News Round-Up Part 2: Kabir Khan and Hrithik Roshan Go to China

More news! This time, just kind of interesting stuff about the growth of the China-India movie trade relationship.

Hrithik’s Going to China!

Kaabil is releasing in China on June 5th, which I think is a great idea! It’s the kind of plot (rape-revenge with a blind people twist) that translates well between cultures. Hrithik looks hot in general, which also translates well between cultures. And most importantly, the Chinese trip should be a nice distraction for Hrithik from the insanity that is his life. (story here)

China is turning into a bit of a double blessing. On the one hand, it is an entirely new market for these movies and the possibility of profit from the Chinese market is well-nigh infinate. And on the other hand, it is an entirely new market for these movie stars, which means they can go and bask in the admiration of fans and give interviews about their movies and not worry about the craziness that has become celebrity in India. So, go you Hrithik! Get that sweet sweet China money, and also get a nice little break and reminder of what it is like to just do your job and not worry about crazed stalkers trying to destroy you.

I can see China liking this, and liking Hrithik, right?

Unless, of course, Kangana now announces she is going to China. I saw a thing on an internet message, board, and then checked around and confirmed it as best I could, remember Kangana’s sudden ski vacation after Manikarnika? She was coincidentally staying at the resort that Hrithik, and his sons, had just left a few days early. That’s creepy.

Kabir Khan and China Too!

Kabir Khan and lots of people! Or, maybe not. At the Chinese film festival, there were three separate co-productions announced. Only the release dates suggested, and the producers who are supposed to be funding it, and all of that stuff seems just a little bit fuzzy, so whose to say if it will actually happen? (story here)

Kabir Khan’s supposed film sounds fun, an Indian zookeeper travels to China to get a panda, adventures and love and so on follow. If Kabir can line up Chinese support, he will use a Chinese actress and film in China. But that is an “if”. Not that China is being resistant to a co-production, but that things are falling apart and getting put together differently, just like with the planning of any other movie. He had a Chinese producer, but now they may be gone and instead the Chinese side will be handled by a company that has been buying and distributing Indian films. Or maybe not. It is all very very tenuous.

Image result for bajrangi bhaijaan chinese poster
Kabir Khan’s name is being floated because his Bajrangi Bhaijaan did so well in China.

Along the same lines, there is also supposed to be a Sidharth Anand movie called “Jewel Thief” (not a remake of the Dev Anand movie) that will have Chinese funding. Or maybe not. Or maybe that’s just the Chinese title for Bang Bang? And there’s supposed to be a Chinese remake of Tere Zameen Par. Or maybe not.

But forget the content, look at the conversation! China and Indian film industries are working together already in one very important area, PR. These stories all came out at the Chinese film festival at a joint meeting for Indian and Chinese filmmakers. Even if they are all just talk, at least people are collaborating on the talk! And the media is reporting it and getting excited and on and on. That’s cool, and that alone is a significant step forward between the two film industries.

13 thoughts on “News Round-Up Part 2: Kabir Khan and Hrithik Roshan Go to China

  1. Margaret, do you have any follow-up about Zero? Was it only screened on the festival and hadn’t a cinema release? I also read that they changed the movie…they only left the Salman-ShahRukh song and edited all the others (even Mere Naam Tu!)…I think, they also used the Netflix-intro with Aafia’s voice over.


    • Just as a question…could we do another Zero post…post the Netflix release…I think the changing(s) made are – maybe – worth a discussion???


      • Yep, I’m planning on it! But to be really sure I find all the Netflix changes, I need to sit down and focus and watch it straight through (so I know it’s not just that I forgot a scene or something). It’s hard to find 3 hours to do that. Maybe late tonight or early tomorrow?

        On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 2:47 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Nope, no follow up. It’s not super surprising, assuming it was screened at the festival in hopes of finding a buyer, they might still be in the contracts and negotiations and planning phase now. But I am assuming it will be given a cinema release at some point, otherwise what was the point of going to the festival?

      On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 2:43 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It was mentioned in an article (can’t remember now which one) that RCE is in talks with a Chinese company for the release of Zero. I’m assuming it would take some time to figure things out.


    • The China audience has been reacting very unpredictably, Secret Superstar was a massive hit, and Hichki I think did very well too. I can see the Kaabil thinking, a plot that translates and a handsome star and so on


      • I feel like Secret Superstar and Hitchki were fairly good movies but didn’t work in India.

        However, Kaabil actually is terrible. Exploiting emotions with multiple rapes.. I mean come on. I found it revolting.


  2. Saw part of the Neflix “extended” Zero last nite; turned it off a few minutes into the second half. I found it a misguided altho ambitious undertaking for SRK, and was willing to humor him, give him the benefit of the doubt, so to speak (he’s earned it). And then the USA/rocket to Mars stuff cropped up. WTF? Totally different movie from what Part One had promised, which, truth be told, wasn’t all that captivating either. Little Shah Rukh didn’t just resemble a miniaturized version of himself (bad enuf) but looked more like a string puppet, spindly-legged, wobbly and squeezed out of proportion. And that dry, reddish hair! I found Anushka okay and Katrina the best of a mediocre lot. Might not bother with the second half tonight. Should I?


    • Depends on who you ask! I say “no”, about half the commenters on my review say “yes”. Fascinating movie for that alone, very strong dividing line. Stronger even than JHMS, since the devoted Shahrukh fans were pretty much unified on that front, but Zero divides even the fans.

      On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 2:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’m a fan and still hated Zero. Actually no, hate is too strong a word. I was just bored by it and forced myself to finish it. That hardly ever happens for me when it comes to a SRK movie. I can watch and enjoy crappy movies like Dilwale too. But Zero is zzzzzzzz.

        I have yet to understand how so many bright people spent 2 years thinking this was an okay movie to make. Utter drivel. And Anushka’s acting leaves you gobsmacked in a bad way. She was so pathetic – it was like a career ending performance.


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