Saturday Small Talk: What Shall We Talk About While Albie Dog Takes a Second Try at Learning “Sit”?

Happy Saturday! Training class number 2 today, I’m excited! We’ve mostly got “sit”, and we sometimes have “down”. “Come” is still a misty dream though. The world is too exciting to drop everything just because I ask him to come to me.

Busy busy day! Lots to figure out, hardest part is how the heck I am going to get drops in Albie Dog’s. I’ve been doing it at work with the help of two co-workers (one holds the body, one holds the head, one does the drops), let’s see if I can manage it alllllllll by myself. Or else, I drive by a friend’s house and say “hey, wanna hold my dog while I put drops in his eyes?”

Now, what can we talk about while I am off Doing Things? Hmmm. There’s no real interesting news out there, besides Bharat teasers and stuff. Unless something exciting like Shahrukh announcing his next movie happens while I am asleep.

So I guess we have to have another theoretical discussion! Nothing else to do on a sleepy Saturday. Hmmm, what’s a good Saturday discussion topic? Nothing too hard to think about, it is Saturday after all.

Oh, here’s a fun one! What’s your comfort food movie? The one that always cheers you up when you are feeling down?

My problem is, I have a close to eidetic memory for films. So at a certain point I just can’t watch a movie any more because it is burned into my brain so clearly that it is like seeing double. So my comfort food movie is a moving target. In the past few years I cranked through Manam, Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, Jab Harry Met Sejal, and A Gentleman. Now I seem to have landed on Ek Ladki Ko Dekha.

UPDATE: Okay, I’ve got two actual stories for us to talk about! Well, mini-stories

Brahmastra just announced a delay, right after it announced the Christmas 2019 release. And Ayan Mukherjee did this whole long looooooooooong statement explaining why. Who here believes it was actual CGI delays and who here believes it was because they were afraid of Dabangg 3? I am torn myself. On the one hand, this movie has been delayed so many times and it will require massive special effects, so maybe. But on the other hand, the delay/rescheduling was announced like 24 hours after the Dabangg 3 release date was confirmed, which is a bit suspicious.

And in other news, Alia is apparently doing a cameo in SOTY2 as part of something called “The Hook-Up Song”.

I have many thoughts, but the first one is, “Hey! Does no one realize ‘Talia’ is an actual semi-common name?” My best friend from 4 to 18 (she lived across the street, and then we both went to college and drifted apart) was named Talia. This is very weird for me. What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: What Shall We Talk About While Albie Dog Takes a Second Try at Learning “Sit”?

  1. I wish I had taken Buddy to training when he was a pup. He’s old’ish now and has slowed down some; very good-hearted and eager to please, but what a handful.
    I tend to watch movies I like more than once, but my comfort films are: Om Shanti Om (when I can stand the earworm song) both Baahibalis, and Mirzya. Sometimes I re-play certain parts of Ram Leela; the “honeymoon” scene and Ranveer’s intro song. The first calms me down, the second cheers me up. Gerua and Janaam from Dilwale are great time-killers when I’m waiting for somebody who’s late. And to respond to a comment elsewhere: yes Arijit Singh is all over and occasionally one wants YoYo Honey or somebody like that. But but dear old Arijit is so reliably mellow.
    BTW, did you use the word “FOOFIE” in a post? Is it yours? Can I copy it?


  2. Obviously it’s due to Dabangg. I don’t really have high hopes from Brahmastra. Bollywood doesn’t really do the big spectacle movies well. CGI is not our forte.


    • What I can’t work my head around is Ayan Mukherji as the director and Ranbir as the star. They are both such hipster-y internal emotional type artists, how will they be able to pull off an action superhero movie? If it was, say, a Rohit Shetty movie starring Tiger Shroff I would be much more optimistic.

      On Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 8:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I can’t imagine Ranbir in the Shamshera film either. And I’m kind of surprised YRF is going ahead with it after Thugs was such a flop.

          On Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 8:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Oh, and I watch the two dance numbers from Aiyyaa (my intro to Prithviraj) when my Bollywood work in progress tanks and I need inspiration.
    Can a movie be foofy? Yes! That draggy thing I watched the other night with Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen and the other two aging (aged) actresses who are in a book club. Fluffy on top; rat’s nest underneath.


  4. Someone from Saroj Khan’s team posted a video of the rehearsals for Tabah Ho Gaye…and when you look at the original choreography… it’s actually really good! I am sensing that they actually changed the song after the shoot..the rehearsal song seems one beat faster tempo and the steps work for that…they must have slowed down the song to fit the somber mood of the scene and then had to slow down the picturization as well…which would explain why some of Madhuri’s movements looked strange CGI-ish


    • Thanks for the link! I just watched the whole thing. And the rehearsals definitely had slightly faster and more complex step sets. But I also noticed we never saw Madhuri dancing, just Saroj’s assistance. so it’s also possible they slowed it down and changed the choreography for Madhuri.


  5. Have you seen the comments on youtube and insta about SOTY? They’re horrible. I haven’t seen any movie get so much pre-release negativity since Race 3. That one flopped but even the numbers it got were mainly because it was the kind of masala crap that always has an audience, not to mention being the 3rd film in a well-known franchise and starring a review-proof star like Salman. I have a feeling that SOTY is going to be another big Dharma flop after Kalank. The backlash against Johar is real. I don’t know if it translates into the offline population or not but online fans really really hate him. Kangana’s nepotism attack has stuck and how. The last straw was that nasty tweet drama with SRK. People threatening to boycott him and his films are getting thousands of likes/retweets. There is so much backlash against the Alia/Johar pair and instead of avoiding her where she’s unnecessary, he has instead stuck an item song with her in SOTY2 too. Nobody is happy to see her.

    Dharma’s bad days are here IMO. Every fan base is celebrating that Salman/Dabang made Karan Johar run away from Christmas. Kalank is a disaster, Kesari even with 5 star reviews is an underperformer, SOTY2 is most likely a flop and Bhramastra is looking like a disaster too. Dream projects almost always fail since all the people involved get too indulgent and lose sight of what’s good or bad. Bhramastra has been postponed so many times and they’re making a fool of themselves announcing dates and then abandoning them. They didn’t realize the VFX wasn’t going to be finished when they recently made their big announcement with a drone show? Utterly ridiculous. This sounds exactly like Jagga Jasoos with filming lasting years, VFX problems, postponements, costs mounting due to all the extra time spent, etc.


    • to me, it feels like growing pains. Dharma has hit a new level, they are making several films a year and have a solid profit. They can stay there, or try to grow bigger. It feels like Karan is trying to grow bigger, and has decided the way to do that is to branch out into bigger films in new genres, and building up relationships to with the hottest new stars. And he’s flailing and losing his way as he goes. He’s making mistakes right now because he is doing new things. Hopefully he learns from them and does better in future. Out of the whole slate of upcoming Dharma films, the one that looks the most promising to me is Good News. A groundbreaking original topic, two total outsider talents with a lot of promise and experience (Kiara and Diljit), and two old hands with a proven fandom (Kareena and Akshay). Everything else feels like Karan is trying too hard to build up stars from the ground up, and break into the new genres he thinks the audience will want, instead of just doing something that is an idea he is excited about and wants to do.

      Oh, and he is also hitting the wall in how much hands on supervision he can give people. 2 States, Agneepath, Kapoor & Sons, they definitely weren’t directed by Karan, but it seems like he was there helping with casting and promotions and the final edit and giving feedback on scripts and so on and so forth. But Kalank just felt like a mess. Good basic idea, but those finishing touches were missing. The script, the edit, even the casting needed one more look. And Brahmastra is delayed again and so on and so forth.

      It’s what happens with a business, you grow and grow, and then you get past your 5 year plan and have to figure out what comes next, and you have to find a way to delegate instead of over working yourself.


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