truly isn’t enough and the best thing is to just break the marriage and get some space, even if you still love each other. And are still strong co-parents together. If that’s the case, good for Hrithik and Suzanne to make the healthy safe choice for their family!

      On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 12:49 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  5. I’m not a big fan of April Fool’s or other pranks. Too often mean, too often “punching down”. Plus today I was taken in by a fake tweet of Tr*mp resigning. So I’m extra grumpy. Hope can be a real downer.

    If I were going to do a post, it might be, “Gauri Chibber Khan signs multi-million deal for a tell all autobiography. Has already sold the movie rights.” πŸ™‚

    Are there any Hindi releases coming up this Spring or Summer that you’re excited about?


    • oh boy, an excuse to look at the upcoming movies list!

      There’s Kalank April 17th, very excited about that. May has Student of the Year 2 with Tiger, and India’s Most Wanted by the Raid director with Arjun Kapoor, and De De Pyaar De with Ajay and Tabu, June has Bharat, The Zoya Factor (the chick lit based rom-com with Sonam and Dulquer), and Drive, the gritty action movie with Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline. July and August don’t really have anything right now, but that’s so far out, things will shift and end up there.

      On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 12:52 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  6. I was checking Vikrant Massey’s filmography and discovered he was in some AltBalaji series “Broken But Beautiful”. My question is has somebody here watched this? Is it good?
    I found it on AltBalaji site and looks like it’s free and works (and has subtitles! Stupid Zee5 should learn from them!) . But how does this site works? I’m afraid the first episode will be free and others are not available.


    • I can’t answer you, I assumed it was a pay site or I would have been using it already. Are there ads?

      Also, if you are craving some Vikrant, he has an amazing sex scene in the final episode of Made in Heaven. It’s the only episode he is in, but worth the wait.

      On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 2:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • In only five minutes? Either he is very good at fighting or very bad at sex.

          On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 2:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • LOL Seems that he has PTSD and is very agressive, and also uses women.
            Some scenes look like stage play, but I will watch at least this first episode.


          • Typically on altbalaji you can watch 1-3 episodes of a series for free then have to subscribe for the rest. I usually subscribe when I wanna watch something and then unsubscribe. It’s been $10/mo In the pay, not sure how much it is nowadays. They have shows starring Rajkumar Rao (and Patralekha), Nimrat Kaur, an adaptation of Little Women set in Kashmir, and even a gay Two-States style college romcom.

            Altbalaji is on Roku, there’s a mobile app, and there is a website. I’m sure there are other access points too that I’m not aware of.

            Looks like I am resubscribing now to get me some VMassey!


  7. 1. Have you done, or can you do, a review of Delhi Crime? Well made police procedural which shows us a variety of Indian milieus, even a variety of settings at the lowest economic rungs, rather than making all poverty look the same. While everyone on-screen is Indian, curiously, everyone in the production credits seems to be American (more than just the kind of Christian names that Indians have). Even the director is an Indian American with a mostly American accent.

    2. Why did hrithik and suzanne get divorced?

    3. Why do people want them to get remarried if they and their kids seem happier with the current situation? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    4. Do you think there is room for a Sobhita Dhulipala in Bollywood, I.e. Not streaming but films? In interviews she seems extremely serious, cerebral, erudite, non giggly type, forthcoming and earnest, almost the exact opposite of a Bollywood heroine. The closest I can think of to her would be Swara Bhaskar. I just have a major girl crush on her and wanna see her Kaushal-Pannu her way into the mainstream. πŸ™‚

    5. Thanks to your two latest reviews, I’m going to see Notebook instead of Super Deluxe on Tuesday night as my Discount Tuesday movie.

    6. Looking forward to Music Teacher on Netflix later this month. It stars Manav Kaul from Tumhari Sulu. So glad that theater actors like him are getting their own projects on the streaming sites as well as in short films. Such an exciting time to be a content consumer


    • 1. Haven’t seen Delhi Crime, it didn’t look that good to me, but based on your recommendation I will check it out. I make no promises though, I am very picky about my mystery serieses, if it doesn’t grab me just right I won’t finish/review it.

      2. I don’t know!!!!! Hrithik made the announcement in a way that made it sound like Suzanne’s decision against his will. But then, he could also have just been being a gentleman. There were rumors of affairs for ages, the simplest answer was that Suzanne walked out because he was cheating. But he hasn’t been publicly with anyone else since then which makes it feel less likely somehow.

      3. I can’t speak for others, but I want them to get back together because their love story was so sweet, in love since teenagers, married before he got famous, cross-religious and against all common sense, it’s just sweet! I want these two crazy kids to make it work, they sucked me in with their sweet love story. And the more we see them together being sweet post-divorce, the more I want them to get back together.

      4. I don’t think there is room for her, not at the top top level. I don’t want her to make it on that level either, I don’t want her to have to soften down her edges the way you have to in order to appeal to all audiences everywhere. But a career like Swara’s or Tabu’s or Shabana’s, I would love that! Let her stay a little funky and off-beat and niche.

      5. I am so proud of myself. And pretty sure you will be making the right choice for yourself. Super Deluxe bothers me more and more as I think about it, Notebook is the opposite.

      6. I love Manav Kaul too! He did a really good job in Badla too, I hope that he keeps getting solid roles.

      On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 10:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Delhi Crime: I would characterize much more as a police procedural than as a mystery or thriller. It is based on the police files for the nirbhaya case. It starts from the point where the police first find the victims and ends at the point where the sixth and final perpetrator is caught. No visuals of the crime, nothing about the court cases that follow. You do learn a lot about how law enforcement works (and doesn’t work) in India, yet it remains at its core a human interest story, where the humans are the police, the victims, the perpetrators, and the families of them all. Very understated naturalistic acting. Some of these actors are showing up in multiple netflix and amazon properties now, forming a parallel cadre of actors.


  8. Breaking! Priyanka will star in a Marvel film! This are the headlines of Articles all over today… Ms. Marvel a Pakistan-American living in Orleans or so and can shape shift, obviously Marvel’s first Muslim Character. And allegedly the director confirmed him being in talks with Priyanka for a film. But her PR team is unleashing this articles about her joining the franchise already.
    Would that even be possible in the current climate to cast an Indian as a Pakistani that too for a Marvel film, the Pakistanis wouldn’t take that, would they?
    Especially when Pakistan has some fine actress Mahira for example. (imo even a better actress than Priyanka… Just saying)

    Also Priyanka just recently offended quite a few of them with a tweet of hers. Adding also that India banned Pakistani Artists from work in India. It all just seems like a very bad and explosive idea.


    • I don’t know, this seems really odd to me. For one thing, Marvel likes to either use talented famous actors, or complete unknowns. And Priyanka is kind of in between those two, not Brie Larsson or Hayley Atwell. I would expect them to use Frieda Pinto before her, and a talented lessor known actress before either of them.

      I don’t think the Pakistani-American community would be able to get much attention or sympathy if they complained about her acting. At least in America, the various shades of Brown are pretty invisible to the general public. Muslim maybe, currently Ms. Marvel is played by a voice actress in animated films who is Iranian-American (not desi), but Muslim. But there is a big problem that Ms. Marvel is supposed to be an average American teenager, that’s her whole story. No way Priyanka can play teenage, and if she isn’t teenage, I think the fans would riot. So I’m going with this being a fake rumor, some talented unknown young actress will get the lead part. But Priyanka would be just right for playing a mother or cool older aunt character, the right level of famous and talented that Marvel likes for those roles, and the right age. Maybe that’s what it is really about.


  9. It is no longer Monday, but your trickster songs post reminded me of this question. Do you have a “default song”? It is a song that you sing (to yourself or out loud) when you want to sing but cannot think of a specific song. For me, it is “Main koi aisa geet gaoon” from Yes Boss. Sometimes, I might also sing “Aaj main oopar” from Khamoshi or “Jaane who kaise log the jinke” from Pyasa. It doesn’t necessarily have to be happy or upbeat, it is just a song you enjoy singing.


    • What an interesting question! I think for me it is “Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh”. I first heard it as part of The Medley in Mujshe Dosti Karoge, and it just stuck with me. Plus, it’s really simple to sing!


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