Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me Kalank Week???

Happy Monday! I get to drive to work through 5 inches of snow. For those of you who don’t live in temperate climates, 5 inches of snow on the ground in mid-April is really not normal. But it’s supposed to all melt by this afternoon, so that’s something.

This is the post where you can bring up any topic you want to discuss, anything you want to ask me, anything at all really. It’s kind of the junk drawer of posts and you can come back to it through out the week any time you think of something to bring up.

I have several things to discuss myself! I spent the blizzard yesterday trying to rip DVDs onto my hard drive. Which worked, except I cannot get the subtitle file to attach (booo!). But I will keep trying, next time I have a Sunday with bad weather. Question, has anyone else successfully managed to rip DVDs with subtitles and what did you use?

Much bigger question, what do we all think about this sofa? In between attempts to rip DVDs, I also did some online window shopping for a replacement for my 10 year old futon. This is eco-friendly fair labor practices and ships disassembled so I can easily get it into my apartment and put it together where I want it. It also comes in pet-friendly fabrics (you can wipe off anything), but they are all hideous so I think I will risk pet-unfriendly but washable. Biggest question, I really like having the option of sleeping on the couch (if I have guests, if I fall asleep in front of the TV, etc. etc.), does this look comfortable? It’s about 6 inches longer than me if you count the arms, but about 6 inches shorter than me without the arms, and it’s only 26 inches deep. What do you think? Or should I hold out for a true sofa bed situation that weighs a million pounds and isn’t necessarily labor/environmentally friendly but would be more comfortable?

11 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me Kalank Week???

  1. What is your outlook for Kalank – optimistic or pessimistic? Do you think it will do well?
    I was very excited…but now I am a little wary…when the makers raise ticket prices and go overboard with promotions it seems like they have no faith in the product…make all the money before the negative word-of-mouth starts…aka what YRF did with Thugs…


    • I am expecting a moderately good film. Along the level of 2 States, Abhishek Kapoor’s last film. I’ve had the same expectations since the first trailer, decent plot, dialogue, performances, but nothing record breaking. A nice pleasant one time watch that we will all forget in a week. Even with the multi-star cast isn’t that big of a deal, Madhuri was just in Total Dhamaal, and Sanjay is doing practically anything these days, ARK and Sonakshi are no big news, so really it is just Alia and Varun.

      I was disappointed and worried by the ticket price news as well, not so much for what it says about the quality of the film but how they film will be perceived, and how much it cost (probably). I can’t imagine it will do record breaking blockbuster business, and people will resent paying blockbuster prices and it will lead to an ugly backlash. And if Karan is pushing for higher tickets, he must have wasted a lot of money on this film. Or else Brahmasutra is going over budget. Either way, it makes me worried about Dharma.

      On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 9:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’ve always wondered how much money Karan actually uses on his productions. He always has so many co-producers. Sometimes I wonder if he’s putting in his creativity while others provide the financing. He doesn’t seem to be at YRF’s level and there were rumors just a few years ago that Dharma was close to bankruptcy. It’s not a small thing to release so many movies.

        I have a feeling that Kalank is a clunker. Indians love the Avengers movies and Endgame is releasing one week after. One of the Russo brothers even came to India to promote so they are expecting big numbers. Kalank has to make whatever it can in the first week and if it’s a weak movie, it will be finished by the second week.


        • I think Karan must also puts a lot of money into infrastructure. He’s got a Dharma building, and a Dharma staff, not just film to film people. It’s a good thing to do as a boss, have people on salary, but it makes it tough as a production house when you need the money to cover regular expenses not just the cost of one particular film. And Brahmastra must be such a drain, years of filming before seeing any return on investment. Plus he doesn’t retain rights on most of his films (I think). That seems to be one of things he is quickest to give away to his co-producers, Red Chillies has the Ittefaq and Dear Zindagi rights, and YRF has the KKHH and KANK and K3G rights I think. So that means no regular continuing income from past hits, just the money he can get from box office and then done.

          I’m feeling the same about Kalank, I saw a thing about Avengers End Game getting record pre-sales on tickets in the same kind of “epic big screen experience” way that Kalank is selling itself as. If Kalank was given a smaller release and sold as less of an event movie, it could have had a decent run, but if Karan really needs the money, increasing ticket prices and pushing big for opening weekend may be the only chance.


    • That’s what I am debating. My current futon is nice, but ultimately it looks like a futon. You can get futons that look like sofas, but they are pretty uncomfortable to sleep on (that big seam in the middle). I’m thinking that maybe if the futon that looks like a sofa is already going to be uncomfortable, I just get a straight up sofa that I can sleep on in a pinch.

      You know what I need to do? Go to the Salvation Army and lay down on a bunch of sofas. Even if I don’t buy one there (bedbugs!), I can get the measurements for one that is comfortable and start from that.


      • Get a comfortable sofa and use an air mattress for guests. Air mattress technology seems to have improved greatly and it you buy a good one, they actually stay inflated through the night.


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