Happy Cinco De Mayo! 2 times 5 Songs To Celebrate!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  A Mexican holiday, which inspires me to find every vaguely Hispanic song in the history of Indian film. The last two years I have done 5 videos, this year I am going to challenge myself to find TEN videos! Fun times. Oh, and if you tend to ignore these posts, this is one you should pay attention to. I found really good and different songs.

Just gonna get it out of the way early….Kites!

And “Senorita”!

Okay, now it gets harder.  Hmm. Well, there’s this Pritam song that I adore, called “Te Amo”. That’s Spanish, right? Or maybe Portuguese since it is in Goa.

Now I am going to have to get really creative. And my creativity is rewarded! By googling around, I found this song I had never heard of before, “Guleba” with Prabhudeva. I love it!

Here’s one that is really too real, a Malayalam movie song, a tribute to the travelers trying to get from Mexico to America. “Vaanam Thilathilakkanu”.

Here’s a fun one, a swoony Julio Iglesias classic put behind swoony Shahrukh classic love scenes.

So long as I am expanding to fanvids, and the Iglesias family, why not put up one of my favorites? The SRKajol “Hero”

This one is kind of a stretch, but worth it because I can bring in AR Rahman. A tango, so Argentinian not Mexican. But still part of the Hispanic Americas, so I am using it!

Just to round this out, one more Enrique Iglesias-Shahrukh combo! With Bonus Juhi.

Oh!  I know the one I have to end with! Shahrukh and Shakira. And Ta-Da! That’s 10!

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